Olympics Day Three: More Medals Must Go

It is Monday 8 August and that means another batch of Olympic medals and titles will have to be given out.

There is no football happening today but the women’s rugby sevens does come to a conclusion. After the group competitions it is now time for archers to get going for individual gold and will take part in the first round today. Swimmers and divers will be digging deep to try and grab a medal in the water as well.

As always completed coverage shall move down the blog. Other events can be found at the end. Because we update live throughout the day please keep checking back and refreshing.

Current ordering of sports (sub-categories are included within); Swimming, Water Polo, Volleyball, Archery, Rowing, Other Sports


The action in the pool continues today with two sessions seeing heats, semi-finals and finals. Big names from the USA, Japan and hungary all take part in 100m and 200m races.

Women’s 200m Freestyle


17:10 – I join this event as the third heat is underway.

17:12 – Siobhan Haughey from Hong Kong wins the heat in just under one minute and fifty seven second.

17:13 – The fourth heat has Missy Franklin (USA) swimming. She will be one of the bigger contenders in this race and later into the competition.

17:18 – It is Italy’s powerhouse Pellegrini that wins heat four in the fastest time. Missy Franklin can only manage fourth.

17:19 – Katie Ledecky (USA) competes in heat five and will be looking to continue to lay down her marker at the Olympics with this event.

17:23 – Ledecky wins heat five ahead of the Australian Mckeon by eight tenths of a second.

17:25 – Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) enters to the poolside to take part in the sixth seat. Two swimmers from Brazil also take part in this heat.

17:30 – Massive cheer erupts from the crowd as Lyrio (Brazil) finishes fourth in the sixth heat and that puts her into the semi-final in 14.


02:03 – Mckeon (Australia) and Franklin (USA) take part in the first semi-final that also includes a nineteen year old Chinese swimmer.

02:04 – Emma Mckeon manages to hit the wall at the end of the first 50m first just below world record pace.

02:05 – Bonnet (France) takes first at the halfway point with Barratt (Australia) following. 

02:06 – Shen (China) manages to win the first semi-final in just over one minute and fifty six. Missy Franklin finishes the race last in just under one minute and fifty eight seconds meaning this is where her women’s 200m freestyle dreams have come to an end.

02:11 – The second semi-final has the world record holder and 2008 Olympic winner Pellegrini (Italy), Katie Ledecky (USA) and Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) in. It is going to be a very quick race.

02:13 – It is Pellegrini, Sjostrom and Coleman (Sweden) that turn first at the 50m metre mark.

02:14 – At the end of the race it is Sjostrom that manages to hit the wall first as she battled it out to beat Ledecky in a private battle.

Men’s 200m Freestyle


02:18 – Great Britain’s James Guy and Chad Le Clos (South Africa) take part in this final in the outside lanes whilst the middle lanes go to Hagimo (Japan) and Yang Sun (China) after they got the fastest times in the semi-final yesterday.

02:22 – The final gets underway and Chad Le Clos has an excellent start off the blocks and gets over a length in the first 25m.

02:23 – At the 100m Le Clos is still ahead, just a moment slower than world record pace, but he is unlikely to be able to hold on.

02:24 – It is Yang Sun, the controversial Chinese swimmer done for taking banned drugs, that grabs gold.

Women’s 100m Backstroke


02:29 – The fastest in 2016, going into the Olympics, Emily Seebohm (Australia) finds herself in lane one in this final. Nineteen year old Kathleen Baker (USA) enters as fastest qualifier, after the semi-finals, in lane four.

02:31 – The race gets underway and at the halfway point Seebohm turns first ahead of Baker.

02:32 – In the end Hosszu (Hungary) is able to stretch towards the wall and manages to win the gold in her very busy schedule.

Men’s 100m Backstroke


02:35 – The Americans having won an Olympic medal in this event everytime since 1996, including gold and silver in 2012, but several swimmers from Japan, Russia, France and China will be looking to spoil their camps party.

02:39 – The powerhouses are in the water and launching off the wall. Only three can get medals so some good swimmers will be very disappointed.

02:40 – At the half way point several swimmers are on the world record pace.

02:40 – Murphy (USA) keeps up Olympic tradition for his country by winning gold with an Olympic record.

Women’s 100m Breaststroke


02:56 – After a pause for a medal cermony the swimmers get ready to leave the call room. This final includes Jinglin Shi (China), Yulia Efimova (Russia), Lilly King (USA) and Ruta Meilutyte (Lithuania) who is looking to defend her Olympic title and become the first teenager to do so.

03:01 – At halfway it is Lilly King that hits the wall first and she heads off down the second 50m strongly.

03:02 – King manages hold off the pack and gets the gold with an Olympic record.

Men’s 200m Butterfly


17:32 – The first heat sees the five slowest swimmers, on entered times, take part.

17:38 – The seeded heats will have to put in a bit more of an extrodinary time as the first heat finishes with a respectable time.

17:39 – Chad Le Clos is fairly relaxed as he enters the second half of the second heat. He hits the wall first on the last turn and manages to get down the last 50m first to win the heat.

17:42 – Michael Phelps (USA) takes part in the third heat of this butterfly event. 

17:44 – Initially Seto (Japan) takes the lead and Phelps just relaxes and lets him go for a little while. Grant Irvine from Australia hits the 100m and 150m walls first.

17:45 – Kenderesi (Hungary) ends up hitting the wall first leaving Phelps in third with Irvine in second and Seto in fourth.

17:48 – Laszlo Cseh (Hungary) competes in lane four of the fourth heat and is expected to be the overall winner.

17:49 – At the end of the 100m and 150m it is Brazil swimmer De Deus to turn first causing the crowd to get on their feet.

17:50 – Cseh wins but does not seem to be swimming very efficiently with his chin getting a fair distance from rhe water when he lifts for air. The two Brazil swimmers in that heat finish third and fourth to be enough to get through to this evenings semi-finals.


03:17 – A medal ceremony sees the swimmers in the first heat waiting in the call room. Participants hoping to do enough to make the final include Kaio Marcio (Brazil), Laszlo Cseh (Hungary) and Daiyo Seto (Japan). With the second heat expected to be pushed by Phelps (USA) they will need to put fast times in here.

03:21 – It is Cseh that hits the wall at the end of the first 50m but at the 100m it is Marcio that leads the pack.

03:22 – Cseh manages to touch the wall first to stop the clock ahead of the two Japanese Seto and and Sakai.

03:25 – The likes of Michael Phelps (USA) and De Deus (Brazil) take part in the second semi-final. It also has Le Clos (South Africa) in but he has raced in a final tonight so may still be feeling the lactic acid in his muscles.

03:28 – At the halfway point Phelps leads the group and continues to increase the tempo whilst looking very comfortable.

03:39 – Kenderesi (Hungary) wins the second semi-final in less than one minute and fifty four seconds ahead of Phelps.

Women’s 200m Individual Medley


17:59 – The first heat finishes and all of the swimmers actually put a slower performance in than their entry times. Kylliainen (Finland) wins the heat but is very unlikely to progress any further.

18:01 – Italy’s Trombetti takes part in the second heat but only seven people swim as Siobhan Haughey decides she cannot do the double after already competing in a heat in this session.

18:04 – Seoyeong Kim (South Korea) wins the second heat with a fairly reasonable time.

18:05 – Hannah Miley (GB) starts in the third heat along with Coutts (Australia) who the Oz camp think have the chance of a medal despite recent poor form.

18:09 – Maya Dirado (USA) finishes the third heat, the first of the seeded heats, first with Coutts in second and Miley down in fourth.

18:10 – Siobhan-Marie O’Connor takes to the poolside for the fourth heat and competes in lane four. This is expected to be a very fast heat that will be likely to push a lot of previous swimmers times off the board.

18:13 – At the halfway turn it is O’Connor that hits the wall first ahead of Margalis (USA).

18:14 – The British swimmer eases off at the end of the race but still finishes first by a comfortable margin. Margalis comes in to hit the wall second.

18:16 – Hosszu (Hungary) takes part in the fifth heat, after doing a 400m race last night, and is likely to dominate the field and finish first by a very comfortable margin.

18:19 – The Olympic record is broken as Hosszu touches the wall first and will go into the semi-finals tonight as fastest qualifier.


03:45 – The swimmers for the first semi-final head out the call room to the poolside. This one includes O’Connor and Miley from Great Britain and Australia’s Coutts.

03:48 – At the halfway point, after two strokes, O’Connor turns at the wall first.

03:49 – To help secure their place in the final O’Connor hits the wall first with a new British record. Dirado (USA) and Coutts (Australia) follow her home.

03:50 – The second semi-final swimmers head out to the pool. Hosszu (Hungary) has already raced once this evening, to get a gold medal, and may have slightly tired legs but should easily be able to make the final.

03:53 – Hosszu has a bit of a slow start off the blocks but is able to recover most of the distance she initially loses to turn third after the first 50m.

03:54 – With 50m to go Hosszu turns at the wall first but a second slower than O’Connor manages in the first semi-final.


  • Several Brits progress from the heats into the semi-finals this evening.
  • Hosszu (Hungary) gets a new Olympic Record in the women’s 200m individual medley.
  • After winning gold Hosszu (Hungary) swims the Women’s 200m Individual Medley semi-final and secures second fastest qualifying spot behind O’Connor (GB) for the final.
  • After taking part in the relay on a previous day of competition Michael Phelps (USA) gets his bid for individual gold underway with the men’s 200m butterfly. Phelps wins his semi-final in second whilst Hungarians Kenderesi and Cseh go through as first and third place fastest qualifiers.
  • Sjostrom (Sweden), Ledecky (USA) and Pellegrini (Italy) go through to the women’s 200m freestyle final as fastest qualifiers from the semi-finals.
  • In the men’s 200m freestyle Yang Sun (China) gets gold, Chad Le Clos (South Africa) holds on for silver with a new African Continent record and Conor Dwyer (USA) gets bronze just ahead of James Guy (GB).
  • Hosszu (Hungary) gets gold, Kathleen Baker (USA) the silver and Kylie Masse (Canada) and Yuanhui Fu (China) share the bronze in the women’s 100m backstroke.
  • The men’s 100m backstroke sees USA keep up getting a medal in every event from 1996 with Ryan Murphy securing the gold. Jiayu Xu (China) gets sliver and Plummer (USA) gets bronze.
  • Lilly King (USA) wins the women’s 100m breaststroke with the time to secure the Olympic record too. Efimova (Russia) gets silver and Katie Meili (USA) gets on the podium with bronze.

Water polo

This is a sport that requires serious stamina. Not only do you need to be a good swimmer and strong enough to win the ball but you also need to be able to maintain that for long periods of time.

Water polo is one of the sports where the clock is paused for a whole list of reasons and timeouts and as a result a quarter lasts a lot longer than the eight minutes put on the clock.

Players can commit fouls but depending on the level of the offense they may be sent to the exclusion zone for twenty seconds. Teams can win penalties too and the area this can happen in is marked out by a change in line rope by the side of the court.

If a player gets too many exclusions they can be ruled out of the match and send their team down to one less player. Subs can also be used if the coach thinks it is required or somebody ends up with an injury.

The first games of the group stages are played in an outside pool, until the swimming pool becomes available, but luckily bad weather has not affected play. It is also a great sport to watch if you want to chuckle at a huge muscly guy wearing a rather colourful and patterned dressing gown by the side of a pool.

Men’s Preliminaries

Croatia v Montenegro (Group B)

00:48 – This is expected to be one of the most important and exciting matches of the group stages as they are both powerhouse teams with huge international reputations.

00:54 – The Croatian team win the swim off towards the ball to gain initial posession.

00:55 – Within the first 20 seconds of the match Croatia have already got the score board changing numbers. They make it 1-0 as Montenegro get caught out.

00:59 – Croatia have had more chances in the first few minutes of the match and Montenegro have found themselves struggling to find the target with the moments they have had.

01:02 – The first timeout of the match is called by the Montenegro coach to try and help them to find a way off the mark and maintain and regain possession a little better.

01:03 – The talking to certainly seemed to do something as Montenegro manage to bring the score level at 1-1 with two minutes left in the first quarter.

01:05 – A response is found by the Croatian team though and they are quickly able to retake the lead to make it 2-1.

01:07 – There is a deflection of a ball launched by a Montenegro player toeards goal that sends the ball out of reach of the keeper and the score neutralises again at 2-2. Croatia call an immediate timeout.

01:08 – The first quarter finishes with the score remaining at 2-2 after the majority of the eight minutes seen the Croatian team leading 1-0 so they will be very unable with the current score.

01:11 – It is the Croatian team that again manage to win the swim off so they start the second quarter with possession. They do so by quite a margin in both quarters so far and clearly have the speed over Montenegro.

01:15 – In the last few minutes both sides have regained possession from a turnover after fouls. Both teams are being very physical under the water to try and stop a player from being able to move freely.

01:17 – For the first time in the match it is Montenegro that takes the lead thanks to Petrovic launching the ball towards goal. It barely leaves the surface of the water but the keeper is unable to stop it. Croatia trail 3-2.

01:20 – A timeout is called with just less than two minutes of the second quarter to go. Both teams keep ending up with players getting excluded for 20 seconds but the other side seems unable to make the most of the extra man.

01:22 – Another timeout is called, this time by Croatia, as a player from the other side gets sent to the exclusion box. They manage to resume play and finally make the most of an extra man and Buric scores to make the score 3-3.

01:24 – With five seconds before half time Sukno manages to get the ball into the back of the net to allow Croatia to resume the lead 4-3.

01:30 – The third quarter swim off gets the second half underway. Unsurprisingly it is the speedy Croatians that get there first before the Red Sharks (Montenegro) despite the shark dun dun music.

01:32 – It is an early goal in the third quarter for Croatia to help them extend the goal difference to the biggest it has been all match. The ball directly down the centre of the net makes it 5-3.

01:33 – Montenegro are able to reel the scoreline back in however and do a shot strong enough to find the back of the net despite the keeper getting a hand on it to make it 5-4.

01:35 – The first exclusion of the third quarter happens three and a half minutes in and the coach for Montenegro uses it as a chance to talk to his team who will resume the match a player down.

01:37 – For a moment Montenegro nearly scores but it bounces off the crossbar and back out. They have another chance that causes the judges to need to decide if it crossed the line. It is declared that the ball did cross the line and as a result the score levels back out to 5-5.

01:41 – The Montenegro keeper is very keen on timeouts and uses the teams third one of the match to preach some ideas and wisdom onto the players.

01:43 – Both teams will have to find something special to secure the winner in the last eight minutes of the match as the third quarter comes to an end. 

01:46 – For the last time in the match the swim off gets the fourth and final quarter under way. For the first time in the match however it is Montenegro that are able to get to the ball first and gain possession.

01:49 – With just less than six minutes left in the quarter and therefore the match Croatia are able to make the most of having an extra man in the water and score to make it 6-5.

01:50 – It only takes a few seconds though before Montenegro have the player advantage and they too are able to make the most of it. The match is now level at 6-6 with five minutes to go.

01:51 – Suddenly the game has really livened up and as Montenegro lose another player to take them down from seven to six Loncar gives Croatia the lead of 7-6.

01:54 – From several metres out, after toying with the keeper for a few seconds, Janovic scores his second goal of the game for Montenegro to put them in a position where they would share the match points.

01:56 – Croatia call a time out with less than two minutes remaining. The time is running out for either side to secure a winning goal and neither team will be able to relax until the final whistle.

01:59 – The Montenegro team call the final timeout of the game and one of the Croatians receives a 20 second exclusion.

02:00 – With eight seconds to go Croatia manage to make it 8-7 as a ball is launched over the defenders to Bukic to launch it in.

02-01 – Croatia win the match and make it their second win of the group.

Japan v Brazil (Group A)

23:25 – The teams are introduced to the crowd in the open air arena.

23:32 – To figure out possession the swim off towards the ball begins. Brazil win the possession.

23:37 – Five minutes into the first quarter Japan are leading 2-2 in the 30×20m pool.

23:38 – Brazil manage to delight the crowd by scoring again to get it to 2-2 after initially going 2-0 down.

23:40 – There is a chance for Brazil to go ahead as the captain takes a penalty but the keeper launches in the direction the ball is thrown to block it out.

23:41 – Brazil manage to get ahead one second before the end of their alloted possession time (if a team does not score in a set amount of time it must be turned over and recovered to have another go).

23:43 – the home nation retake control of the ball and are able to make their lead 4-2 with just over a minute and a half left in the first quarter. Japan call a time out.

23:45– Japan are unable to find a way to stop the Brazil team and they now find themselves trailing 5-2. Brazil use their first time out of the match now.

23:54 – After having a player excluded for committing an offence Japan end up giving away a penalty which Brazil is able to score. The host nation now have a four point cushion.

23:55 – Brazil call a time out before they get the game properly underway and then the referee throws the ball back into the water.

23:56 – Taking their time and moving the ball around the area Brazil do not panic as the clock to score ticks down and they choose the perfect moment to make it 7-2 with just under four minutes left of the second half.

23:58 -The Japanese are being massively overpowered and overwhelmed and have not scored since the first couple of minutes of the match as the chances they have on shot are well blocked. They now trail 8-2.

00:00 – Eventually Japan are able to claw a goal back but only after the Brazil team gift them with a penalty. With just under two minutes left in the first half Japan really need to get a few more goals back.

00:02 – Another time out is called this time by Japan to give the coach a chance to motivate them and give them a handy tactic.

00:03 – Whenever the Japanese players have the ball anywhere near the net the crowd start to boo and cheer. They will not be able to hear too much though with being in the water and focussed so deeply on the action.

00:04 – We reach halftime and the teams switch ends during the five minute break. Japan, who have an extra player in this match, will use this time to figure out a competitive game plan.

00:10 – The second half is underway between the two teams that last competed in the Olympics in the 80’s. The last match they both played was against each other for 11th/12th place.

00:14 – It seems that whatever was said in halftime worked for the Japanese team as they quickly score twice to bring Brazil’s goal cushion back down to four. The scoreline is 9-5 to the host nation.

00:17 – Japan reduce the gap by a further goal but Brazil’s Baches quickly responds to make the dcoreline 10-6 with just over two and a half minutes to go in the third quarter.

00:19 – Despite being completely submerged in the water the Brazil team manage to raise the arm and launches the ball towards the net to make it 11-6.

00:21 – There is another penalty awarded, as a player is impeded with a goal scoring chance, and it is the second for Brazil of the match. Unlike the first first one this finds the back of the net to give them a six point lead 12-6.

00:23 – A timeout is called for by the Brazil coach who will be looking to ensure the defence do not let that goal difference decrease significantly for a second time.

00:24 – There is a long distance shot from Japanese Shiga and it finds the far corner of the net to make it 12-7 to Brazil at the end of the third quarter.

00:27 – The fourth quarter gets underway with the dun dun music as the teams swim for the ball in the middle. It sounds like a shark might turn up at any moment.

00:29 – The Japanese goalkeeper is outnumbered with players around him and Brazil’s captain Perrone scores his fourth goal of the match.

00:32 – Brazil’s advantage resumes being double that of Japan as the scoreline reads 14-7.

00:35 – Another penalty goes in the favour of Brazil and it is again converted to make it 15-7. Japan are getting restless and are struggling to make sensible defending decisions or breakdown the Brazilian keeper.

00:40 – With just over thirty seconds of time left on the clock Japan call a time out but manage to score immediately afterwards to reduce their deficit to 15-8.

00:41 – With a single second left on the clock the Brazil team score again to make it 16-8. The host nations have now won both of the group games so far whilst the Japanese have lost both matches.


  • Host nation Brazil win by a comfortable margin of 16 to 8 against Group A opponents Japan.
  • Group B sees Croatia grab a winning goal in the last eight seconds to beat Montenegro 8-7.


Women’s Indoor Preliminaries

USA v The Netherlands (Pool B)

19:00 – The Pool B match gets underway.

19:05 – At the ten point mark in the first set The Netherlands are winning 7-3.

19:08 – The Netherlands make it 10-7 but they are having to fight to keep the lead at this early stage of the match.

19:12;– United States have called the first timeout of the match as they trail 11-15.

19:19 – As the first set progresses The Netherlands are able to pull away from the USA with 22 points against 16.

19:21 – The first set ends up going to the Dutch with a fairly comfortable margin as the Americans fail to make it out of the teens with 18.

19:27 – At the early stage of the second set it is The Netherlands leading but they only have a one point advantage at 4-3.

19:34 – 21 points are currently split 12-9 in The Netherlands favour. They are looking the better side of the two but the USA certainly have heart to get back into it.

19:37 – For the first point in the set the US team are able to get ahead 13-12 but they will have to fight for it to maintain the lead.

19:42 – After a few moments of The Netherlands looking to be pulling it back the US team have had a chance to increase their lead to 20-14. Their strength to continue and excitement at getting them ahead is really favouring them now.

19:45 – The Americans still have the lead 22-17 and are closing in on winning the set.

19:48 – The score of the first set is completely reversed and it is instead the US that celebrate as they make it 25-18 to help them both have one set on the board.

19:56 – The momentum initially looked like it was with the US going into the third set but the Dutch have just started to respond and not only cancelled out their deficit but retake the lead.

19:59 – America respond yet again however and pull the set back to 8-8. This could be a set that goes down to the wire.

20:04 – Once again the Danish have regained the lead but there is a rsther lengthy pause as the floor polishers have a little trouble with a spot right by the net.

20:09 – A five point gap has opened up in The Netherlands favour at 20-15. The US team call another time out and one of the coaches looks absolutely furious at the way the set is going.

20:15 – The Netherlands had a seven point lead as they went into set point but the US have reduced it to four.

20:17 – At last, after a risky few moments in the closing points, The Netherlands secure the second set.

20:32 – The Netherlands have to make a sub as one of their players goes down badly on the ankle and are unable to pressure on it as they stand up. The set is tied 11-11.

20:38 – Both teams are tied at 15-15. If the Netherlands win this set the match will end as the USA will not be able to recover it.

20:45 – The US team are ahead in the third set 23-20 and close to being able to take it to the final and deciding possible set.

20:47 – A challenge is made by the Danish but it is unsuccessful and as a result the US team win the set 25-20 and allow the match to go to a fifth set to decide the match.

20:55 – USA take the early lead 6-3 in the final set. The Netherlands team are looking rather stressed.

21:03 – Twenty points into the set and USA have a four point lead 12-8 as they call the first time out of this fifth set.

21:10 – The match is over and USA win the Pool B match 3-2 after a tough fight with the Netherlands.


The individual competitions get underway today seeing the men and the women lose at over half of the initial 64 archers.

Women’s First Round Eliminations (64 Archers)

Some archers have had a decent break whilst others will be used to the competition after taking part in the women’s team event yesterday.

Match One

13:28 – USA archer Mackenzie Brown takes on Italian Claudia Mandia.

13:31 – The Italian is able to snatch the first set by getting one more point than the American.

13:34 – After two arrows in the second set Brown is really putting the pressure on with two tens but Mandia is able to respond.

13:35 – The second set ends up being drawn 29-29 to make it 3-1 in Mandia’s favour.

13:38 – They go into the fourth set tied at 3-3 after Brown grabs the win in the third set. One archer needs to win this set and then at least draw the fifth set to avoid a shoot off.

13:40 – The fouth set resulted in a tie to really put the pressure on both archers.

13:43 – It is Mandia unable to live up to the pressure and she can only shoot 22 with her three arrows to allow Brown to storm through and grab the set to win 6-4.

Match Two

13:46 – San Yu Htwe (Myanmar) takes on Taru Kuoppa (Finland) in this next match.

13:49 – The first set gives Htwe the initial 2-0 lead after winning 26-25 but getting 26 in the second round is not enough as Kuoppa manages 28 to bring it to 2-2.

13:52 – The middle set is confirmed to have been tied and they remain level on set points at 3-3.

13:57 – Htwe secures the fourth and the fifth set to progess to the next round. Kuoppa does not look too disappointed with her performance.

Match three

14: 57 – Yuhong Qi (China) and Marina Canetta (Brazil) are the next two archers to do battle.

15:00 – The first set finishes 28-25 in Qi’s favour to give her the 2-0 lead.

15:02 – After verification the second set finishes 27-27 and the points are shared to make it 3-1 to the Chinese archer.

15:05 – The Brazil archer is being cheered on by the crowd but she loses the third set 28-25 and has to win the next two sets to take it to a shoot off to have any chance of progressing further in the competition.

15:07 – Qi manages perfection in the third set with 30 points to get the set points and win the match sending the Brazil archer home.

Match Four

15:08 – Indian Laxmirini Majhi and Slovakia’s Alexandra Longova compete to take on China’s Qi in the next round.

15:12 – It is Longova able to get hold of the first two set points.

15:14 – Both archers are able to improve their scores but only by one point. As a result Longova wins the second set 28-26 and only has a small margin left for improvement.

15:15 – It looks like Majhi is about to hand the third set away but neither side can manage a great set and draw the points with 26 each. The Slovakian leads 5-1.

15:18 – Longova wins the match 7-1.

Match Five

16:00 – Moldova’s Alexandra Mirca and Aida Roman (Mexico) enter the arena.

16:05 – Mirca wins the first first set but is unable to secure a second as Roman manages 29 out of 30. The set points are split 2-2.

16:09 – The fourth set gets underway with Mirca retaking the lead to make it 4-2.

16:11 – The fourth set is split as both archers get 26 points. Mirca leads 5-3 so only needs another draw in the final set to win the match.

16:13 – A draw of 27-7 is all that either archer can manage and it is the Moldovan that progresses towards gold. Roman is out.

Match Six

16:19 – After both competing yesterday in the women’s team event Yuki Hayashi (Japan) and Yiaxin Wu (China) seek individual gold.

16:21 – The first set is split by the pair but the second set goes to Wu 28-24 to give them the 3-1 lead.

16:24 – Wu wins the third set 27-25 and opens up a comfortable lead in the match.

16:26 – Hayashi manages to get 27 in the fourth set but it is not enough as Wu manages a 29 to get two more set points to win 7-1. 

Match Seven

19:29 – The first ones match of the evening session sees Lucilla Boari (Italy) and Alice Ingley (Australia) competing for a place in the next round.

19:31 – At the end of the first set the archers have to deal with sharing the points after scoring 25 each.

19:33 – Boari gets such a perfect ten that it takes out the tiny camera in the centre circle but she follows it up with a seven and does not do enough to secure the set. Ingley wins the three points 28-25.

19:35 – The archers find the set points to be 5-1 in Ingley’s favour. The Australian got one of the lower results in the ranking event o she will be delighted with her lead.

19:38 – Favourite of the match Boari is unable to handle the competition and crashes out 7-1.

Match Eight

19:40 – The crowd are delighted as Brazilian Ane Marcelle Dos Santos enters the range for her very first individual Olympic competition. She faces Japan’s Saori Nagamine.

19:45 – At the end of the second set they are tied at one set each. The 22-year-old Dos Santos secured the second set with an impressive 29 points.

19:47 – The wind yet again ruins everything for the archers and the thirs set finishes in Dos Santos favour 24-19.

19:49 – Nagamine manages to hold on and see the fourth set out as a draw of 5 points each. The Japanese archer trails 3-5 going into the final set. 

19:52 – The crowd go wild and Dos Santos leaps into the arms of her coach as she secures the fifth set with a ten after Nagamine only gets a one with her last arrow. The set ends 22-19 but the Brazilian will be delighted to win 7-3.

Match Nine

20:51 – The first set between South Korean Bobae Ki, who won gold in the women’s team event yesterday, and Shehzana Anwar (Kenya) goes in the Koreans favour to take the early lead.

20:53 – Despite Anwar getting the first ten of the match it is not enough to take the second set and she now trails 4-0 in the match.

20:56 – The Kenyan does enough to split the points of the third set to give her another chance to win the match. She trails 5-1.

20:57 – Ki gets a nine with her last arrow to put her through to the next round. She is able to carry on to the next round to try and defend her Olympic gold medal from 2012.

Match Ten

Former USSR countries Estonia and Ukraine find themselves up against each other in this match. Estonia is represented by Laura Nurmsalu and Ukraine shoots for Veronika Marchenko.

21:02 – The first set comes to a conclusion and it is Marchenko that wins the first set 27-22.

21:04 – Despite best efforts the weather results in fairly low overall scores of 25-23 in Marchenko’s favour. Nurmsalu trails 4-0 and must get at least a point in the next round to remain.

21:06 – Marchenko manages to get a final ten in the third set to win the match 6-0. She manages to grab several tens in the match and is one of the best archer under these conditions so far.

Women’s Second Round Eliminators (32 Archers)

Match One

14:15 – It is Htwe (Myanmar) and Brown (USA) that enter the arena and aim at the targets to become the first woman to make it into the last 16.

14:18 – The first set comes to a respectable draw and they both share the points to make it 1-1.

14:20 – At the end of the second round the score is 3-1 as Htwe manages to win 28-26 to claim the full set points.

14:23 – Htwe wins the third set comfortably to make it 5-1 in her favour thanks to a perfect 30 against Brown’s 26.

14:25 – Luckily for Brown, who seems to be struggling a little, Htwe fumbles and can only manage 25 to Brown’s 26. If Brown can win the fifth set they will go to a shoot off.

14:28 – There will be no shoot off. Htwe manages to win the match 7-3 thanks to securing 27 points to Brown’s 25.

Match Two

15:30 – Yuhong Qi (China) and Alexandra Longova (Slovakia) return to the range in hopes of progressing towards the medal matches.

15:32 – Qi manages 29 with her first three arrows against the Slovakians 27 and takes the lead 2-0.

15:34 – The Slovakian has looked a little off in the first two matches and can only manage 26 against Qi’s 29 in the second set.

15:37 – Longova is unable to get any set points on the board and as a result Qi progresses at the end of three sets to the next round.

Match Three

16:44 – The end of the first set sees Jiaxin Wu (China) winning the first two points against Alexandra Mirca (Moldova).

16:46 – Both archers have a week second set but Wu comes out on top 25-23 to increase her lead to 4-0. She only needs two more set points to win the match.

16:48 – Mircia can only get 24 in the third set and as a result Wu beats her by shooting 27. Wu wins in three straight sets 6-0.

Match Four

Both archers in this match have never progressed this far in an international competition before. The crowd are overjoyed because Ane Marcelle Dos Santos (Brazil) re-enters the arena to face Alice Ingley (Australia) in the match to get out of the final 32.

20:08 – Home girl Dos Santos grabs the first set 25-23 and the crowd start chanting Brazil Brazil.

20:10 – Ingley is unable to secure any points out of the second set and Dos Santos leads 4-0.

20:12 – In the third set the Australian can only manage 24 to put the world ranking 64th archer Dos Santos into the last 16 in three straight sets.

Match Five

Bobae Ki (South Korea) resumes her battle to maintain the Olympic title but to do so she must face the current European champion Veronika Marchenko (Ukraine).

21:26 – Ki secures the first set with 29 points against 27. She remains calm and composed and looks to have settled to deal with the windy weather.

21:28 – The second set is tied 27-27 showing consistency from Marchenko at the early stage of this match. Ki leads 3-1.

21:30 – Marchenko puts pressure serious pressure on Ki by getting two tens in the third set and finishes the set with 29 points.

21:31 – The South Korean responds and manages to get 29 points to share the set points. Marchenko trails 4-2.

21:34 – Ki wins the fourth set 29-25 and therefore wins the match to enter the round of 16. The Ukrainian archer who looked a little nervous facing Ki is out of the competition.

Men’s First Round Eliminations (64 Archers)

All these archers have had at least one day rest as the men’s team event happened on Saturday with the ranking round on Friday.

Match One

13:05 – I join the first match of the day at the end third set as Elder from Fiji trails loses in straight sets to Wei Chun-Heng.

Match two

13:13 – The next match gets underway with Thailand’s Witthaya Thamwong taking on Mongolia’s Gantugs Jantsan.

13:19 – It is Jantsan that is able to take the first set but his second set is fairly scrappy to only give him 25 and he gives it away to make it 2-2.

13:22 – Both archers manage to get a very good 28 and as a result can only split the points to keep it level at 3-3 going into the next set.

13:24 – At the end of the fourth set it is the Thailand archer in the lead 5-3 but he must at least draw the final set to progress without a shoot-off.

13:26 – It is Thamwong that wins the final set and progresses to the next round.

Match Three

14:32 – Xuesong Gu (China) and Sultan Duzelbayev (Kazakstan) get their individual competitions officially underway.

14:33 – The first set goes in Duzelbayev’s favour to allow him to take the early lead.

14:35 – It seems the Chinese athlete was just a little rusty with his first set though as he grabs the second set with 28 points. It stands at 2-2.

14:39 – The Chinese archer loses the third set but manages to secure 29 to 28 in the fourth set to make it level at 4-4 going into the final set.

14:41 – Gu can only manage a seven with his last arrow to finish on 25 points to allow Duzelbayev to progress to the next round.

Match Four

14:43 – Muhammad Wijaya (Indonesia) and Mauro Nespoli (Italy) promptly come into the stadium following the end of the last match.

14:46 – Nespoli secures the first two set points to put pressure on Wijaya to get some points on the board.

14:49 – At the end of the second set, after scoring 29 points, the Italian is able to double his lead to 4-0.

14:51 – Wijaya does enough to take the match to a fourth set by securing a draw in the third to make the score 5-1. The Italian just needs a draw to go into the next round.

14:53 – The comeback is on as Wijaya manages to make it 29 with his arrow to make it impossible for Nespoli to even grab a draw. The Indonesian now trails 3-5 as they go into the last set.

14:55 – Nespoli wins the fifth set and wins the match 7-3.

Match Five 

15:40 – After an incredible men’s team competition Woojin Kim (South Korea) is back in the arena and this time looking for gold. Lowest ranked Gavin Ben Sutherland (Zimbabwe) is his competition in this match.

15:41 – We immediately see why Sutherland ranked last as he can only manage 22 from three arrows. 

15:42 Kim takes the first set with 27.

15:44 – Sutherland is able to put a much better performance in and get a respectable 26 but against the South Korean world record holder he needs even more. Kim gets 28 to secure the second set.

15:47 – In set three the result of 28-25 gives Kim the points to win the match and progress towards the gold that many expect him to get.

Match Six

15:51 – Riau Egaagatha (Indonesia) wins the first set against Yu Xing (China) 27-25.

15:54 – The Indonesian remains consistent and secures another 27whilst Xing drops a point from the first set. Egaagatha leads 4-0 in this five set match.

15:56 – Xing keeps himself in the match to have another chance by being able to draw the set 27-27. Egaagatha leds 5-1.

15:58 – An individual medal is out of reach for Xing now as he loses 7-1 after he can only manage 26 against 28 in the fourth set.

Match Seven

19:00 – The first evening session sees Viktor Ukrainian Ruban and Indonesia’s Hendra Purnama compete.

19:02 – At the end of the first set it is 1-1 as they are only able to split the points.

19:03 – Ruban manages to take the lead by getting 29 points to 27.

19:06 – Ruban is unable to extend his lead at the end of the third set though and the match levels back out at 3-3 with two sets to go.

19:08 – The Indonesian gives the set away to Ruban 25-24. Neither archer look particularly up for it today but they are not being helped by very challenging winds.

19:11 – 2008 Olympic champion Ruban secures the final set and as a result is the one progressing 7-3.

Match Eight

19:16 – The wind continues to be a challenge for the second match of the evening and Jean-Charles Valladont (France) wins the set 23-22 from Rene Philippe Kouassi (Ivory Coast).

19:18 – Both archers are able to settle a little more and the end of the second set sees the scores at 26-25 in Kouassi’s favour to make it 2-2.

19:20 – The third set also goes to Kouassi as he manages to secure another ten with his final arrow to take the set 29-28. 

19:24 – After taking the last couple of sets Kouassi can only manage 18 from three arrows, as the wind continues to swirl, to allow Valladont to easily take the points to make it level.

19:25 – The changing conditions are too much for the Ivory Coast archer to handle and it is the Frenchman that progresses to the next round.

Match Nine

20:20 – 17-year-old Turkish Mete Gazoz takes on French Pierre Plihon. The first two sets, in the challenging conditions, go to the more experienced French archer.

20:22 – Gazoz is able to secure the third set with a high scoring round. The 14th ranked in the world Turkish archer looks to be settling into the competition.

20:25 – The fourth set is tied to ensure a fifth set takes place. Philhon has the lead 5-3.

20:27 – Gazoz manages to take the match to a shoot off by winning the fifth set. The next arrow must be their best yet to progress to the last 32.

20:29 – After both archers have released their arrows it is the 17-year-old that is going through to the next round. The only Turkish archer in the men’s competition has a chance to carry on experiencing his first Olympics.

Match Ten

20:33 – Another youngster, Tonga’s Hans Arne Jensen, makes his Olympic debut at nineteen. He competes against Sjef Van Den Berg (Netherlands) who seems to have a really red and bloody eye which is unnerving to look at.

20:36 – Despite a bad looking eye, it may be like that all the time I do not know, Van Den Berg wins the first set 26-23.

20:37 – Jensen finishes the second set with 26 but that is not enough as the Dutch archer gets 27 to double his lead to 4-0.

20:40 – The Tongan coach gives his son a really big fist bump as he wins a set against the world ranking 5th Van Den Berg. Jensen now only trails 2-4 going into the fourth set.

20:42 – Can somebody please get Jensen an arm guard because he keeps releasing the bow and it ends up hitting his arm where he has an arrow shaped tattoo.

20:43 – Van Den Berg finishes the fourth set with a sixth and as a result the set gets shared with 25 points each. If Jensen can win the next one it goes to a shoot off.

20:45 – Van Den Berg manages to get a ten when it really matters and just does enough to win the fifth set and progress further. Jensen can be happy with the fight he put up especially in current conditions.

Men’s Second Round Eliminators (32 Archers)

Match One

14:00 – Wei-Chun Heng (Chinese Taipai) takes on Witthaya Thamwong (Thailand).

14:04 – The first set goes to the Thai archer but they can only manage a draw in the second set to make it 3-1.

14:06 – Despite best efforts from Thamwong they can only manage 25 against a 27 and the set points level out at 3-3 as they enter the fourth set.

14:08 – The Taipai archer puts in a stunning performance and wins the fourth set 29-25 meaning he just needs a draw in the final set to progress to the last 16.

14:10 – But Heng cannot manage to get the 28 he needs and finishes the set on 27. As a result they go to a shoot off.

14:13 – One arrow is shot at a time. The best score wins. But they both secure a ten so it is measured on distance to the centre meaning Thamwong progresses to the next round knocking out Heng.

Match Two

15:20 – After competing earlier to get this far Sultan Duzelbayev (Kazakstan) and Mauro Nespoli (Italy) are back in the arena hoping to progress even closer to that gold medal.

15:23 – Nespoli looks delighted as he secures the first set with three points over Duzelbayev’s 25 to make it 2-0.

15:26 – Despite best efforts the Kazakstan archer cannot improve on his first 25 which lets the Italian get the set by scoring 29 points. Nespoli leads 4-0.

15:29 – Nespoli manages to win the match in three straight sets 6-0 and is through to the final 16.

Match Three

16:28 – The incredible Woosin Kim (South Korea) returns to the arena for the second time today to face Riau Egaagatha (Indonesia). This is likely to be a fairly quick match and finish in Kim’s favour.

16:30 – Kim grabs the first two points convincingly and continues to show the crowd that he is in Rio to win.

16:33 – The Korean has a terrible second arrow in the second set and can only manage a seven but he still gets 27 at the end against Egaagatha’s score of 28 to lose the set.

16:35 – In a massive shock Kim loses the third set and allows the Indonesian to take a 4-2 lead.

16:39 – Kim can only manage 27 in the fourth set allowing Egaagatha to grab 28 and with that win the match 6-2. This is THE shock of the men’s individual archery competition.

Match Four

Jean-Charles Valladont (France) and Viktor Ruban (Ukraine) re-enter the range and will both be hoping the wind has settled since the first round matches.

19:57 – The first set finishes 24-23 to give the full two points go the European champion Valladont.

20:00 – Valladont keeps playing avery risky game by restarting his shot for the last arrow in both sets so far. For the second set he gets it right on the time out hooter to take the set 26-23 to lead 4-0.

20:02 – Ruban has a really poor third set after a generally poor competition and is out of the competition. Valladont gets through to the next round 25-20 in three straight sets despite not getting a ten in his nine arrows.

Match Five

21:09 – This match seems world number five Sjef Van Den Berg (Netherlands) take on world number fourteen Mete Gazoz (Turkey).

21:11 – The first set is split between the two youngsters with an incredible 29 points each. The wind has settled since their first round matches.

21:14 – Gazoz takes the second set 28-27 and takes the match lead 3-1.

21:16 – Van Den Berg takes the third set 26-25 to keep him and his severely blood shot eye in the match at 3-3.

21:19 – The Dutch archer manages to secure the fourth set 28-27. Gazoz must in the next set where as the Dutch shooter only needs a draw.

21:22 – Gazoz cannot manage to do enough to win the fifth set but given he is seventeen he should not be disappointed to have made it to the Olympics and past the first round. Van Den Berg progresses 7-3.


After several events got underway on Saturday rowers are re-entering their trusty boats. Some are taking part in repechage events, basically the second chance to qualify in rowing, whilst other new events are getting started.

The water proved to be a bit of a challenge for some rowers on the last outing. It started off calmly but as the day got underway the wind and undercurrents really picked up and were sending boats practically sideways along the course. It seemed to settle nearer the end of eventing but those taking part in the middle of the schedule could be in for an extra rocky ride.

Due to bad weather and treacherous waters these events were due to happen yesterday (Sunday) but were completely postponed resulting in the entire rowing schedule being pushed back a day.

Men’s Quadruple Sculls Repechages

12:31 – Six boats take off and go down the lake towards the finish line. There are only two spaces for these six teams.

12:34 – The World Champions, Germany, who should have made it through their heat in the first place have managed to get it together and take the lead at each quarter marker point.

12:34 – Great Britain manage to get second behind the Germans and both teams will take part in the final on Wednesday with the earlier qualifiers.

Women’s Quadruple Sculls Repechages

12:41 – Five countries have boats going in this repechage event with only one team being unable to make it through to the next round.

12:42 – At the first 500m mark it is Poland that have the lead and look likely to grab one of the available spaces.

12:46 – The Polish team are unable to hold onto first and finish second behind The Netherlands team. 

12:47 – After a photo finish it is China that grab third ahead of the USA. It is Australia that are out of the competition.

Women’s Eights Heats

These heats were always planned to take part today and it will no doubt be a huge mental boost for the rowers taking part that it has not been altered though it could cause some clashes in schedules for the rowers.

12:50 – Heat one gets underway with the coxswains all shouting at the rowers to stay in time and go at a specific pace.

12:52 – USA take the lead at the 500m mark. There are four boats in this heat and the only the top finisher will automatically progress to the next round with the other finishers going into the repechage.

12:55 – The world champions, USA, hit the 1500m over six seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Romania, who were initially challenging, are now looking like they will be entering the repechage.

12:57 – In the end the Americans absolutely smash the competition with The Netherlands following in eight seconds later. Romania finish in third and Australia bring up the rear.

13:00 – The second heats sees Great Britain, Canada and New Zealand battle it out for the automatic place into the final that happens on Saturday.

13:04 – At the half way point it is the New Zealand team that have the lead.

13:06 – In the end it is the Great Britain team that are able to move their way from third at the early stages to automatically qualify in first place.

Men’s Eights Heats

Much like the above women’s heats these were always due to take part today but with lightweight men’s fours repechages happening as well as men’s fours heats there may be some rowers that have to save themselves a little for later in the day.

13:11 – The British take part in the first heat of four crews and have the early lead and nobody else seems to be able to compete at that early point.

13:15 – Despite The Netherlands team pushing to keep up with the GB team at the 1500m mark they are over three seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

13:16 – It is The Netherlands, New Zealand and Italy that will be taking part in the repechage to have another go at the final.

13:19 – The second heat only contains three crews but again only one goes through so the race will well and truly be on to get that spot in Saturday’s final.

13:22 – Germany take the very early lead and are expected to win this heat and be the biggest challengers to the GB team in the final.

13:26 – USA and Poland will have to take part in the repechage to reinjection the chances to acheiving those medal hopes.

Men’s Single Scull Repechage

14 men were unable to secure automatic qualification so they will be hoping to pull a better performance out of the bag today to grab one of those much wanted last spots.

13:30 – The first repechage gets underway. This contains five rowers from countries that would not be defined as big rowing countries.

13:31 – Within moments of the start of the race the rower from Kazakstan has fallen in! Only two of the final four can make it through.

13:35 – Boudina (Algeria) is leading the way in this repechage event but will need to save some energy as he takes part in the men’s double sculls repechage later today.

13:38 – Joining the Algerian in the next stage, after finishing second, is Peru’s Garcia.

13:48 – The South Korean Dongyong Kim wins the second repechage to go through to the quarter-final. Al-Khafaji (Iraq) also joins him after finishing second.

13:50 – As the third heat, with five rowers, gets underway the water is still looking a lot calmer than it did when they competed in the heats.

13:58 – Kelmelis from Lithuania makes it through first and second goes to an Uzbekistan rower. Peebles (Zimbabwe) went out hard but ended up third.

Women’s Single Scull Repechage

Much like the men’s event there were 14 competitors that are having to do it all over again if they want to keep their individual scull medal dreams alive.

14:05 – The choppy waters seem to be picking up again but for the two rowers in front they have plenty of time to navigate through them.

14:09 – Algeria manages to get through first thanks to Amina Rouba efforts. Chow of Trinidad and Tobago manages to get the second spot into the next round.

14:18 – Despite it being the first two to go through to the next round from the repechage Lucia Palermo (Argentina) and Yeji Kim (South Korea) both battle it out right to the line to get first. The Korean wins.

14:24 – As another repechage round is underway Sweden’s svennung is absolutely dominating the field with over a seven second lead at half way.

Men’s Pairs Repechage

After the rather awkward moment of the Serbian pair causing their boat to capsize mid-race on Saturday there are only three pairs eligable to take part in todays repechage.

14:30 – The crews get ready to head off down the lake into the increasingly challenging waters.

14:36 – At the 1500m mark The Netherlands are just leading the field but a strong performance from Serbia could see them losing first place.

14:38 – The Netherlands pair manage to hang on though and Serbia can only take second whilst USA manage third. Spain are out.

Women’s Double Sculls Repechage

With hot competition in initial heats some of the four teams competing today had absolutely no chance and looked to be saving some energy to do the repechage today.

14:45 – There are four pairs competing for three final spaces in this race. One duo will leave the lake bitterly disappointed at the end of today.

14:46 – At 1500m it is the German pair that lead the way but the American duo are closing in on them.

14:48 – It is Denmark that miss out and are going home. Germany manage to cling on to first ahead of USA and the Czech Republic.

Men’s Double Sculls Repechage

Much like the women’s event some of these teams were always going to finish outside of those automatic spots because of the teams they faced in the heats. I am unsure if any of them put in a truly competitive time though.

14:50 – The rowers head off up the lake. Only three of the four crews can make it through and in theory Cuba should be the weak link here.

14:56 – Eventually it is GB, Serbia and Bulgaria that make it through to the semi-final. Cuba are out but gave it their best.

Lightweight Men’s Fours Repechage

This is an event underthreat at the Olympics because of squad number limits and wanting to ensure those best athletes that take part in this events teams are able to compete in their own event to the highest standard. Four quads have to get teamwork right all over again or, in some cases, right for the first time during these Olympics.

15:04 – France are taking the early lead in the fight to get a semi-final place ahead of Germany.

15:07 – The french quad manage to hold onto first throughout the race with Germany and the Czech Republic joining them in the semi-final. Canada are out.

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Heats

The boats are light and the competitors are light, but still strong, too. There should be some good gliding through the water here and some really dominating performances.

15:13 – It is the Chinese that take the early lead in the first heat. Great britain trail in fourth.

15:17 – China are able to win and handle the pressure that they put on themselves in that event. Denmark join them as automatic qualifiers whilst everybody else will enter the repechage. 

15:28 – The Netherlands and New Zealand make it through to the next round after a strong performance from both teams.

15:33 – The third heat is underway and has an Irish duo taking part. They are comfortably in second, but well out of reach of first, at the halfway stage.

15:36 – At 1500m the South African pair are several seconds ahead of the rest of the field with the Irish pair a similar distance ahead from those following them.

15:38 – Unsurprisingly nobody is able to catch up with South Africa or Ireland and as a result they automatically progress and leave everybody else facing the repechage.

15:43 – The final heat of this event sees three pairs losely positioned at the halfway mark.

15:46 – With 500m to go it is Canada and Germany that have the edge over Poland for first and second.

15:48 – In the end Poland come back strongly to finish second to go through with Canada.

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Heats

Similar to the women’s event some duos will absolutely dominate the water in these early stages. There are unlikely to be any surprises in the seeded heats but given the events of the last couple of days anything is possible.

15:50 – The wind has continued to pick up and these rowers will be in for a choppier ride than if they had competed earlier in the day. Ireland, the European champions, have a pair of brothers in lane five.

15:55 – Italy are in the lead with 500m to go but Ireland are very quickly chasing them down. Both will progress to the next round if they finish first and second.

16:06 – The following heat sees Norway win over the USA to both make it through to the semi-final round. Chile were best of the rest.

16:10 – The third heat gets underway with a very strong French pair, the world champions, in lane five.

16:15 – The French have taken a very comfortable lead with relative ease and are now just doing enough to ensure they finish first.

16:17 – The French managed a very decent time for a heat and are joined by Poland who were pushing throughout in the semi-final. 

16:23 – GB find themselves with a pair in the next heat and are trying to qualify in first place ahead of the South African duo.

16:25 – It looks like the GB team front-loaded the event in the hope that is would be enough to secure first but South Africa are able to overtake them at 1500m.

16:27 – South Africa secure the win of the fourth and final heat with GB securing progression in second.

Women’s Pairs Heats

Whilst the men’s pairs got underway on Saturday the women had to hold off a little while longer. Today will see duos seeking automatic qualification, preferably in first to get the best draw in the next round, or will have to face the repechage tomorrow.

16:31 – Britain take part in the first heat against pairs that they have beaten in every single meet in 2016.

16:34 – Denmark have gone out very hard in the first half of the race and managed to secure a one second lead over the British pair.

16:35 – The GB pair are having to dig deep if they want to remain unbeaten this year. They are putting more effort in than the Danes though.

16:37 – In just over seven minutes from the start of the race the British just grab first place with a couple of strokes to go against the danish.

16:45 – New Zealand are dominating the second heat at the 1500m with South Africa and China battling it out for positioning of the second and third qualification spots.

16:50 – After a very long hold the third heat is underway with five more pairs seeking those three semi-final spots.

16:55 – USA are able to take a huge lead of over seven seconds at the 1500m mark. They have secured one of the qualifying spots.

16:57 – Spain and Poland complete the line up of the three qualifying teams with the USA.

Men’s Fours Heats

Whilst they are looking to remove the lightweight option they are looking to keep hold of this event in future Olympics. People in the sport generally prefer the excitement of the earlier event over this one however so it will be interesting to see if the heats are able to bring so neck and neck overlapping action.

17:03 – The Australian quad set the mark in the competition by leading by a huge distance at the halfway point.

17:06 – There is a battle between the best of the rest in the field but Germany get second and The Netherlands manages to secure the third qualifying place.

17:15 – Italy are winning the next heat and are carrying on pounding the strokes to ensure their lead is secured.

17:16 – Canada and USA join Italy as the top three qualifiers.

17:22 – The Great British team heads out at the start of the race at a reasonable pace but look fairly relaxed. They are able to take the first 500m in the lead.

17:24 – At 1500m the British team have over a five second lead of the rest of the pack.

17:26 – France and Greece secure the last two semi-final qualification spots but come over the line some distance behind the GB team.

Other Sports

  • The Men’s 10m Sycronised Diving sees China win gold, USA get silver and GB secure bronze.
  • Judo’s Women’s 57kg category sees Rafaela Silver (Brazil) hold off Sumiya Dorjsuren (Mongolia) to get gold. Telma Monteiro (Portugal) and Kaori Matsumoto (Japan) get bronze.
  • The Men’s 73kg Judo category gives Shohei Ono (Japan) gold, Rustam Orujov (Azerbaijan) silver and Lasha Shavdatuashvili (Georgia) and Dirk Van Tichelt (Belgium) both get bronze.
  • After the Men’s 10m Air Rifle competition came to an end Niccolo Campriani (Italy) had gold, Serhiy Kulish (Ukraine) gets silver and Vladimir Maslennikov (Russia) gets bronze.
  • The Men’s Trap Shooting also happened today. Josip Glasnovic (Croatia) does enough for gold ahead of Giovanni Pellielo (Italy). The bronze goes to Edward Ling (Great Britain).
  • Women’s Weightlifters in the 58kg category competed today. Thailand secured gold and silver with Sukanya Srisurat and Pimsiri Sirikaew. Bronze goes to Chinese Taipai’s Hsing-Chun Kuo.
  • The Men’s 62kg category seen the weightlifting gold medal go to Colombian Oscar Albeiro Figuerio Mosquero. Eko Yuli Irawan (Indonesia) gets the silver whilst the bronze goes to Kazakstan’s Farkhad Kharki.

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