Olympics Day Twelve: Men’s Football Previews

After eleven days of solid Olympics coverage I am taking a bit of time off today. As I am busy during this evening I have decided to provide you with previews of the football matches but my body is also telling me I need a break by giving me a bloodshot eye two days before my birthday.

As well as the football I recommend the women’s water polo, the seeding rounds of the BMX competitions and the athletics which includes the start of the decathlon.

I will update you on scores and finalists at the end of each section when I get back in, just in case you have some how missed the results, but they will not have any details particularly about how that result was reached (as I will not have seen it myself).

Regardless, I hope you find the following interesting and informative and I hope you have a lovely day.

Men’s Football


If you are a neutral supporter in a game practically everybody loves a good underdog and that certainly exists in Honduras as they take on Brazil today.

The Honduras team has showed great spirit and passion throughout this competition and their dedication has got them to this semi-finals match. If they win they will certainly become the villians in the eyes of the host nation but heros to the rest of the world.

Despite their stature Brazil have performed fairly poorly and without that much class throughout the Olympics so far and the crowd has become a little disgruntled at them. They need an early goal or two, without conceding, to rescue that reputation. But against a young, developing and up and coming team with nothing to prove they could easily come unstuck.

Brazil will be favourites but at least a goal will probably be scored by both teams. Honduras will be desperate to wrap it up before the end of regulation time as they have shown tired legs at the end of previous games and as the tournament progresses that is only going to become an increasing issue for them (especially with several players having to sit out from yellow cards and injuries).

The other game of the evening is between Nigeria and Germany with the latter being the favourites to win but perhaps superstition can push the Nigerian squad into the gold medal match.

After having travel issues and not arriving in Brazil until the day that their first match was due to take place Nigeria will be remembering that the last time I similar thing happened resulted in them getting all the way to the gold medal.

Germany will no doubt be keen to end up taking on Brazil in the next match to try and emulate their last meeting on Brazil’s home ground but they will no doubt be nervous against getting through this game.

It is going to take a lot to break down either sides defensive line and they both have the odd player that can push through to grab a goal. Either Germany will bring their A game or this may very well end up going all the way to penalties.

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