Olympics Day Five: Medals In The Water

The days seem to be flying by but it is still less than a week since a lot of athletes took part in the opening ceremony.

Swimmers, divers and canoers as well as a whole other variety of disciplines can get their hands on medals today.

As always we’ll be updating you on all the action throughout the day so be sure to pop back and keep refreshing and remember if you are looking for a certain sport they are divided, and if needs be subdivided into events or match, to make it easier to find.

Due to bad weather the rowing has been cancelled for today, for the second time during the meet, and the events will be included in tomorrows events programme instead.

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Current ordering of covered sports; Men’s Football, Swimming, Water Polo, Archery, Other Sports

Men’s Football

Women’s football group stages ended yesterday a week after they had begun and the men’s football will be doing the same today. Some teams need incredible results to get an automatic spot or make it through as one of the best third place teams.

Denmark v Brazil (Group A)

02:01 – Kick off coincides with the othwr group game, South Africa v Iraq, getting underway.

02:07 – There is a clash of players and both go down and need treatment. They are both made to wait by the referee to rejoin the field until after the dropball but both are very annoyed at this and it takes a fair amount of time for the game to get back underway.

02:16 – After 15 minutes the match is still level. The men’s Brazil team have really not lived up to the home crowds expectations, especially compared to the women’s team, and they will need to get a good win here to win the nation back over.

02:26 – Brazil take the lead as Neymar puts the ball into the box and whilst it flies past the feet of one teammate it finds Barbosa and he gets it into the far corner out of reach of the keepers dive. 1-0.

02:38 – Brazil have a chance to score again but the Danish keeper is able to use his legs to bring the ball into his arms.

02:40 – After several continued attempts through the first half Gabriel Jesus is able to put them 2-0 up by receiving a ball at the far post from a cross and being able to touch it in, in the air, with the side of his foot.

02:47 – The whistle goes for halftime with Brazil leading 2-0. Denmark have really let the host nation dominate throughout the entire 45 minutes, plus added time, of the match and the coach will need to address that if they want any chance of scoring here today.

03:04 – Denmark bring a new player on at the start of halftime in the hopes of attacking and defending more effictively.

03:08 – Luan gets a chance with the ball in front of goal and takes it to put Brazil up 3-0 with 40 minutes of the match remaining.

03:25 – The Denmark keeper is looking a touch scrappy and the Brazil team could easily end up punishing him for a mistake at some point in the remaining 23 minutes of the match.

03:30 – Neymar hits the ball as he jumps and lands badly on his ankle. After receiving some treatment he is able to carry on. The players use it as a chance to get some fluid on board and one of the Brazil team offer the referee a drink and insists because he can grab another spare one from the box. Players are far kinder to referees at the Olympics.

03:38 – It is another goal to Brazil to make it 4-0 as a deflection of the back d a Danish leg puts it into the path of Barbosa who can slot it into the net with the keeper on the floor completely out the way.

03:43 – There are five minutes of the match left and it looks like Denmark are simply trying to ensure they do not concede another goal as they just keep the ball in their own half without danger for a good couple of minutes. Brazil will be looking to keep a clean sheet but are giving it their best shot at adding to the goal tally.

03:52 – Brazil finally manage to tell the rest of the group they are there and finish the match 4-0.

Colombia v Nigeria (Group B)

23:00 – This match gets underway at the same time as the other Group B match (Japan v Sweden).

23:05 – The Colombian captain Gutierrez scores his third goal of the competition to put them up 1-0 in the very early stage of the match.

23:29 – Nigeria would have had several chances to go ahead in the match but they keep sending the ball forward into places where no players are anywhere near.

23:39 – It seems that the goalscorer Gutierrez has hurt his ankle and receives treatment on the pitch. If this is serious it could prove an issue for the Colombian team going forward into the competition.

23:40 – After being moved to the side of the pitch and receiving additional treatment he is able to carry on in the first half.

23:48 – The halftime whistle goes and Nigeria are still trailing 1-0 despite having the majority of possession.

00:15 – Ten minutes into the second half and Nigeria have numerous shots at goal in quick succession but the keeper is able to run off his line and catch the ball to stop any further danger.

00:22 – Colombia lead 2-0 after scoring a hard shot penalty to the left of goal. The Nigerian keeper Akpeyi was forced out of goal and ended up taking a Colombian player down in the box to concede the penalty and get a yellow card.

00:37 – Nigeria are still losing 2-0 but are pushing players forward to try and snatch a goal. They have also just made their last sub.

00:38 – The Colombian team have a corner and the player does not even rush to take it and only two of his teammates go into the box. They are desperate to keep the 2-0 lead and would rather defend than risk losing some of their cushion on the counter attack.

00:41 – After using all their subs up Nigeria nearly have to go down to ten men as one struggles with cramp and leg pains but persists through it. Nigeria are through the group stages regardless of the result today but I am sure they would have liked to have won all three matches in their group.

00:46 – With three minutes of normal time left the player has to be stretchered off and the Nigerians will indeed have to end the match with ten men and accept defeat.

South Korea v Mexico (Group C)

20:00 – This match starts at the same time as the other group game Germany v Fiji. Both teams will be hoping for the win and that the French referee is feeling kind to them.

20:15 – The match so far has seen the ball going from end to end, with some good technical play and pressure being applied to both keepers but neither side have managed to find a special spark to find the back of the net.

20:22 – We are 20 minutes into the match and South Korea have a free kick in their own half. Most of their players have darted towards the box but the person taking it decides to give it to the other defender. There is a lack of pace in driving the ball forward from the Koreans at the minute.

20:29 – The Mexican team keep managing to get the ball into the box but there is not really anybody there to pick it up and aim it towards the ball and when there is they are well marked.

20:39 – You know that feeling when you watch a football game as a neutral and feel completely uninspired? None of the players wow you and the performance is really lacking? Well 39 minutes into this 0-0 game and I’m desperately looking for something that means either of these teams deserve to win this match.

20:47 – Never have I welcomed half time as much as I have here. Mexico need to win this match so I am expecting, and hoping, for the to come back out in the second half with a bit more oomph.

21:01 – The second half is underway. South Korea are likely to try and maintain the defensive line but also get a security goal but Mexico MUST go for it here.

21:10 – Both teams have now made changes to the team and managers will be hoping they can do what is required to get them out of the group stages.

21:17 – 30 minutes of this match remains and still neither team have done anything memorable apart from commit fouls and be generally sloppy.

21:28 – Lozano falls in the box, claiming it is a penalty to the referee, but only manages to get himself a yellow card for diving.

21:33 – The Korean team are overjoyed and the manager is jumping up and down as Kwon manages to put them in the lead 1-0. Mexico have 12 minutes to get two goals if they want to get out the group stages.

21:40 – The lead is nearly doubled as the Koreans have free time in the box to take an extra touch but the ball just curls wide of the net.

21:43 – Mexico have decided that they better actually put some effort in now but with less than five minutes to go they have figured that out far too late and shooting from distance is doing them no favours.

21:50 – Absolutely disgraceful play from Lozano for Mexico as he virtually attacks an injured Korean player, who was down off the pitch in the managers area, and gets shown a straight red card and gets booed off.

Argentina v Honduras (Group D)

This match takes place at the same time as Algeria v Portugal to ensure that the group finishes at a similar time and first and second place teams can quickly be confirmed.

17:06 – The match is five minutes in and neither team have scored. Honduras will need to find an early goal to have any chance of getting something out of this match.

17:17 – Neither team has managed to break the deadlock yet but a couple of players have picked up little niggles from fouls by the opposititon.

17:25 – Honduras have a corner kick and one of the players are able to do a bicycle kick towards the goal but it gets deflected out for another corner that comes to nothing.

17:31 – It is 30 minutes into the match and because if the hot weather they are just having a pause to take on fluids and will use it as a chance to have a mini team talk.

17:42 – This match continues to show not only the improvement of Honduras football but the sharp decline of Argentinian football. With several senior players retiring this squad had to be seriously rethinked and a lot of the youngsters do not look impressive on the international stage. Less than five minutes until half time, apart from any added time, and it is still 0-0.

17:47 – The referee has to struggle to get an Argentine player to return to him to receive a yellow card and then has to go to the Honduras player on the ground and offer him a hand up as nobody else seems to be bothered.

17:49 – Rulli, the Argentina keeper, takes a player down in the box and gets a yellow card as well as giving away a penalty but he saves Acosta’s shot to keep it 0-0 going into halftime.

18:15 – Ten minutes into the second half Argentina have a penalty of their own but it bounces off the post and out for a goalkick. Honduras will still be believing they can get at least a draw from this game to win the group.

18:19 – Honduras are conceding a lot of set pieces and nearly go 1-0 down as the ball goes into the back of the net but an Argentine player is holding the defense and a foul is called for in Honduras’ favour instead. Still 0-0.

18:25 – After Argentina initially put a lot of pressure on Honduras they have eased off a little, despite their defencw heading further up the pitch, and it is actually the Hondurians having chances at the other end.

18:33 – It is time for another penalty! Again to Honduras. Argentina get a yellow card but Elis for Honduras needs medical treatment before it can be taken.

18:34 – With just over 15 minutes to go Honduras score from the spot thanks to Lozano and they go 1-0 up. The crowd, of mainly Brazilians, are delighted to see Honduras ahead against Argentina.

18:45 – There is just over five minutes to go and Argentina are desperate to put pressure onto Honduras but the defence remains strong and united to try and keep the keepers clean sheet.

18:50 – Honduras have just had several very good chances in the last couple of moments of play and could well and truly have sealed Argentina’s fate (although Argentina need a win to not finish third anyway).

18:54 – Argentina grab an equaliser as they have a free kick right outside the box and it deflects off the wall and into the net. They need another to stay in the competition though.

18:58 – Honduras hold on to the draw and Argentina are out. A few of the Argentinian players are expressing anger and are practically being dragged off the pitch by officials.


  • Nigeria and Colombia qualify in Group B to knock Japan and Sweden out of the competition.
  • Honduras and Portugal are through Group D with Argentina and Algeria going home.
  • Group C ends with South Korea topping the group with Germany in second. Mexico and Fiji fail to progress.
  • Group A sees Brazil and Denmark continue in the competition, despite meeting tonight, with Iraq and South Africa going home.


Another day and more people are leaping into the pool to try and get into medal races and win gold.

Men’s 200m Breaststroke


02:05 – The final is underway. The world record may very well go at the end of this race and any lane could win medals here.

02:06 – 21-year-old Balandin (Kazakstan), who qualified slowest, touches the wall first to get gold.

Women’s 100m Freestyle


17:03 – The first heat is won by Uruguay’s Remersaro in just less than 58 seconds.

17:07 – Norway’s Bjornsen wins the second heat in a faster time than the first, as you would expect because of the way seimming heats work, with just over 55 seconds.

17:10 – Popova (Russia) just manages to hold on to win the third heat with 54.6 seconds.

17:12 – Pellegrini (Italy) is supposed to go in the fourth heat but has pulled out to focus on other events instead. This mught be influenced by how much she seemed to struggle in one of the finals last night.

17:15 – American Manuel wins the fourth heat in just over 53 seconds and should have done enough to get into the semi-finals.

17:18 – The times continue to improve as Cate Campbell (Australia), the world record holder, gets a new Olympic record in the fifth heat but a few swimmers were only an arms length away.

17:20 – Cate’s sister Bronte Campbell (Australia) takes part in the sixth heat alongside Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden).

17:22 – Sjostrom takes the win but with a similar time to the winner of the fourth heat. The semi-finalists are decided and include a Brazilian.


02:12 – The first semi-final includes Bronte Campbell (Australia) and Manuel (USA) as well as a Brazilian swimmer that the crowd are encouraging through every stroke.

02:13 – Manuel gets to the wall first, Campbell hits seconds and Ottesen (Denmark) gets third. The Brazilian swimmer gets eighth but will not be fast enough, given the swimmers in the second heat, to go through.

02:18 – World record holder Cate Campbell (Australia) and Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) take part in the second semi-final but they might have to watch out for Canadian Oleksiak as she is one of the new stars of swimming, after medalling here already, at sixteen.

02:20 – At the halfway point it is Campbell that just edges ahead against the rest to turn first.

02:21 – Campbell gets another Olympic record to win the semi-final but only just ahead of Oleksiak who secures a new Canadian record and  junior World record too.

Men’s 200m Backstroke


17:29 – The first heat only has three swimmers in. Glinta (Romania) wins the heat in just under one minute and 58 seconds.

17:35 – With only seven swimmers taking part the second heat finishes with Rylov (Russia) winning in just over one minute and 55 seconds.

17:36 – USA has two representatives in the third heat with Ryan Murphy and Jacob Pebley in the middle lanes.

17:39 – The Americans end the heat in first and second ahead of the Chinese swimmer Xi. They manage to stop the clock in one minute and 56 seconds.

17:40 – The crowd go wild as Brazilian De Deus is back in the pool for another day of sporting action. He will face Larkin (Australia) and Irie (Japan).

17:44 – The heats are relatively slow today, as swimmers still get used to the strange 1pm start time for the first sesson, and Larkin wins it in over one minute and 56 seconds. Rylov for heat two goes into the semi-finals fastest.


02:28 – Brazil’s De Deus takes part in the first semi-final so the crowd are chanting him all the way along.

02:31 – Murphy (USA) secures first in one minute and 55 seconds but looks very relaxed at the end and like he is not having to inhale massively to recover breath.

02:32 – The last four or five swimmers in the first race are going to be watching the second one very nervously as if it is a quick one a lot of them may be edged out.

02:34 – Pebley (USA) and Larkin (Australia), who was meant to win the 100m backstroke, take part in the second semi-final.

02:37 – They take to the blocks push off them to get this race going.

02:40 – Rylov (Russian) ends up finishing the second semi-final in first.

Women’s 200m Butterfly


02:54 – After a pause for a medal ceremony the eight finalists for this event come to the poolside and prepare for what they can only hope will be the race of their lives to date.

02:56 – This final includes Hoshi (Japan), Belmonte (Spain) and Groves (Australia).

03:02 – It is Belmonte that is able to grab gold after timing her race much better than Groves and Hoshi. In doing so she becomes the first Spanish women’s swimmer to stand at the top of the Olympic rostrum.

Men’s 100m Freestyle


03:08 – Chalmers (Australia) wins the race in just under 58 seconds and gets a youth record to go with it.

Women’s 200m Breaststroke


17:48 – The first heat gets underway and is supposed to have six participants but only five come out to the starting blocks.

17:50 – Sebastian (Argentina) looks delighted to finish the heat first with a time of just under two minutes and 28 seconds.

17:53 – Renshaw (GB) and Watanabe (Japan) take part in the second heat which is the first seeded heat of this event.

17:55 – Renshaw finishes the heat behind Pedersen (Denmark) and both should have done enough to get into the semi-finals as a predicted time for qualification is two minutes and twenty four seconds.

18:00 – Chloe Tutton (GB), Kaneto (Japan) and Mckeown (Australia) should have done enough to get into the semi-finals from the third heat.

18:06 – Smith (Canada) looks very relaxed and like she has plenty of energy left after winning the fourth heat just aheads of Gunes (Turkey). It certainly looked like she was saving a lot for the following rounds.


03:12 – Chloe Tutton (GB) and Kaneto (Japan) take part in the first semi-final in the middle lanes.

03:16 – The first race comes to an end with Kaneto touching the wall first and Russian Efimova grasping for the wall second just ahead of Tutton.

03:18 – Pedersen (Denmark), the world record holder, swims in the centre of this race alongside Renshaw (GB) and Mckeown (Australia).

03:22 – At the 100m mark Mckeown touches the wall first.

03:23 – Mckeown holds onto first place, after dominating the race with a touch performance, ahead of Renshaw and Shi (China). The world record holder Pedersen finishes in fourth.

Men’s 200m Individual Medley


18:12 – The first heat is underway with the centre lanes very much taking centre stage at this unseeded stage but it is the Russian Stacchiotti in lane three that grabs the race win.

18:14 – Lochte (USA) takes part in the second heat and would be expected to win but he looks really rusty in the 4×200m freestyle yesterday evening so it will be interesting to see how he does.

18:17 – Red cheeked Lochte does not look happy with the performance he put in during this heat but he did manage to finish first just ahead of Germany’s Heintz and Brazil’s Rodrigues.

18:21 – Britain’s Wallace is in the third heat and should be able to get a quock enough time to qualify for the semi-final.

18:22 – Hagino (Japan) wins the third heat ahead of Shun (China). Wallace finishes in fourth and will have to wait to see if he can make it through.

18:24 – The fourth heat is an absolutely jam-packed one where most swimmers could easily do enough to get into the semi-finals. It includes Lloyd (GB), Phelps (USA) and Pereira (Brazil).

18:27 – Phelps wins the race just ahead of the Brazilian and they have a little joke between themselves at the finish point before leaving the pool. 


03:26 – Hagino (Japan) and Heintz (Germany) take part in the first semi-final but the entire field will have to really push to get a good enough time to get into the final as the next race is stacked full of experienced and very fast swimmers.

03:32 – Hagino manages to hit the wall first but it is a fairly slow time so a lot of the swimmers in the second semi-final could go faster than the time laid on the table.

03:36 – This second includes two Brits, two Americans and the aging Pereira (Brazil) that the crowd make the loudest roar of the entire meet for yet.

03:41 – Phelps (USA) gets to the wall first ahead of Lochte (USA) and Pereira (Brazil) and all three will make it into the final. Now that race is over a lot of the crowd are leaving, despite the being a final relay race left, because they got to see the Brazil man do his thing.

Women’s 4×200m Freestyle

This is a race that involves great squad depth, one good swimmer alone is unlikely to be enough, but also takes a very long time to complete. The swimmers at the end have to keep warm and moving until it is their go to jump in.


18:32 – Russia and Australia take part in the first heat alongside Japan and Italy.

18:40 – Australia finishes the race first followed by Russia in second andCanada in third. 

18:42 – The second heat includes Olympic record holders USA and world record holders China. GB, Hungary and France also take part. It is absolutely stacked with incredible swimmers and some are not even in their squads in this heat race.

14:48 – China and USA are pretty much neck and neck as they head into the 400m mark. Everybody else trails by a fair distance.

18:51 – USA win ahead of China and Hungary. Great Britain miss out on the final.


03:57 – After another medal ceremony the last race of the day gets underway. It includes Hungary, with Hosszu, and Russia with Popova. USA, Australia and China also take part.

04:03 – At 400 metres it is Australian, USA and Canadian women that change swimmers first.

04:05 – With 200m to go the first three are still in the same order as before but the Americans have Ledecky on the last leg and is likely to be able to overtake the Aussies.


  • USA, Australia and Canada get the medals in the 4×200m women’s freestyle relay.
  • The men’s 200m breaststroke gold goes to Balandin (Kazakstan) from the outside lane, Prenot (USA) gets silver and Chupkov (Russia) just touches the wall ahead of the rest for bronze.
  • After the semi-final of the women’s 100m freestyle Cate Campbell goes into the final fastest with a new Olympic record. There is less than a second splitting the eight finalists.
  • Previous Olympic champion Nathan Adrian (USA) can only manage bronze this time in the men’s 100m freestyle final. Timmers (Belgium) is only able to get the silver but Chalmers (Australia) gets the gold.

Water Polo

Men’s Preliminaries

The third matches of the groups are taking place today and for some teams they will really feel that they need to win to recover, improve or secure their group positioning.

Spain v Croatia (Group B)

00:05 – I join this match halfway into the first quarter with Spain having a 2-0 lead.

01:09 – Croatia are awarded a penalty but it is saved by the Spanish keeper to keep his team in the lead 2-0.

01:11 – The ball bounces of the inside of the post and into the goal to give Spain a 3-0 lead with just under five minutes left on the clock of the second quarter.

01:15 – Lopez is beaten for the first time in the match by Sukno to allow Croatia to get a goal back. Spain will really want to win this after losing their first two games of the group.

01:18 – The Spanish resume having a three goal lead after an effective teamtalk with a time out. They now lead 4-1 with less than a minute left in the quarter.

01:29 – Croatia are still unable to make the most of having an extra player when Spain get an exclusion. 

01:34 – The Croatian team are able to push the ball into the net and reduce the deficit down to two goals. The score is in Spain’s favour 4-2.

01:37 – Despite still having a small goal cushion the Spaniards respond and the same player that got two of the first goals gets a hattrick to make it 5-3.

01:38 – The ball is squeezed into the top corner by Jokovic from some distance and beats Lopez to bring the score to 3-5.

01:40 – Croatia’s coach needs to be careful as he already has a yellow card/warning from the officials and keeps arguing, pleading and begging to them regards decisions. The third quarter ends 5-3 to Spain.

01:44 -Two minutes into the final quarter Spain increase their lead once more to 6-3. Croatia need to score at least once every two minutes to get a draw out of this match.

01:45 – Croatia do manage to recover a goal and within 30 seconds of gameplay make it 4-6. If they lose this match it will be their first group defeat at the Olympics.

01:47 – The Spanish really do not want to give up their lead though and again score this time through the crowd from distance.

01:52 – Spain will be delighted as they score again to make it 8-4 with two minutes remaining. It really looks like they are going to get their first win and cause Croatia to suffer their first defeat of the groups.

01:54 – After a shot on goal is blocked and rebounds back into the water Spain are able to grab it again and launch it into the net at close distance. Spain now lead 9-4 with 30 seconds to go.

01:56 – After a timeout from the Spanish coach with three seconds on the clock the whistle goes at the end of the final quarter to confirm Spain’s win.

France v USA (Group B)

15:34 -The teams are introduced to the crowd and they prepare for the national anthems to be played.

15:44 – The first quarter gets underway.

15:46 – A french player gets an early exclusion and shows that they intend to be a real physical nuisance in the match today.

15:54 – It is not until there are only three minutes to in the first quarter that the ball finds its way into the back of the net. France take the initial lead but USA respond and make it 1-1.

15:57 – The first quarter comes to an end and it has proved to be a very tight match so far as both teams defend very well but if they give the offense a chance they will overpower the keeper. The first quarter ends 1-1.

16:01 – USA’s Smith scores to allow his team to take the lead for the first time in the match with just over six minutes of the first half left on the clock. They lead 2-1.

16:05 – Samuels extends the Americans lead to 3-1 but the coach receives a warning for his behaviour poolside which only fuels his aggression further.

16:09 – The french are falling further behind and with less than two minutes left in the second quarter they now trail 1-4.

16:12 – USA have a penalty and Samuels is able to find the back of the net as the keeper goes the wrong way to make it 5-1 at the end of the half.

16:19 – The Americans win possession from the swim off of the third quarter. During half time some of the French players were looking completely rejected and like they have already given up on this game.

16:23 – France nearly find themselves furthe behind but the Americans have a couple of shots that end up bouncing just off target. It remains 5-1.

16:30 – The sixth time out of the match happens with just over one minute left on the clock for the third quarter. There is yet to be a goal in this part of the match.

16:40 – After waiting a quarter and a half for a goal to come two end up coming along at once. The first goes to the Americans but the second is handed to the French. The score now stands at 6-2 in USA’s favour.

16:43 – France have scored again with two minutes left on the clock to make it 3-6 but it seems unlikely they can do enough for the draw now.

16:48 – USA win the match 6-3.

Greece v Hungary (Group A)

14:14 – The teams prepare for the national anthems and are introduced to the crowd whilst wearing their funny dressing gowns.

14:22 – Hungary win the first quarters seim off to have possession first but a quick shot is blocked and the possession is turned over.

14:25 – Surprisingly Greece take an early goal lead against one of the powerhouse nations in water polo. 1-0.

14:29 – The first quarter has just less than half its time remaining on the clock and Hungary have a really long build up of play before the goal but the keeper is still able to block it.

14:30 – Greece call the first time out of the match with just over three minutes remaining.

14:34 – After a fair wait Hungary are able to score their first goal of the match and make it 1-1.

14:35 – With less than a minute left on the clock Hungary take the lead 2-1 with another goal.

14:39 – The teams reset themselves ahead of the second quarter for the swim off and Hungary just about secure possession as both swimmers find themselves at the ball at the same time.

14:42 – Greece score to equalise the match but Hungary use the water to project the ball under the keepers arms and into the net to retake the lead 3-2.

14:51 – With just over thirty seconds to go in the second quarter Greece call a time out. The coach will be trying to help them find an equalising goal before halftime.

14:57 – The second half and therefore third quarter is underway. This time it is Greece that gets the ball enough to secure possession.

15:00 – The Hugarian goalkeeper looks very disappinted with himself as his arms flail above his head and the ball goes straight through them to give Greece the equaliser. 3-3.

15:01 – Greece get another goal and retake the lead in the match 4-3 and really reapply the pressure to Hungary.

15:05 – It looks like the Greek team have found a chink in the Hungarian keepers armour and manage to make it 5-3.

15:06 – The attacking players of Hungary are able to find a response to Greece though and manage to pull a goal back. They still trail 4-5 however.

15:08 – Both sides are starting to find goalscoring form and just after Greece score Hungary respond again. Greece lead the third quarter with two minutes to go before the break 6-5.

15:16 – The final quarter is underway and a shor from Greece goes just wide much to the relief of the Hugarian keeper.

15:18 – Hungary are giving themselves enough time to win this match by bringing it back to 6-6. There are six minutes left in the match though so it could easily go either way.

15:21 – Hungary have grabbed the lead with just over five minutes to go. The coach pumps the air and lets out an almighty roar.

15:23 – There is no way that the Greeks are giving up now and with half the fourth set to go they score to bring the match back to 7-7.

15:25 – And sure enough there is another goal in the match to give Hungary the lead yet again. 8-7.

15:28 – A timeout is called and after the Greek coach finishes talking he pushes one of his team on the back and into the water. He looks a little agitated.

15:30 – The anger from the coach seems to have worked as with five seconds of the match left they bring the score to 8-8 and that is how the match ends.

Australia v Japan (Group A)

13:00 – This is the first match I have seen where the weather is unfavourable for a match. The pool is in an open air pool and it has decided to rain quite heavily in Rio today but they get started with the swim off for possession.

13:03 – Japan take the early lead and get the first goal of the match.

13:07 – Kayes equalises for the Australian team to bring it back to 1-1 but the Japanese are having none of it and Okawa makes it 2-1 their favour.

13:11 – The first timeout out of the match is called by the Australian team with just over a minute left on the clock for the first quarter.

13:14 – Both teams had a few chances in that first quarter but after the initial few moments of goals the ball remains out of the net. Going into the second half the score stands at 2-1 to Japan.

13:17 – The swim off for the second quarter gives Australia possession and they have an early shot on goal but it is caught by the keeper.

13:19 – Takei launches the ball at the net from the side of the court and whilst the Australian keeper launches up his fingertips are not enough to stop it tipping down into the net. Japan lead 3-1.

13:23 – Australia have found a bit of a response and have managed to reduce their deficit back to one goal. With less than four minutes of the second quarter remaining they trail 2-3.

13:27 – There are some real scraps going in on and under the water resulting in both teams getting 20 second exclusions. The coaches are also making the most of timeouts to discuss tactics.

13:28 – With just over 30 seconds left on the clock Australian Younger manages to get the ball into the back of the net to make it level at 3-3.

13:33 – The second half is about to get underway so the teams are changing ends and having a more in-depth team talk. A Japanese player can be seen with a strapped up face and a bag of ice as a reminder that water polo can be as physical as many other sports despite the difficulty of it.

13:37 – For the first time in the game Australia are able to take the lead and score two goals in quick succession at the start of the third quarter. Kayes is the stand out Australian so far. They lead 5-3.

13:40 – It is the fifth time out of the match with just over half the time left on the clock for the third quarter. The Australian coach will no doubt be starting to feel good about his team being able to win the match.

14:42 – The wheels seem to be falling off the Japanese defense and Younger is able to find another goal to give Australia the 6-3 lead.

13:44 – Yanase pulls a goal back for Japan and it will hopefully give them new belief and ideas on how to score. They still trail 4-6 with a couple of minutes left in the quarter.

13:48 – The Australian keeper is sent the wrong way by Takei, with just a quarter of a minute left in the third match quarter, and concedes the goal to make it 6-5 in Australia’s favour.

13:52 – The fourth and final set is underway and Japan’s deficit is increased again as the keeper tracks back to get the ball but just misplaces his hand so it bounces on past him and into the net. It is Australia that lead 7-5.

13:55 – Japan mearly concede another but luckily for the keeper the ball bounces off the inside of the post and back out rather than crossing the line. They make the most of Younger getting a twenty second exclusion by calling a time out.

13:59 – The referee has to pause the game to sort out a variety of issues and as a result a player from each team is sent to the exclusion zone to leave each team with six players in the game.

14:02 – Kayes manages to do it again for Australia and with less than three minutes of the match left on the clock his team now lead 8-5.

14:05 – Shiga pulls a goal back for Japan with just over a minute left on the clock to leave them trailing just 6-8. They will be hoping for at least enough to make it a draw.

14:07 – The match is over and Australia hang onto the lead. Despite several moments of high scoring patches it ended up being a fairly average scoring game in this Olympics so far. Japan are still yet to win a match in the group.


The men’s and women’s individual competitions continue again today as more first and second round matches happen. The final 16 is already stacked with some great archers and for many they are going to face one of their boggest challenges to date.

The weather started off fairly calm, compared to that disrupting the rowing, but the wond massively picked up and that breeze is enough to make it a real issue for directly arrows. Some sets may have lower scores as a result.

Men’s First Round (64 Archers)

Match One

13:00 – The opening match of the day sees Florian Floto (Germany) taking on Samuli Piippo (Finland) to enter the second round.

13:02 – After the first set the German secures 29-24 to win the initial points. Given the weather at other sports today they seem to be getting away with it here at the minute.

13:05 – The second set also goes to Floto and he again secures 29 points to Piippo’s 26.

13:07 – Floto can only manage 28 in the third set but it is still enough for him to get the points, as the Finnish only gets 24, and win the match in three straigt sets.

Match Two

13:12 – The second match of the day is between Andres Pila (Colombia) and Khairul Anuar Mohamad (Malaysia).

13:15 – It is Mohamad the that wins the first set 25-24 as Pila struggles to get the arrows into the gold zone.

13:18 – The Malaysian just needs to win the third set to end the match early and get into the round of 32 as he won the second set 25-22.

13:21 – Pila is unable to respond and loses the third set 25-28 to allow his opponent to go through to the next match in three straight sets.

Match Three

14:21 – The silver medalist in London 2012 Takaharu Furukawa (Japan) takes on Mitch Dielemans (Netherlands) in this first round match.

14:23 – The Japanese archer wins the first set to get the match started in his favour 27-24.

14:25 – After arrow verification it is a shared set at 27 each to make the match points 3-1 in Furukawa’s favour.

14:27 – The wind is being really challenging and whilst the Japanese archer gets his worst arrow of a match with a seven he takes the third set 24-21.

14:30 – The archer from The Netherlands can only manage 24 in the fourth set against the 28 of his opponent and as a result is out of the competition.

Match Four

14:34 – The first set goes to Baard Nesteng (Norway) over Guan-Lin Yu (Chinese Taipai) 27-26.

14:37 – Nesteng manages to win the second set 26-24 in the first round of his third Olympic games.

14:39 – The Taipai archer is able to recover the match and wins the third set 28-26. He now only trails 2-4.

14:41 – There was a chance for the match to be wrapped up by the Norweigan archer as he only needed a nine to win the set but he can only manage enough for the draw of 27 to take it to a fifth set.

14:43 – Another great chance to draw or win the set is wasted for Nesteng and as a result Yu wins 27-24 to take the match to a one match shoot off.

14:46 – Nesteng gets a ten fairly close to the centre and Yu can only manage an nine. The Norweigan will be back later today for his round of 32 match but he will need to improve his consistency to win it.

Match Five

15:43 – 21 year old Malawi’s Areneo David, who was invited here as a special guest by the IOC, takes part in his first round against David Paquallucci (Italy).

15:45 – It is the Italian that takes the first set with 27-23 to get the two match points.

15:48 – The Malawi archer is struggling to deal with the conditions and loses the second set 17-22. He had a fairly good ranking round so if he can get beyond the wind he has a chance.

15:49 – The match is over as Pasquallucci wins the third set 27-21 to take an unbeatable 6-0 lead.

Match Six

15:52 – Antonio Fernandez (Spain) takes on Hao-Wen Kao (Chinese Taipai). These archers only ranked one place apart in the pre-competition round on the day of the opening ceremony.

15:55 – As set two gets underway it is Kao that trails in the match 2-0 after Fernandez did enough to win the first set 29-25.

15:56 – The second set is also won by Fernandez 26-23 to give him the 4-0 lead.

15:59 – Another match comes to a conclusion after just three sets as the Spaniard is able to win 28-24. The Chinese Taipai archer is out.

Match Seven

19:00 – Ryan Tyack (Australia) competes against Robin Raemaekers (Belgium) takes part in the first match of the evening as the crowds shelter from the rain under umbrellas.

19:04 – After two sets the archers are equal with two points each. The wind is blowing pretty much directly towards them but remaining fairly consistent.

19:06 – The Belgium wins the third set 28-26 to take the match lead. If he can win the fourth set his is through to the last 32 match later in this session.

19:08 – Despite the rain lashing down the Belgium, who is perhaps more used to heavy rain than the Australian, gets a perfect 30-25 in set four to win it and the match.

Match Eight

19:12 – Muhammed Akmal Nor Hasrin (Malaysia) and Juan Liebana Rodriguez (Spain) battle it out for the right to compete against match seven winner in the final 32.

19:16 – The Malaysian only gets a three with his first arrow to allow the Spanish archer to win the first set 28-22.

19:18 – After two sets the Spaniard is in the lead 4-0 and will win the match if he can take the third set.

19:20 – Rodriguez wins the match after getting a perfect 30. The Malaysian is out.

Match Nine

20:19 – The first set gets underway between third ranked in the world Zach Garrett (USA) and Haziq Kamaruddin (Malaysia) ranked nearly 100 places behind him.

20:20 – The first set finishes 28-26 in Garrett’s favour and he takes the early lead. The Malaysian found the ten with the final arrow of the set so will hope to start the second set where he left off.

20:24 – Garrett is leading the match 4-0 after winning the second set 29-26. The Malaysians 26 score would have been enough to win sets against other people in the competition so far so this clash is rather unfortunate on his part.

20:26 – The American is the one to go through to the final 32 winning 6-0 after securing the third set 27-26. At least the Malaysian is able to get the same score time and time again and is young enough to work on it and return to a future Olympics.

Match Ten

20:32 – Marco Galiazzo (Italy), who scored his season best in the ranking round before the elimination rounds got underway, takes on Crispin Duenas (Canada) to try and get into the next round.

20:36 – Duenas takes the first two sets 27-26 and 27-25 as the rain continues to swiftly fall. The Italian will need to improve if he wants any chance of taking this to a fourth set.

20:38 – Galiazzo, the first Italian to win the world cup final, manages to win the third set 29-28.

20:41 – After a strong start Duenos is now drawn back level as the Italian wins the fourth set 28-27.

20:43 – Shoot off time! They both get 28 points to draw the set and take the match points to 5-5.

20:44 – Duenas gets a ten just inside the line but Galiazzo, the 2004 Olympic champion, can only manage a nine. The Canadian goes through to the round of 32.

Match Eleven 

21:39 – Rick Van Der Ven (Netherlands) takes on Patrick Huston (GB) in this opening round clash.

21:41 – Huston takes the lead in the match after securing the first set 27-26.

21:43 – Van Der Ven manages to level out the match by improving on his first round performance to win the second set 28-26.

21:45 – The British archer takes the lead for the first time in the match by winning the third set 28-27. If he can win the fourth set he will be into the final 32.

21:49 – Huston is not able to find a winner from the fourth set and instead concedes it to the Netherlands archer to make it 4-4.

21:51 – The Danish archer is out 4-6 after not managing to get enough in the fifth set against the British competitor.

Match Twelve

21:53 – The final men’s 64 round match has Boris Balaz (Slovakia) going against one third of the men’s South Korean gold medal winning team Bonchan Ku.

21:55 – Ku takes the first set 29-27 to the delight of the now absolutely drenched, but still in high spirits, supporters in the crowd.

21:57 – The second set ends 28-27 to Ku’s delight to put him 4-0 up in the match.

21:59 – After three sets Balaz is going out after only managing 21 to Ku’s 29. An easy match for the South Korean, despite the weather.

Men’s Second Round (32 Archers)

Match One

13:52 – This match sees Florian Floto (Germany) and Khairul Anuar Mohamed (Malaysia) compete to get into the final 16.

13:56 – Mohamed is able to win the first set with the last arrow and keeps his composure through the increasing wind and the time out going right as he releases the arrow. He clinches the set 27-26.

13:58 – The Malaysian is being very consistent and manages to get another 27 compared to Floto’s 23 to win the second set.

14:01 – Floto manages to keep himself in the match with a third set score of 29-27 but he needs to get at least a point from the fourth set.

14:04 – The German is able to make a recovery, after being able to hit the gold in the centre of the target consistently, and wins the fourth set 28-25. One archer needs to win the next set or it will be the first shoot off of the day.

14:06 – From 4-0 down Floto has well and truly recovered and does enough with a perfect 30 to Mohamed’s 29 to win the fifth set and with that win the match to go into the final 16.

Match Two

15:19 – The second match of todays last 32 matches sees Takahuru Furukawa (Japan) take on Baard Nesteng (Norway).

15:21 – It is the Japanese archer able to win the first set 26-23 to give him the first two points of the match.

15:24 – Furukawa seems to be finding form today when it really matters and wins the second set 29-27 to give him the 4-0 match lead.

15:26 – With another 29 Furukawa clinches the set as Nesteng can only manage 28. The silver medalist four years ago is through to the last 16.

Match Three

16:29 – David Pasquallucci (Italy) returns to the arena, after beating the Malawi archer with ease, to take on Antonio Fernandez (Spain).

16:31 – The Italian archer gets two tens in the first set but can only manage 27 overall whilst the Spaniard gets 28 to win the set.

16:33 – Match points resume being level at 2-2 as Pasquiallicci wins the second set 29-24.

16:35 – The sets are bouncing from side to side like a ping pong ball as the Italian loses a bit of initial momentum and gives Fernandez the third set 26-25.

16:37 – The Spaniard wins the fourth set of the match 29-28 to go through to the round of 16 after beating the Italian who ranked in the initial stages in the top five.

Match Four

19:52 – Robin Ramaekers (Belarus) and Juan Liebana Rodriguez (Spain) come back to the range to shoot for a place in the final 16.

19:54 – Even though Ramaekers managed a 29 in the first set a perfect score from the Spanish archer sees him lose the first set.

19:56 – Rodriguez secures the second set with 29 points to the Belarus archers 25.

19:59 – The second round match is over in three straight sets as the Spaniard is able to finish on 29 against 26 with his final three arrows.

Match Five

21:13 – Zach Garrett (USA) shoots the first arrow of the match and gets a ten. His competitor Crispin Duenas (Canada) follows up with an eight.

21:14 – The first set is secured by Garrett with a score of 29-27. Duenas cannot afford to put an arrow wrong in this match if he wants any chance of getting past the American.

21:18 – Garrett shows brilliant consistency and secures the second set 29-28. If he wins the third one he beats the 20th world ranked Duenas and is in the last 16.

21:19 – With intense pressure and heavy rain Duenas manages to recover his chances and gets a perfect 30 against Garrett’s 25 to bring to match to 4-2 for the American. 

21:23 – Duenas needed at least a draw out of the fourth set to stay in the competition and that is what he managed as they got 27 a piece. If he can win the next set he take the match to a shoot off.

21:25 – World number three Garrett manages to win the final set off perfectly 30-28 to win the match 7-3.

Match Six

22:28 – Britain’s Patrick Huston will have a mountain to climb to get into the final 16 as he has to take on Bonchan Ku.

22:30 – Korea’s Ku wins the first set 29-27. He will be desperate to progress as it means he will have got further in the competition than his fellow countryman that came in as number one seed and got knocked out.

22:32 – Huston ends the second set 4-0 down as he can only manage to get his three arrows to total 26 against Ku’s 28.

22:35 – An arrow that was a 9* for Huston is confirmed as a nine and not a ten to allow Ku to take the third set 29-28 to win the match.

Women’s First Round (64 Archers)

Match One

13:26 – Shih-Chia Lin (Chinese Taipei) takes on Reem Monsour (Egypt) in the first women’s match of the day.

13:28 – The first set will be one that Monsour will want to forget about as her third arrow completely misses the target to give her a total of 17. Lin gets to take the set with a score of 28.

13:30 – Lin wins the second set and it is only mildly closer this time as it ends 26-21. She just needs to win one more set to progress.

13:32 – And the match is over. The third one of the day and it is the third to be done in three straight sets. Lin is into the final 32 after getting 25-17.

Match Two

13:38 – Laurence Baldauff (Austria) and Bombayla Davi Liaishram (India) take each other on in this match. Whoever wins will face the winner of match one in the round of 32.

13:41 – It is the Austrian that wins the first set with a score of 27-24.

13:43 – But Baldauff is only able to find 24 in the first round whilst the Indian gets 28 to secure the second set.

13:46 – Liaishram is able to take the match lead 4-2 with 27-23. If she can win the fourth set she will go on to the next round.

13:48 – It is the Indian archer that is going through to the final 32 as she wins the fourth set 26-24.

Match Three

14:49 – Youngster Yasemin Anagoz (Turkey) takes on 29 year old and first time Olympian Karina Lipiarsba-Lalka (Poland).

14:50 – It is Anagoz that wins the first set 26-22. It will be a real confident boost for her but she will have to show experience to deal with the challenging weather conditions.

14:53 – The second set is split as both archers get a fairly low result of 23 but with the ever increasing wind it is to be expected that the scores will drop slightly.

14:56 – After several arrows are scrutinised the Polish archer is just able to get the third set 23-22 to bring the match level with three points each.

14:58 – Despite having to reset to do the last arrow and coming under time pressure the fourth set goes in the favour of Anagoz thanks to a perfect 30 against 27.

15:02 – The seventeen year old Turkish archer is unable to secure a draw in the fifth set and the Polish archer takes it 27-26. Time for a shoot off.

15:03 – Anagoz can only manage an eight but Lipiarska-Palka can only manage a six. Turkish archer is through to the last 32.

Match Four

15:07 – Yuliya Lobzhenize (Georgia) shoots the first arrow in her match against Alejandra Valancia (Mexico) and she is able to win the set 28-25.

15:10 – The second set goes in the favour of the Georgian archer as she gets a nine with her last arrow to win the set 28-27. She just needs to win the next set to win the match.

15:12 – Luckily for Valencia her total score of 27 cannot be equalled or beaten and she manages to win the first set by a point.

15:15 – The Mexican has managed to recover this game and show great mental strength to win the fourth set 28-27 and bring the match level at 4-4. If either archer can win the fifth set they win the match.

15:17 – From 4-0 down Valencia has managed to do enough to win the entire match. The fifth set finishes 29-27 and she will take on match three’s winner in the last 32.

Match Five

16:02 – Ukraine’s Anastasia Pavlova and Kazakstan’s Luiza Saidiyeva are welcomed to the arena to compete for a place in the final 32.

16:06 – Pavlova wins the first and second sets 28-22 and 29-26, thanks to several tens, to get a 4-0 lead in the match.

16:09 – The match is over as the Ukrainian wins in three straight sets with a final set score of 29-24 to secure her spot in the next round.

Match Six

16:15 – Georcy Thiffeault Picard (Canada) takes on one of the most dominate archers in women’s competition at the minute Ya-Ting Tan (Chinese Taipei).

16:17 – Tan gets the first set 29-27 against the 46th world ranked Canadian to have to 2-0 lead.

16:20 – Despite an arrow being upgraded the Canadian does not do enough to win the second set as it only takes her score to 25-25. She must get something from the next set to stay in the match.

16:22 – The Chinese Taipei archer can only get a nine from her last arrow in the third set to take it to a draw 26-26. She still leads the match 5-1 and now only needs a draw to win the match.

16:24 – With the fourth set finishing 28-24 Tan progresses to the round of 32 and the Canadian is out with a 7-1 defeat.

Match Seven

19:27 – Lisa Unrah (Germany) takes on Leidys Brito (Venezuala) in the first women’s match of the afternoon session.

19:28 – The German wins the first set and takes the early lead.

19:31 – Unrah extends her lead by winning the second set 27-25. If Brito cannot manage a draw in the next set the match will be over.

19:33 – Brito is able to secure the third set but not through her own improvement but rather because of Unrah’s mistakes. She takes it 24-22.

19:38 – The match goes to the fifth set and Unrah is able to pull it out the bag 27-24 to go through to the next round.

Match Eight

19:40 – Shamoli Ray (Bangladesh) takes on Gabriela Bayardo (Mexico) in this next match as it starts to rain on the range again.

19:42 – The Mexican wins the first set 28-27 and looks relieved to have secured the set.

19:44 – Ray is unable to manage anything more than a 23 in the second set and allows Bayardo to have consistency and win with another 28.

19:47 – The match is wrapped up in three sets as Ray loses the third 28-25 to give Bayardo a 6-0 lead. The Mexican will progress to the next round.

Match Nine

20:50 – The first set comfortably goes to Guendalina Sartori (Italy) as she manages 29-24 against Carolina Aguirre (Colombia).

20:53 – The Italian has a lot to prove this match after getting a three in the women’s team competition that ultimately caused an untimely exit for her country. She handles the pressure and wins the second set 27-23.

20:56 – Aguirre, competing in her first Olympics, is unable to take the match any further as she only manages 25 against Sartori’s 28.

Match Ten

20:58 – Kristine Esebua (Georgia) takes part in this match against Deepika Kumari (India) as the sky increasing darkens around the arena.

21:00 – The first set finishes 27-26 in Kumari’s favour and she takes the 2-0 match lead.

21:02 – Unfortunately neither archer is able to do enough in the second set to win it despite getting 29. They share the set points to leave Esebua trailing 1-3.

21:04 – Kumari gets a perfect 30 to win the third set and extend her advantage to 5-1. She just needs a draw to win the match and get out the rain for a little while before the round of 32 match.

21:07 – The Georgian wins the fourth set 29-27 to take it to a fifth set. If she can win it then there will be a shoot off. A draw will not be enough for her despite her wonderful comeback.

21:09 – Esebua finishes set five first with 29 and Kumari replicates it to get the draw. It is the Indian that squeezes through to the next round whilst the Georgian is out of her fourth Olympics.

Match Eleven

22:03 – I am gulping in fear on behalf of Yessica Camilo Gonzalez (Dominican Republic) because after she ranked 64th going into the elimination rounds she takes on top seed Misun Choi (South Korea) who is one of the best archers in the world.

22:04 – Unsurprisingly it is Choi that takes the first set 28-20 against the medical student.

22:07 – Camilo Gonzalez improves on her first round score by two points but Choi wins the set 27-23 to go 4-0 ahead.

22:09 – World number one Choi finishes the third set 28-25 to send the Dominican Republic archer home and swiftly move into the next round.

Match Twelve

22:16 – Chien-Ying Le (Chinese Taipei) takes on Adriana Martin (Spain) in the hopes of competing in the last match of the round of 32 archers against match elevens winner.

22:18 – Martin takes the first set with a two point advantage at 27-25. She leads the match 2-0.

22:19 – The Taipei archer is the weakest of her teammates going into this round and based on the women’s team competition so she will really need to up her game here to have any chance to progress.

22:20 – Le manages to secure the second set 28-26 to level the match out at 2-2. 

22:22 – The Spanish archer has arrows dotted all over the target she loses the third set 25-27. Le takes the overall match lead 4-2.

22:25 – The fourth set goes to Le 27-26 to give her the set points to win the match 6-2 and go on to face the world number one.

Women’s Second round (32 Archers)

Match One

14:10 – After winning the first round in three straight sets Shih-Chia Lin (Chinese Taipai) is back in the arena to take on Bombayla Devi Liaishram (India) and try and secure a place in the final 16. Lin is likely to do the better of the two here.

14:11 – Despite Lin being the favourite in the match she loses the first set 27-24.

14:11 – The second set is a replica of the first and Liaishram doubles her match to 4-0. Lin is really struggling here today in these changing weather conditions.

14:16 – The Taipai archer does enough to take the match to a fourth set and give herself another chance. She wins the set 27-26 to trail in the match 2-4.

14:19 – Lin, the silver medalist at the world championships last year, is out of the competition after losing the fourth set 26-28. The Indian goes to the last 16 for the first time in her Olympic career.

Match Two

15:28 – Seventeen year old Yasemin Anagoz (Turkey) takes on Alejandra Valencia (Mexico) for a place in the last 16 of the women’s individual competition.

15:30 – The first set finishes 28-28 and the points gets split between the two archers as pressured is applied by both but ignored by the other. 

15:32 – Valencia gets another 28 at the end of the second set and wins the full two points as Anagoz can only manage 26.

15:36 – Anagoz has managed to pull the match back to 4-4 after sharing the third set 28-28 and winning the fourth 28-27.

15:39 – The fifth set is tied on 27-27 and as a result the match is going to a one arrow shoot off. Anagoz has already a shoot off in the first round to get to this round.

15:40 – Anagoz gets a nine with her arrow but Valencia gets a ten so it is the Mexican going through to the final 16. The experience will be good for the future though for Anagoz.

Match Three

16:40 – Anastasia Pavlova (Ukraine) takes on Ya-Ting Tan (Chinese Taipai) for a place in the final 16. Tan showed more consistently in the first round matches and is likely to win.

16:46 – The Ukrainian is going to require a two set comeback to level out the match as Tan leads after two set 4-0.

16:47 – Tan wins in three straight sets with 27-26, 29-27 and 29-25.

Match Four

20:04 – Lisa Unrah (Germany) is aiming for a spot in the last 16 but will have to beat Gabriela Bayardo (Mexico) to do so.

20:19 – The German wins the first two sets 29-27 and 27-26 to take a four point lead.

20:11 – Bayardo is able to reverse the second set score to put herself back in contention with 27-26 making the match 4-2 in Unruh’s favour.

20:13 – The comeback may well be on for the Mexican as she manages to get the fourth set 27-25. If she maintains this and wins the next set she will have snatched the win from the jaws of defeat.

20:15 – It is Unruh, the bronze European championship medalist, that will go through to the last 16 as she manages to keep her composure to win the fifth set 28-26.

Match Five

21:28 – Guendalina Sartori (Italy) has a chance of making it into the final 16 if she can beat Deepika Kumari (India).

21:30 – Kumari only manages 24 in the first set whilst Sartori gets 27 to win the points and go 2-0 ahead.

21:32 – The match stands at 2-2 as Kumari manages to get a near perfect 29, with an arrow almost right on the spider in the middle, to 26.

21:34 – After the third set ends 28-26 in Kumari’s favour she takes the match lead 4-2.

21:37 – The last arrow of the fourth set is absolute perfection from the Indian as it lands right in the middle of the target as it slides in next to one that was just a cm away. As a result she wins the set and the match.

Match Six

22:36 – If world number one Misun Choi (South Korea) does not win this match against Chien-Ying Le (Chinese Taipei) it will be an absolutely huge shock to all the archers and blow the competition for gold wide open.

22:43 – It looks like Choi has a competition on her hands as she is only able to share the first set with Le as they both manage to get 29 points.

22:45 – The South Korean is able to hold of the archer from Chinese Taipai by getting 28-26 in the second set to give her the 3-1 match lead.

22:48 – Le falls further behind as Choi wins set three 29-28 to increase her match lead to 5-1. She just needs a draw to enter the last 16.

22:50 – Set four does end in a draw with 28 points each to give her the match 6-2. The world number one continues in the competition whilst one of the women’s team bronze medalists is out.

Other Sports

  • In the intentionally choppy waters of the canoe and kayak centre the men’s K1 competition concluded. Joseph Clarke (GB) won gold less than a second ahead of Peter Kauzer (Slovenia) and Jiri Prskavec (Czech Republic).
  • Women cyclists competed in the individual time trials and Kristin Armstrong (USA) got gold whilst Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia) grabbed silver and Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) got bronze.
  • The men’s individual time trials also took place on the road today. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) went fast enough for gold with Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) getting silver and Christopher Froome (GB) the bronze.
  • Duos took to the 3m boards in the diving today. The men’s final seen Jack Laugher and Chris Mears (GB) get a historic gold ahead of Sam Dorman and Mike Hixon (USA). Yuan Cao and Kai Qin only manage bronze.
  • More medals were handed out in the judo today. The men’s 90kg category resulted in Mashu Baker (Japan) getting gold after beating Varlam Liparteliani (Georgia). Donghan Gwak (South Korea) and Zunzhao Cheng (China) both get bronze.
  • The women’s 70kg judo category also dished out more medals. Haruka Tachimoto (Japan) wins gold from Yuri Alvaer (Colombia). Sally Conway (GB) and Laura Vargas Koch (Germany) get bronze.
  • Gymnastics seen the men’s individual all-round competition come to a conclusion. Kohei Uchimura (Japan) gets gold. Oleg Verniaiev (Ukraine) manages silver and Max Whitlock (GB) gets bronze.
  • Jongoh Jin (South Korea) wins gold in the men’s 50m pistol event ahead of Xuan Vinh Hoang (Vietnam) and Song Guk Kim (North Korea).
  • Women’s weightlifters of the 69kg category gives Yanmei Xiang (China) the gold, Zhazira Zhapparkul (Kazakstan) silver and Sara Ahmed (Egypt) bronze.
  • 77kg men competed in weightlifting today. Nijat Rahimov (Kazakstan) lifts enough for gold, Xiaojun Lyu (China) locks silver and Mohamed Mahmoud (Egypt) pushes for bronze.

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