Product Empties, July 2016

It may be the middle of August but here I am anyway dragging my empties out and wanting to tell you about them because whilst there are only a few items here there are plenty of things stacking up for this month and I do not want to be responsible for a hugely lengthy empties post like I usually am.

Food and drink empties will follow in a post in a couple of days

Orange 25 hour burn Ikea candle

Candle to go with the bath

I complained about the apple one of these and was bitterly disappointed by the scent throw and the way that the wax seemed to unevenly burn and whilst this one was a little better in terms of equal burning it was still pretty poor regarding the scent and it could be burning for hours and not make a bit of difference in the room.
You know what? Let us just move on from these candles and never mention them again because ultimately they are not at all worth it and you should not buy them unless you happen to think they are the prettiest things out there and just to use them as display in a shrine to Ikea or something.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Out with the old and in with the new

So many people either love or hate this sponge compared to a beauty blender and other sponges on the market but this is the only sort I have had and decided to repurchase another another one.
This sponge suffered from a few things along the way including me having a black make-up bag and resting it on it to find, when I took it off as it had dried to put it away, that it had decided to soak up some black dye and stain it in various parts. I made that mistake several times with black items around it so it quickly lost the bright orange colour before it even had the chance to discolour from age.

But it lasted well and I got rid of this after seven months (it would have been six but I decided to take it away with me as to not ruin the new one with more coloured make-up bags), I only wear foundation a couple of times a week and cleaned it once a week so felt I could get away with it, but it did start to lose the original consistency and break up a little bit so I can understand why people might struggle with these if they use one every day.

For the price and the way you can vary how damp it is, or keep it dry, I think it works really well with certain foundations although I have found a few concealers struggle with this a lot more than a brush or my fingers and I think it needs to be damper to deal with thicker formulas and then you end up losing product into the sponge and that sucks a bit.

Superdrug destressing mud mask

Destressing face mask

Part of me prefers single use face masks over pots of the stuff and that is for several reasons. The first being that you make sure a good amount goes on your face and in specific areas but also you are not digging your hands into a tub over and over again. They might work out a little more expensive but at least you can have a stash of them and not have the ticking time-bomb with them in quite the same way as a tube or pot.
I got this as part of a group of face masks from a family member at Christmas and after finishing off my bigger pots and tubes I decided to pull them back out. I use a face mask much more to pamper myself and relax than to get my face squeaky clean but I do look for one that has a bit of deep-pore cleaning potential or a nice soothing factor and that is why I chose this one. It has avocado oil in and a couple of other ingredients that are supposed to soothe redness and, as my face was looking a bit red and puffy, I decided that was what I needed.

It was certainly one of the cooler masks I have used, despite it being in the same place as all the others, and it certainly did seem to soothe the redness and my skin in general whilst making it soft and helping to empty a few pores. it was not as effective as a peel off mask for extracting all that gunk but it did what it said it would do on the packet and it was certainly enjoyable.

But I feel that there is actually enough product in one of these sachets to do two face masks with so I might recommend you get a good long clip and use it again a few days later or use it with a pal or a partner on their specific problem areas. I mean that is obviously great for value for money but a bit annoying because you expect one use from a sachet like this so then end up running around for bobby pins to seal that air out.

17 Photo flawless primer

Photo flawless? What a flop.

This was the first primer that I ever used and initially I thought it was the bees knees but the more I got used to the product the more problems I started to notice with it. Instead of this stuff sticking to my face and then having the foundation stick to it I found that it highlighted dry sections on my noise and caused the foundation to be repelled in those areas.
As well as that it would ball up a little when I was trying to apply it and getting a smooth application was pretty challenging and it slowly started to increasingly frustrate me. I can handle a silicone primer but this one was too much for me and in the end I finished it off whilst testing out various products on my hand to get to know them and their shades a little better.

Asda fruit burst bath foam

Before the liquidy goodness was gone

I love a good bath, although I have indulged in a speedy shower a bit more recently, and it needs to have bubbles and fill the bathroom with a pleasing scent. Since I had a poor quality candle on the go I needed that scent to come from the bubbles and this stuff really performs. Not only is it cheap at 70p for the bottle but it smells great, comes in a variety of scents and bubbles up wonderfully.
Bubble bath is one of those things that I really feel you do not need to spend a lot of money on and that there are some really good cheap ones out there. I could not recommend this enough and I get so excited when I see people mentioning it on instagram as a product that they are giving a go because it does a better job than some that are three and four times the price of this.

The squad

I also have three other scents and am working my way through them at differing speeds depending on my mood as I start to run the bath. I love the Radox muscle soak one as that does really seem to help my body compared to a normal warm bath but I keep that reserved for an emergency ‘in pain’ bath as it is a little more expensive for less product.

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