Olympics Day Eight: Rowing Concludes And Heptathlon Ends

Going into day eight, possibly one of the biggest days for medal chances for Great Britain, the team start third place on the medal table with seven golds, nine silvers and six bronzes.

Today sees the last day of the rowing regatta, men’s quarter-final football matches and a whole variety of athletics plus a stack load of other events. As the swimming is starting to ease towards its conclusion it only has an evening session for the next couple of days.

As always we’ll be updating you on all the action throughout the day so be sure to pop back and keep refreshing and remember if you are looking for a certain sport they are divided, and if needs be subdivided into events or match, to make it easier to find. All medals, even if I cover the event, shall be listing under ‘medals’ at the bottom of the post.

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Order of events; Athletics, Men’s Football, Water Polo, Rowing


From the end of the heptathlon and men’s discus to the start of the men’s 100m and women’s 400m there is a stack load of action on display in the Olympic stadium today.

Women’s 100m

Today’s evening session sees three semi-finals and the final. It is all to play for as previous favourites are still returning to injury and not at the top of their game.


01:02 – The first race sees both Bowie (USA) and Ahye (Trinidad and Tobago) finish in the automatic qualifying spots. Williams (Jamaica) finishes third in 10.96 seconds and they will have to play the waiting game for the fastest loser spots.

01:10 – Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica) wins the race with a seasons best and Schippers (Netherlands) gets the second automatic qualifying spot. Ta Lou (Ivory Coast) finishes third in 10.94 seconds and is currently in one of the fastest losers spots.

01:16 – The final two automatic spots in the final go to Thompson (Jamaica) and Gardner (USA). Okagbare (Nigeria) gets third but her time is far too slow for a fastest loser spot.


02:38 – The athletes have walked up and down the track, after being introduced to the crowd, to calm themselves down and prepare themselves for the task ahead.

02:40 – They put themselves in the blocks for the last time of this 100m.

02:41 – Thompson (Jamaica) wins in 10.72 seconds.

Men’s 400m


00:34 – 44.02 seconds is the winning time, as a personal best, for James (Grenada). Merritt (USA) will just him in the final as an automatic qualifier.

00:42  Cedenio (Trinidad and Tobago) and Van Niekerk (South Africa) get the two spots into the final as they both ease down to the line as they realise they are both the only ones in reach of the line for those places.

00:49 – The third heat goes to Taplin (Grenada) and Hudson-Smith (Great Britain) as he dips over the line to get the second spot.

Men’s 100m


Some athletes get invited to the Olympics despite not making the qualifying time or only make the B standard and as a result those 24 runners have to be narrowed down to eight to get into the first proper heats of the competition.

13:31 – Pandev (Macedonia) wins his race to get into the actual first heat proper in 10.72 seconds.

13:37 – The second round is won by Saaid (Maldives) in 10.43 seconds. The Tongan runner Filimone makes it for the second qualifying spot into the first heat but pulls his hamstring and will be unable to make it into the first real heat.

13:45 – After a really long time being held in the blocks they get underway. Teltull (Palau) wins in a time in just out of his personal best. Yap (Singapore) secures the second qualifying place into the heats. Ismail (Brunei) who finished third gets 10.92 seconds to secure on of the two fastest loser spots in the proper first round heats.


16:02 – The first heat sees Brown (Bahrain) and Ujah (Great Britain) go into the semi-finals as they both cross the line at the same time to lock the other six into a battle for fastest loser.

16:08 – Gatlin (USA) comfortably wins the first heat in 10.01 seconds and did not look like he was expending all his energy. Bailey (Antigua and Berbuda) gets second.

16:15 – Xie (China) gets a lifetime best with 10.08 seconds to win the first automatic qualifying spot. Ashmeade (Jamaica) gets second as the Chinese runner surprises him as he eases down from the line.

16:22 – De Grasse (Canada) wins his heat in 10.04 seconds as he looks around as he crosses the line and Cambridge (Japan) storms through to get the second spot in the semi-finals.

16:29 – The next heat is won in 10.03 seconds by Ivory Coast’s Meite and Bromell (USA) gets second. Lemaitre (France) is currently fastest loser but there are still several heats to go but him not automatically getting through is a small surprise.

16:36 – Blake (Jamaica) wins the next heat in 10.11 seconds ahead of Harvey (Turkey).

16:43 – The seventh heat is won by Bolt (Jamaica) as he does a lot of looking around just to ensure he eases off at the right time. Fisher (Bahrain) gets the second automatic spot.

16:51 – The final heat is won by Simbine (South Africa) in 10.14 seconds ahead of Yamayata (Japan).

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase


14:16 – The world leading teenager Bahrain’s Jebet decides to leave the rest of the field behind and comfortably wins the first heat, in a time that would be a personal best for a lot of the runners competing behind her, whilst looking very relaxed at the end.

14:21 – Athletes for heat two have taken to the track and got their middle distance jumping event at the Olympics underway.

14:27 – Several runners have struggled in this second heat and have stumbled at some of the jumps, especially the water jump, but most have managed to recover their position in the race.

14:31 – Chepkoech (Kenya) finishes first in the second heat ahead of Coburn (USA) who lead the race for a fairly large chunk of time.

14:38 – The third heat lines up and after being introduced to the crowd get underway.

14:43 – Diro (Ethiopia) loses her footing and her trainer is caught so she just discards it on the side of the track and will finish with over two laps to go with just one shoe on.

14:47 – The Ethiopian, without an appeal, will not make it through as despite giving it her absolute all she finishes the race in seventh and misses out on a fastest loser spot.

16:17 – UPDATE Diro has been put into the final at the discretion on the officials.

Women’s 400m


15:00 – Mcpherson (Jamaica) is expected to be the winner of the first heat but George (Nigeria) may be able to use the Jamaican to push her to an automatic spot in the next round.

15:01 – The Jamaican does manage the win and George follows her home for second place.

15:06 – Felix (USA) takes part in the second heat and will be desperate to get all the way to the final of this event after missing out on being part of the 200m American team.

15:08 – The American wins in 51.2 seconds after going down to a practical jog for the last 50m of the race.

15:14 – A Brazilian takes part in the third heat and as a result the stadium is too noisy and the starter brings them out of the blocks whilst the noise settles.

15:16 – Adekoya (Bahrain) and Francis (USA) both do enough to get into the semi-finals after finishing in the top two spots of the third heat.

15:21 – London 2012 silver medallist and 2008 Olympic champion Ohuruogu (GB) and Hastings (USA) take part in the fourth heat.

15:23 – Hastings takes the heat easily as she slows after knowing she has one of the qualifying spots. The British runner comes through for second and looks like her form is coming back at the perfect moment.

15:28 – Miller (Bahamas) and Diamond (GB) take to the blocks for the fifth of the heats in this event.

15:29 – The Bahamas runner wins that heat and progresses to the semi-finals.

15:37 – Heat six goes to Bahrain’s Nasr with a personal best ahead of Grenot (Italy).

15:44 – Jackson (Jamaica) wins the next heat but it is a lot closer, as Mupopo (Zambia) chases her down, than she would have liked it to be at this early stage of the competition.

15:51 – Day (Jamaica) takes the final heat and Muir (Canada) manages to get second and take the final automatic qualifying spot.

Women’s Heptathlon

Long Jump (Round Five Of Seven)

16:06 – Johnson-Thompson and Ennis-Hill (Both GB) manage to get the white flag with their first jumps which will certainly be a weight lifted from the former given previous jitters.

16:45 – As the long jump comes to the end, after Thiem (Belgium) gets a personal best and finishes ahead of the rest of the pack, takes the event lead. The two British athletes are in second and third in the standings.

Javelin (Event Six Of Seven)

00:42 – Johnson-Thompson can only manage a throw of mid 30 metres and her medal chances are going to come down to her’s and several other athletes 800m performances.

01:33 – In the heat A competition Thiam (Belgium) gets a personal best with a distance over 50m and is looking very dangerous in this competition and may well challenge for the gold medal but she may have hurt her elbow in the process and that could make the 800m difficult for her.

Men’s Football

After some surprises in the women’s quarter-final matches yesterday no team should go into their match today thinking they have already got this in the bag.

Brazil v Colombia

02:00 – The match between these two South American countries gets underway. The majority of the crowd are very energised to cheer the Brazil squad along.

02:13 – Neymar scores directly from a free kick. The wall falls apart in front of him and the ball just slots through it and curls into the corner of the net out of reach of the keeper. Finally the crowd have something really big to cheer about.

02:22 – Both teams are playing a very risky game with this referee. He is the most card happy ref at the match so them making fouls here, there and everywhere could result in a sending off or a suspension in the next match for too many cards.

02:35 – After conceding the first Brazilian goal the Colombian team have really tried to close the defensive line down but they are looking like it will be hard to get enough players forward to get a goal.

02:42 – I have seen a few football scraps in my time but the enite 18 man squads and coaches seem to be breaking out into a full on dispute. The referee brings both keepers over to settle it but they just argue between each other in front of him. The referee goes to the coaches to sort them out and tell them to control their players but the scrap continues on the pitch.

02:46 – Play is back underway but they are just hacking each other down and still arguing at every chance. The referee has no chance of being able to control this.

02:49 – Colombia are not giving up. A Brazil player is down and this could very well cause additional anger amongst the teams.

02:52 – The halftime whistle goes. Both teams should look at themselves, splash some water on their face and calm down in the changing rooms. Shocking behaviour on and off the pitch in the last ten minutes.

03:11 – At the start of the second half players seem to have calmed down their anger and decided to put it into their desire to get goals and win this match instead.

03:40 – There have been no more scraps. No more shouting matches. But with just over ten minutes left there have also been no more goals. Brazil are slowing down though and Colombia might be able to find a way through if they bring the right set of fresh legs on.

03:45 – Luan, who forced his way into the Brazil team and this match, scores with about seven minutes left on the clock to put the host nation 2-0 up.

South Korea v Honduras

23:00 – These two teams get this match underway. Whoever wins, probably Korea given their competition form but I cannot help but root for Honduras as they have shown much more desire in their previous matches, will end up taking part in a medal match of some colour after the semi-finals.

23:06 – Korea seem to have the majority of possession in the first five minutes but Honduras are trying to go on the counter attack but are struggling to get the ball to stay near their feet rather than them launching it up to slowly go back down towards their heads.

23:14 – Both sides have committed fouls but the Honduras side seem to be going in a bit tougher and causing a few Korean players to be left on the ground for a couple of moments. The referee has already had to get the yellow card out but no players have ended up seriously injured yet.

23:22 – This is becoming a very frustrating game to watch as both sides just keep throwing the ball away whenever they start to move forward and are very rarely getting any decent chances on goal. 

23:34 – South Korea’s manager always looks very disappointed in his team whatever the score but right now he is looking extremely concerned. The match has just passed halftime and Honduras are doing a good job at holding them to a 0-0 draw whilst occasionally challenging the Korean defensive line.

23:47 – Just before the end of the first half South Korea have a number of corners but the Honduaran keeper Lopez is having a stunning game and leaping around like a frog after the ball. Neither team have scored after 45 minutes so will need to find one in the next half if they want to avoid tired legs with extra time.

00:02 – The second half gets underway and both sides have a last minute huddle on the pitch before taking their pitch positions.

00:12 – The Honduras team must have just had their hopes flash nefore their eyes as Lopez goes down in the box and remains in a lot of pain for several minutes whilst receiving treatment. He carries on but if Korea go to test him his shoulder will no doubt be put to the test.

00:17 – HONDURAS SCORE thanks to Elis. They end up on the counter-attack and the Koreans just cannot chase them down to cover the defensive line fast enough. It is crossed across the box and slotted into the net. They lead 1-0.

00:38 – There are ten minutes left on the clock and Honduras are, as you might expect, defending as much as they can as the Koreans turn up the pressure on them as they try and grab a goal to equalise.

00:45 – Two Korean players go in hard and take down the Honduras player Elis that scored what looks to be the winning goal. They then get, to put it simply, pissy that he is taking up time and get a yellow card for complaining. It takes the referee a good minute to realise the player actually needs medical treatment and calls the medics onto the pitch. He needs stretchering off and all the Korean players are doing are complaining to the referee about the amount of time. They should not have injured him then. Fools. They deserve to lose now.

Nigeria v Denmark

20:00 – It is time for this match to get underway as the teams try to get the win to result in a spot in the semi-final.

20:01 – Nigeria have the first couple of shots on goal to show their attacking intent and desire to take an early and controlling lead in this match.

20:16 – After their early attempts and laying the marker down captain Mikel puts Nigeria a goal to the good but there is still a long way to go in this match.

20:27 – Denmark are occasionally applying moments of pressure but they are certainly looking like the weaker of the two teams. If Nigeria can get more crosses to find their men in the box and have the shots on target they could easily get an extra few goals in this first half.

20:45 – The teams are about to enter the tunnel for halftime. Nigeria will be pleased to have the lead but will be a bit concerned about how close they have been to conceding a goal in the last five or so minutes. They will be looking for another goal and to tighten up defensively in the second half. Denmark will be disappointed to be a goal behind but will take various positives and ideas on how to score in the second half.

21:16 – Nigeria came out at second time looking the more confident and were indeed trying to secure a second goal. They had a few chances but as a cross came into the box Umar was able to get his head on it to put it into the back of the net and give them that two goal cushion. Denmark are going to have to dig deep for the last thirty minutes if they want to find a way out of this hole.

21:30 – One of the many Larsson’s on the pitch collides with the Danish keeper and looks injured in the box but Nigeria carry on their attack. It looks like Larsson will be able to run his injury off though, after the stretcher was brought onto the pitch just in case, which is lucky for Denmark given he was only brought on moments before.

21:50 – The match is deep into added time and Nigeria win 2-0 to face Germany in the semi-finals. Whatever happens now they will be part of a medal match to end the competition. Denmark are going home and will be resuming league football without an Olympic medal.

Portugal v Germany

17:00 – The match gets underway between these two European sides. Of the two you would expect Germany to do the better and be helped by their three over 23-year-old players being greater than Portugal’s.

17:09 – It has started off as a really high intensity end-to-end game where both sides have come really close to getting the opening goal. It still stands at 0-0.

17:16 – The intensity has decreased slightly as the players settle and remember they need to pace themselves for another 75 minutes.

17:26 – Each team are still having chances fairly frequently and whilst it is not quite as frantic as in the opening minutes both sides are continuing to get the ball forward and put men behind it.

17:34 – The Portugal keeper, Varela, is really saving his team at the minute as the ball comes towards him and he has to stop two back to back shots only to be rescued by the Germany team ending up launching the ball well into the stands.

17:45 – After Germany have had so many efforts the keeper is unable to stop them all as Gnabry helps the ball find the back of the net right before halftime. They go into the tunnel 1-0 up.

17:50 – Half time chatter: Germany probably deserve to be a goal ahead at half time as they have had more possession and being more of a threat on goal. Portugal have certainly had their moments though and are being supported by the crowd after what Germany did to Brazil in the world cup. The Portuguese keeper has managed to save so many shots he will no doubt be disappointed to have conceded right before the whistle.

18:06 – Bender and Meyer (Germany) have both received the first yellow cards of the match in the first few minutes of the second half. If they progress they will need to be careful to not end up suspended.

18:12 – There are more amazing saves being made from Portugal’s keeper. Germany should have at least doubled their lead by now.

18:14 – The keeper is beaten by a header from a set piece and Ginter scores to put Germany up 2-0 with just over 30 minutes to go.

18:24 – Germany are now focussing on defending against Portugal to keep that two goal cushion and ensure they get through to the semi-finals.

18:31 – The goal cushion for Germany has increased, there are big puffs of the cheeks of disappointment from Portugal, as Selke scores the third goal of the match to make it 3-0 with fifteen minutes to go.

18:43 – Portugal are without doubt as Max scores another one to put Germany 4-0 up with less than five minutes to go. They were barely even trying to break forward but made the most of Portugal looking increasingly sloppy.

18:49 – The full time whistle goes and Germany have won the match to go into the semi-finals. They are increasingly close to that gold medal match.

Water Polo

Women’s Preliminaries

Hungary v USA (Group B)

17:00 The teams head down to get ready and in the pool after the national anthems and introductions to the crowd.

17:02 – As the match gets underway both sides manage to have an early shot but neither result in a goal.

17:04 – USA go 1-0 up as they manage to get a goal from open play.

17:06 – The Hungarians level the match back to 1-1 as a shot from Szucs finds the target but the Americans respond as Steffens makes it 2-1.

17:07 – Both sides have got the strength and power to win this match and out do the defense of the other. Hungary are able to grab another goal and make it 2-2.

17:16 – Despite an early run of goals galore the whistle goes for the end of the first quarter with the scoreline level at 2-2.

17:22 – The second quarter sees another quick succession of goals as USA score first, then concede and score again. America lead 4-3 with just under six minutes to go.

17:24 – Musselman scores to increase America’s lead to 5-3 with four minutes of the half remaining.

17:29 – The American team make their goal count double that of the Hungarians as Gilchrist scores from long-range to make it 6-3.

17:32 – With four seconds left on the second quarter Musselman scores again to send her team into halftime with a 7-3 lead.

17:33 – Hungary will be bitterly disappointed to have gone from 2-2 to losing 3-7 in the course of an eight minute quarter. They will need to dig deep to rally spirits and goals in the second half.

17:43 – Antal scores a couple of minutes into the third quarter to reduce the Americans cushion. They trail 4-7.

17:51 – Just before the end of the third quarter USA are able to guide the ball into the back of the net and lead 8-4 going into the final eight minutes of the match.

17:57 – As the clock hits six minutes left Hungary’s Keszthelyi is able to get the first goal of the fourth quarter to leave her team trailing on three goals behind the Americans eight.

17:58 – Hungary are trying really hard to get themselves back into this as Szucs scores her second. They are now only losing 6-8 with four minutes to go.

18:02 – USA respond though and Mathewson and Musselman find the back of the net in quick succession to recover their lead to 10-6.

18:04 – Mathewson has suddenly really come into the game to give America a five goal cushion. They now lead 11-6 with two minutes to go before the full-time honker.

18:07 – It is game over in the pool and despite a few moments of the Hungarians closing in the Americans win comfortably.

Australia v Brazil (Group A)

15:40 – The first swim off for possession gets underway and it is Brazil that clinch it.

15:44 – Both teams get off to a flying start and within the first couple of minutes of live play Mcghie (Australia) and Abla (Brazil) score.

15:52 – The first quarter has been a rather friendly one and neither team are yet to receive an exclusion. With 42 seconds left on the clock the second time out of the match is called.

15:54 – The first quarter of the match is complete and tied at 1-1.

15:59 – Australia receive the first exclusion of the day just after going 2-1 up thanks to Southern’s effort in front of goal.

16:00 – Lincoln-Smith extends the Australians lead to 3-1 with just under six minutes remaining on the second quarter clock.

16:02 – Australia lead 4-1 as Buckling manages to work the ball into the left side of the net just past the reach of the keeper.

16:07 – The Brazil team recover a goal as Chiappini scores to bring their deficit to 2-4.

16:10 – At the end of the second quarter Australia lead 4-2 going into their five-minute half-time break.

16:18 – Webster is the first person to score in the third quarter to give Australia a 5-2 lead.

16:20 – The Australians seem to be having a real moment and Gofers scores as soon as they get possession back to make it 6-2.

16:25 – Australia pass the ball around a lot and suddenly when Webster gets it she launches at the net and it bounces off the water and scores her second goal of the game to bring their lead up to 7-2.

16:33 – The final quarter starts with the usual swim off and Brazil again secure possession first.

16:34 – Australia are getting further ahead with just seven minutes of the match remaining as Gofers manages to get her second goal.

16:37 – The hosts are desperate to get something out of this game and they reduce their deficit to 3-8 as Zablith scores.

16:40 – Australia are having none of it though and Beadsworth scores to cancel it out and restore their six goal cushion. They lead 9-3.

16:44 – With a minute left on the clock Australia get another goal as Knox finds the back of the net to put them 10-3 up.

16:46 – The match is over and Australia win it with relative ease as Brazil struggle to break down their defense.


The last day of rowing sees a variety of finals from the ones to decide the medals to ones just to determine other competitors overall standings. This is the final chance these rowers have of getting their hands on Olympic gold for four years so expect them to pusher deeper than even they believe is possible.

Men’s Single Sculls

After heats, repechage and semi-finals the best rowers have made it to the final. The E and F finals happened yesterday but today sees the D, C, B and medal contending A finals on the lake.

Final D

13:30 – The six rowers to edge into more respectable finishing positions are underway.

13:32 – At 500m Kelmelis (Lithuania) has taken a comfortable lead but does not look to be pushing any harder than the rest of the field.

13:34 – Kelmelis is still ahead at the halfway mark with Leon Garcia (Peru) about a boat length behind.

13:37 – The Lithuanian brings it home first ahead of the Peruvian to finish 19th and 20th.

Final C

13:51 – The rowers seeking 13th to 18th get their final race of this Olympic regatta underway.

13:52 – After 500m Bhokanal (India) has taken the initial lead.

13:54 – At 1000m the Indian has extended his lead and is now over two seconds ahead of his nearest competition.

13:57 – The race ends in just under seven minutes with Bhokanal winning to finish 13th overall. Some rowers tried really hard to catch him but all they did was leave themselves terribly exhausted at the line.

Final B

14:10 – Will it by seventh or twelfth for some of these rowers that only just, so cruelly, missed out on the A final. Only five rowers go in this event out of the six supposed to be on the line-up.

14:13 – Wegrzycki-Szymczyk (Poland) takes the initial lead through the first 1000m.

14:17 – The Polish rower just loses control of the race to Cabrera (Mexico) at the 1500m mark but he recovers it and wins the race to get seventh overall place in this event.

Final A

14:34 – The six rowers going for gold are underway and at 500m it is Martin (Croatia) that has just done enough in the early stages to nudge ahead.

14:37 – At 1500m Drysdale (New Zealand) has taken the lead ahead of the Croatian to get control of the race but Martin is going to be able to push back in this final 500m.

14:39 – Drysdale looks to have lost it in the final three strokes of the race and like it is Martin’s momentum and timing that gets him over the line first but a photo finish shows otherwise and the New Zealander wins equalling his previous Olympic Record.

Women’s Single Sculls

Much like the men these women have undergone several days of competition at this regatta all will be hoping they still have enough energy and strength to finish first. The A-D finals all take place today and final rankings as well as medals will be decided.

Final D

13:40 – The first women’s final of the day gets underway to battle it out for the mid to late twenties places.

13:44 – Ukogu (Nigeria) crosses the 1000m mark nearly two boat lengths ahead of the rest of the field.

13:47 – After taking the early lead the Nigerian has faded a little and looks like she was front loading the race.

13:48 – Ukogu cannot hold on and first is taken from her on the line by Mosqueira (Paraguay). They take 19th and 20th in the overall standings.

Final C

14:00 – The six rowers start heading down to the other end of the lake in the hope of finishing closer to tenth than twentieth in the overall standings by the time they have completed the 2000m.

14:04 – The Irish rower Puspare has the lead at the halfway mark but she might struggle to hold onto it if a few other rowers have saved themselves a little for the second half.

14:08 – In the end Puspare actually manages to hold onto the lead comfortably and can say she managed 13th in the 2016 Olympics in this event.

Final B

14:20 – Zeeman (Canada) and Karsten (Belarus) take part in this final. It has the potential to be quite close if they all choose to give this race their all.

14:27 – It is Topinkova Knapkova (Czech Republic) that finishes first ahead of a Karsten and Erichsen (Denmark) that go to a photo finish for second.

Final A

14:48 – At the halfway point of what is looking to be a very contested race sees Brennan (Australia) in the lead ahead of Stone (USA)

14:51 – With 500m to go the Australian has extended her lead on the field and looks like she will not be caught by anybody.

14:53 – Her lead is reduced at the finish line but she still takes the win half a boat ahead of the American. She is Olympic champion.

Women’s Eights

Great Britain have never won gold in this event at the Olympics but 2016 has the chance to be the year as a fabulous crew has been out together but they will not have an easy ride of it.

15:06 – After a medal ceremony the crews of eight are shouted out the starting blocks by the coxswain.

15:10 – At the 1000m mark Canada, Netherlands and USA all pretty much enter the second half of the race at the same time.

15:11 – At 1500m the USA team have been able to edge out a lead after upping the pace for the final part of the race.

15:13 – USA cross the line in first and are absolutely delighted. Romania and Great Britain go to a photo finish for silver.

Men’s Eights

This event rounds off the regatta with a huge battle between the finalists to try to get the gold medal. If a crew misses out by just a couple of seconds there are going to be eight very glum faces at the finish line as they regain their breath.

15:25 – The crews are lining their boats up in the starting block. They eventually manage it and get introduced to the crowd for the last event for the rowing at this 2016 Olympic games.

15:29 – Great Britain has the lead ahead of New Zealand and Germany at the 500m point.

15:30 – The British crew are still leading at the halfway point and have extended the gap ahead of the Germans and New Zealand who are currently battling for silver.

15:32 – New Zealand are crumbling and have fallen behind massively. Germany and the Netherlands are the crews chasing the British with 500m to go.

15:33 – The gold goes to Great Britain as they hang on by about half a boat ahead of the Germans. Netherlands secure third.


Each sport will be put into categories and then the event shall be made clear before the medallists are given. Should it say Name + Name that means they are either part of a team for double events or are sharing the medal.


  • Men’s Single Sculls: Mahe Drysdale (New Zealand), Martin (Croatia) and Synek (Czech Republic) – See rowing coverage for more details.
  • Women’s Single Sculls: Brennan (Australia), Stone (USA and Duan (China) – See rowing coverage for more details.
  • Women’s Eights: USA, Great Britain and Romania – See rowing coverage for more details.
  • Men’s Eights: Great Britain, Germany and Netherlands – See rowing coverage for more details.


  • Men’s Discus: C.Harting (Germany), Malachowski (Poland) and Jasinski (Germany).
  • Women’s Shot Put: Carter (USA), Adams (New Zealand) and Marton (Hungary)
  • Men’s 10000m: Farah (Great Britain), Tanui (Kenya) and Tola (Ethiopia).
  • Women’s 100m: Thompson (Jamaica), Bowie (USA) and Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica).


  • Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol: Christian Reitz (Germany), Jean Quiquampoix (France) and Li Yuehong (China).


    • Men’s Trampoline: Hanchanou (Belarus), Dong (China) and Gao (China).


      • Women’s 50m Freestyle: Blume (Denmark), Manuel (USA) and Herasimenia (Belarus).

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