Olympics Day Two: The Sporting Action Continues

Another day means another set of exciting sporting events to cheer along and see who is at the top of their game to grab a gold medal.

Like yesterday each sport covered will be clearly sectioned off with a clearer breakdown below of a specific event or match. Completed events will be moved to the bottom just above the Other Sports summary that will give you all the medal news for events not covered.

As we update throughout the day be sure to check back and occassionally refresh to ensure you do not miss a moment.


The first session of swimming sees a variety of heats. Most of these heats will go to semi-finals or finals in the evening session or tomorrow.

Women’s 100m Butterfly

The heats and semi-finals for this event happened yesterday to only leave the final and it is the final that gets the evening swimming session underway.


Sweden’s Sjostrom, the World and Olympic record holder goes in lane four. This will however be a really tough race and the medals could easily end up going to any of the swimmers.

02:04 – Sjostrom has a decent start and at the half way point is under her own World record pace.

02:05 – The world record is made even quicker by the Swedish athlete. She becomes the first Swede to be a swimming gold medallist and unbelievably that is her first Olympic medal.

Men’s 200m Freestyle


17:22 – Baqlah from Jordon manages to get a lifetime best by over a second by finishing in just over one minute and forty eight seconds. He could not have done any more than that but it is still unlikely to be enough to progress.

17:25 – Quintero from Venezuela manages to finish the second heat in just over one minute and forty seven seconds. Depending on the pace of the following heats he may be able to sneak through.

17:29 – Austria’s Auboeck wins the third heat in a slightly slower time than that of the second heat. There is a chance that nobody from that heat will make it through to the next round.

17:32 – There is finally a slight injection of pace into the heats to put pressure on the other swimmers as Germany’s Biedermann manages a one minute forty five.

17:36 – Heat five sees Yan Sung and Chad Le Clos take first and second but it is still a fairly slow heat compared to what is usually expected from them.

17:37 – Britain’s James Guy takes part in the final heat. After swimming yesterday he might have to push on through the pain of achey muscles if he wants to get a good enough time to progress.

17:39  Dwyer from the USA manages to won the final heat in a similar time to the other heat leaders. James Guy finishes second.


02:12 – The first semi final, including Britain’s James Guy, gets underway.

02:13 – At the half way point in the race Guy turns second and Dwyer (USA) turns third.

02:14 – Dwyer wins the first semi-final in one minute and forty five seconds. Guy ends up finishing third. The progression to the final is based on times so the first swimmers will anxiously be watching the second one.

02:18 – Yang Sun (China) and Chad Le Clos (South Africa), who take part in the middle lanes, are introduced to the crowd for the second semi-final.

02:21 – The race finally gets underway and Chad Le Clos has a brilliant start and quickly gets a body length ahead.

02:23 – Yang Sun touches the wall first and Chad Le Clos does not even manage to be in the top three finishers.

Women’s 100m Breaststroke


17:51 – The first heat gets underway and one of the swimmers (Tonjor) has decided not to bother with goggles. I guess as a professional swimmer you get used to all the chlorine but I cannot get past the idea of it stinging.

17:53 – It is Semyonova, a fourteen year old from Turkmenistan, that wins the first heat with a time three seconds better than her lifetime best coming into the Olympics. 

17:56 – Estonia’s Romanjuk wins the second heat in just under one minute and nine seconds with everybody else being in the one minute and tens.

17:59 – Britain’s Renshaw takes part in heat three, as the last unseeded heat, and manages to come clinch second. Her time, behind Finland’s Laukkanem, might not be good enough to progress to the semi-final.

18:05 – I missed heat four and rejoin at heat five where Russia’s Eamova hits the wall first.

18:07 – King from the USA manages a fairly fast time of just over one minute and five seconds to win the final heat.


02:31 – The Russian Efimova, who gets a lot of boos for participating after the doping scandal, wins the semi-final after only being confirmed to participate on Friday.

02:39 – Lilly King (USA) wins the second semi-final and goes into the final as the fastest qualifier.

Men’s 100m Breaststroke

Like the women’s 100m Butterfly the heats and semi-finals for this event happened during both sessions yesterday. The eight that made it through are now competing to get the Olympic gold.


02:54 – Great Britain will be hopeful that Adam Peaty can win the gold medal. The crowd are delighted as Brazil have two swimmers in the final. They will have to fight off ex-world record holder Van Der Vergh (South Africa) and Cody Miller (USA).

02:57 – The swimmers take to the blocks and start swimming the race of their life to try and get Olympic gold.

02:58 – It is Peaty that hits the wall first and secures yet another World record. He is getting ever closer to getting under 57 seconds. This is the first time GB has won this event in over 20 years.

Women’s 400m Freestyle


18:33 – Japan’s Igarashi was expected to win by a mile, based on previous bests, but was pushed on by The Bahamas Evans to both get lifetime bests.

18:34 – Friis, from Denmark, finds herself in heat two having not swam very well in the last year or so. She was once a top contender for this event.

18:39 – At the end of heat two Friis is not able to pull back an initial deficit and can only manage third place. Her fingers will have to be crossed to make it to the next round.

18:43 – Carlin (GB) is taking part in heat three and has the chance to win and get a good enough time to progress further.

18:48 – Powerhouse Ledecky, that finds men to train with, is in the final heat and at the two minute mark leads by quite a distance despite this being the fastest heat.

18:51 – Unsurprisingly Katie Ledecky (USA) wins her heat and manages an Olympic record but not the World Record and as a result looks bitterly disappointed.


03:03 – The crowd is introduced to the swimmers including USA’s Ledecky and GB’s Jazz Carlin.

03:07 – Over one and a half seconds under world record pace Ledecky turns at the wall for the last time.

03:08 – Ledecky gets the World record in less than three minutes and fifty seven seconds and wins the gold. A delightful swim to watch.

Men’s 100m Backstroke


18:13 – The first heat is won by Kazakstan’s Atayev and the speed of it suggests the world record could easily go during this competition.

18:15 – Corey Main from New Zealand pulls an incredible performance out the bag with a 53.99second performance despite it only being the second heat.

18:21 – Xu of China wins his heat in 53.01 seconds. The American Plummer finishes the following heat slightly slower but still with a very respectable low 53second performance.

18:24 – The final heat sees the first time of the meet under 53seconds thanks to France’s Lacourt.


03:14 – The first semi-final gets underway as the swimmers jump into the pool and push against the wall to take off.

03:15 – USA’s Ryan Murphy manages to hit the wall first and his time should be enough to secure his place in the final.

03:16 – The second semi-final of swimmers are in the call room waiting to be introduced to the crowd.

03:21 – Eventually all of the swimmers are called out to the pool and jump into the water to take their marks.

03:22 – And after what seems like an age of waiting they are off and zooming down their lanes.

03:23 – Plummer (USA) wins the race in a very fast time and if he stays more central in the lane will be able to go faster in the final.

Women’s 100m Backstroke


17:02 – The first three swimmers take to the pool for the first session of the day. None of these are expected to make it through the heats.

17:04 – A 13 year old, the youngest athlete at the Olympics, wins the first heat. Whilst it is not a time to progress with it does suggest she has the potential to be an incredible athlete.

17:05 – The second heat has seven swimmers taking part. These are still lower ranked swimmerd and unlimely to progress.

17:06 – A time of one minute and one second is enough to win the heat. To get through to the semi-final people will need much closer to a minute if not under it.

17:08 – The first seeded heat, where swimmers with a real chance to progress compete, gets underway.

17:09 – Smoliga from the USA manages to win the heat with a sub sixty second time.

17:11 – The fourth heat is won by USA’s Kathleen Baker in 58.8 seconds.

17:13 – Australia’s Seebohm takes part in the final heat. She will certainly be a contender in the next rounds but she will be looking for a competitive time here.

17:15 – It is Emily Seebohm that wins the final heat in just under 59 seconds meaning she will be seeded second overall but first in her semi-final.


03:37 – After a medal ceremony the swimmers are brought out of the call room. They will be looking for a time very close to a minute to get into the final tomorrow.

03:4o – And they are off. At the halfway point it is Seebohm (Australia) taking the lead on world record pace.

03:41 – It is Wilson, Seebohm’s compatriot, that manages to win the first semi-final. The times end up being fairly slow and they will be waiting to see the results of the second semi-final.

03:44 – The second semi-final is expected to be a very fast race and may push quite a few people out from the first race.

03:46 – Baker (USA) hit the halfway point fastest and manages to hold on to finish first.

Men’s 4×100m Freestyle


18:55 – The fun event of one of the relays gets underway.

18:56 – Japan has an absolutely incredible first leg but Canada catch them up during the second leg.

18:57 – During the third leg the Russians come through to take the lead but Japan are still holding on.

18:58 – Russia, Canada and Japan lead in the teams to end heat one. All are likely to have a fast enough time to make the final.

19:02 – The ‘big boys’ jump into the pool and get their relay bid underway.

19:03 – The crowd go absolutely wild as after the first leg it is Brazil that are in the lead.

19:05 – In the end it is the USA, in an outside lane, that comes home first followed by Australia.


03:51 – The crowd erupt into cheer and applause as all the teams come out but especially for the Brazil team.

03:54 – Brazil finish the first 50m in the lead and manage to finish the first 100m third.

03:56 – USA secure the gold medal after a fairly clear battle thanks to Phelps’ second leg. Not a new World or Olympic medal but I am sure that will not matter to them.


  • Georgia Davies (GB) makes it through to the semi-final of the women’s 100m backstroke alongside the likes of Emily Seebohm (Australia). Baker (USA) and Hosszu (Hungary) go through to tomorrow’s final fastest.
  • James Guy (GB) progresses to the semi-final in the men’s 200m freestyle where he will compete with the likes of Chad Le Clos but also Quintero from unseeded heat two. After the semi-finals Guy, Clos and Sun all make it through to tomorrows final.
  • Chloe Tutton (GB) gets through to the semi-finals of the women’s 100m breaststroke. She will face several swimmers from the USA including King. King goes through to the final as fastest qualifier ahead of Russia’s Efimova.
  • Lecourt (France) goes through fastest to the semi-finals of the men’s 100m backstroke. Lecourt ends up going into the final, that happens tomorrow, in fourth behind two Americans and an Australian.
  • Jazz Carlin (GB) manages to qualify second fastest for the final of the women’s 400m freestyle behind Katie Ledecky. Ledecky breaks the world record to get the gold medal. Carlin smashes her lifetime best to get the silver and Leah Smith (USA) snatches bronze.
  • Home nation Brazil make it into the men’s 4×100 relay along with the likes of Japan, Russia and the USA. USA win the gold, France get silver and Australia can only manage bronze.
  • Penny Oleksiak (Canada) and Dana Vollmer (USA) get silver and bronze behind Sarah Sjorstom (Sweden) in the women’s 100m butterfly.
  • Adam Peaty (GB) gets a new World record to win the men’s 100m breaststroke ahead of Camereron Van Der Burgh (South Africa) and Cody Miller (USA).

Men’s Football Group Stages

After a two day break the men’s football group stages are back in action with every team facing opposition.

Host nation Brazil will be hopefully of bagging the full three points as they take on Iraq at the end of the footballing day.

Some results today may well be the deciding factor as to which teams get through and which are sent home, especially if any teams rack up a big goal difference, as there are only limited best third place spots available. At this point teams must really work together to deliver.

Brazil v Iraq

Iraq will be up against it here as they take on the home nation that includes the likes of Neymar.

02:00 – The match gets underway.

02:02 – Brazil have a chance towards go and the Iraqi keeper goes to catch it, stumbles and then chases after it but ends up pushing it out of the box so he has to leap up and kick it away just before a Brazil player chases him down.

02:06 – The Iraqi keeper dashes in for the ball and ends up with his wrist getting a kicking from a Brazil player aiming for the ball. The medics give him some treatment and he carries on.

02:16 – Thiago Maia (Brazil) gets a yellow card and will miss the next group match as a result.

02:22 – Iraq has an early injury and it looks like they will have to make an early change.

02:28 – The crowd are urging the home team on but they are struggling, as the first half approaches 30 minutes, to break down the Iraqi defence.

02:29 – Iraq are even getting a couple of chances and it is only because of a deflection that the ball just skims the top of the crossbar.

02:35 – Brazil have an incredible chance but it curls away from goal after a deflection. The corner that follows causes the Iraqi keeper to do a gigantic frog leap to ensure the ball does not just drop down into the net.

02:37 – Two yellow cards have been shown to Iraq players in the last five minutes. They will need to sort out their poor discipline continuing into the match.

02:42 – A massive scrap between the teams kicks off on the pitch and the referee is pushed into Neymar. How nobody ended up getting sent off is beyond me.

02:44 – Brazil are finally able to take the freekick but it hits the rather lengthy Iraqi wall and then the rebound bounces off the crossbar.

02:48 – Neither side are able to break the deadlock and end the first half at 0-0. Iraq will be pleased with their performance but absolutely have to calm down for the second half to avoid any sendings off. The Brazil team need to improve and score a goal if they want to keep the crowd onside.

03:44 – The second half gets underway and Brazil make a substituiton.

03:05 – It does not take long before the Iraqi keeper is on the ground again. He went for the ball and in leaping leaned back and hit his head on a collarbone.

03:11 – Iraq could easily have scored by this point in the match but they keep losing composure and looking very weak when they get the ball into the area. They are clearly so desperate that they are ruining it for themselves.

03:18 – It seems like Neymar is getting a little annoyed and as he goes to take a free kick he just launches it at an Iraq player and gets a yellow card for being rather unsportly.

03:25 – There is just less than 25 minutes to go and it is still 0-0. The Brazil team are really struggling to find a way past the Iraq goalkeeper, despite him getting several knocks, and being forced to get extra players behind the ball everytime Iraq closes in on the attack.

03:32 – With how Neymar is doing with freekicks in dangerous areas and failing somebody really should tell him to stop just whacking it towards the wall because the Iraqi defence will not move.

03:34 – There are fifteen minutes of this match remaining and the host nation are still yet to score in their Olympic campaign.

03:35 – The Iraqi goalkeeper remains so dedicated to the cause of keeping a clean sheet that he ends up with a yellow card for his trouble.

03:49 – A massive seven minutes of added time are declared as the match still stands at 0-0. It looks like both sides are going to finish the match having still not scored in two Olympic matches.

03:57 – Despite a lot of last minute chances and corners for Brazil it finishes 0-0. Iraq keep another clean sheet but neither team have scored in the competition yet.

Sweden v Nigeria

We join this game at the start of the second half. The score sees Nigeria ahead 1-0.

00:07 – Sweden have a lot of possession and are able to keep working it around trying to find a way into the box and nearer to the goal but a wayward pass sees it flying behind for a goalkick.

00:20 – It looks like Nigeria may have a chance to double their lead but they end up just giving away the ball instead and resuming middle of the pitch stalement.

00:27 – At the 70 minute mark in the game Sweden are really finding themselves penned into their own half as the Nigerians attack. When they manage to leave the area they all run up and leave themselves weak on the counter.

00:38 – With ten minutes to go Sweden are going to have to find a second bout of strength and speed if they want to have any chance of making it level. They have had a few recent chances but with Nigeria massively on the defensive to keep their clean sheet it is becoming an ever increasing challenge.

00:41 – Tibbling (Sweden) really puts his arms around a Nigerian player and results in having a foul going against him. It looks like the Nigerian player thinks about having a word but decides against it.

00:45 – The number four for Nigeria has to be replaced by Udo as he does something serious to his foot or ankle and has to be stretchered off the pitch in the dying moments of the game.

00:46 A whisker is pretty much all the seperated Sweden’s most recent shot and it hitting the goal. But it is stopped by a defender.

Denmark v South Africa (Group A)

I join this game in the 35th minute as the Danish are making the most of a rather jagged South African defence. The score is 0-0.

23:40 – The South African captain Dolly has a go from a fair distance but, with a touch from the keepers fingertips, finds that the shot can only rebound off the crossbar to stay in play and allow Denmark to counter attack.

23:45 – As the teams approach half time the South African team manage to maintain a decent amount of possession and eventually are able to win a corner but it comes to nothing as the halftime whistle goes shortly afterwards.

00:09 – Khune, the South African keeper, makes a mistake that sees him coming off his line. It nearly proves costly but Denmark can only manage an off target shot.

00:14 – After some really good and dangerous moments in the first half South Africa are continuing to look the stronger and more challenging side in the second half. Denmark keep looking a little nervous.

00:22 – Khune was just put under pressure but ended up catching the ball between his knees and falling to the ground to keep hold of it. Incredibly unique keeping.

00:25 – A Danish sub has really made an impact in the game and helps the ball find Skov who gets the ball into the net via the near post. Khune sits there looking dejected before encouraging the team to push on. Denmark lead with 20 minutes remaining.

00:29 – Denmark give away a free kick right outside the box and South Africa absolutely hammer it towards goal but sadly the keeper is able to send it off his gloves and his defence clear it away.

00:36 – It looks like South Africa are going to equalise before the end of the match. There are ten minutes left and they are getting closer each time to finding the back of the net. Denmark defenders are also getting a bit scrappy and risk giving away a penalty.

00:44 – Dolly has another chance on goal for South Africa but the ball just refuses to go into the back of the net regardless of how much he will it.

00:48 – Not only do South Africa need to secure a goal to have any chances in this competition but their team woes have gone from bad to worse. Two of their players end up down and needing to be taken off the pitch. There is only one stretcher so as one gets stretchered off Khune picks his teammate up, who seems to have done his hamstring, and gives him a piggyback to the manager’s box. Going into there final game they will have serious selection issues.

Argentina v Algeria (Group D)

I join this game at the 30 minute mark where it is still 0-0.

22:34 – An Algerian player is down and receiving treatment. The stretcher comes on and he is carried off the pitchin considerable pain.

22:42 – The crowd are very much behind the Algerians in this match as they want to see the footballing rivals of the home nation lose. They have had a few chances but nothing serious enough to fluster the Argentine team.

22:45 – At the end of the first half it seems to be Algeria that are the most phyisical side but they have also managed to get plenty of freekicks out of the match too.

22:49 – The Argentina player Cuesta crashes into an Alergerian player and receives a second yellow card for his troubles. Argentina will play the second half with only ten men.

23:07 – The second half is underway and Algeria kick off.

23:08 – Despite only having ten men on the pitch Argentina have managed to work well as a unit and take the lead. Angel Correa scores to make it 1-0.

23:15 – Algeria are pushing on and trying to get back into the game to at least get a point but there is a collision between both sides and the Algerian comes off rather worse seeming dazed and with a pained neck and back of head. As a result he has to be subbed off.

23:25 – The Algerian team put themselves back into it by making it 1-q against the ten man team just after the 60th minute.

23:28 – Suddenly the amount of players on the pitch is level at 10-10 as the Algerian Abdellaoui gets his second yellow card for a high foot to the face of an Argentinian player.

23:31 – Just before the 70th minute the Argentine team are able to make the most of the Algeria only having ten men on the pitch as well and they make it 2-1.

23:39 – There is some good forward play from Algeria but the ball towards the box goes along the ground to be easily stopped. Algeria would really benefit a little more by trying to take the ball over Argentina.

23:46 – With five minutes to go Algeria are really pushing to find an equalising goal to be able to rescue a point from the match.

23:51 – Four minutes of added time are put on the board and Algeria are really struggling to find any way through the ever increasingly defence Argentina team.

Germany v South Korea (Group C)

I join this game at the start of the second half with the score standing at 1-1.

21:12 – Germany finds the number nine David Selke in the box and he is able to turn and get the ball to find the back of the net. They now lead 2-1.

21:15 – Korea respond to Germany taking the lead though and make it 2-2 to reapply the pressure to the German team.

21:27 – The ball is being taken from end to end as each team keep taking a shot but having it blocked by tracking back midfield and defence. There are just under 20 minutes to go and it is still 2-2.

21:37 – The last ten minutes have continued to be high intensity with both sides trying to get that crucial shot on target to go ahead in the last part of the game. Neither team are able to beat the keeper though and it remains 2-2.

21:45 – All that persisting of running around and shooting has paid off for South Korea as they manage to make it 3-2. Germany will be frantically trying to recover it with just a couple of minutes remaining.

21:50 – South Korea end up losing the lead in added time as Germany’s Gnabry makes in 3-3.

Honduras v Portugal (Group D)

I join this game ten minutes in. Honduras are winning 1-0.

19:17 – Portugal are keeping hold of the ball and doing a lot of passing around. Honduras do not seem to be particularly trying to chase them down they are just trying to stop progression up the pitch.

19:21 – Portugal work forward and the ball gets into the box from a free kick finds Figueiredo’s head who is able to hit it past the Honduras keeper to make it 1-1.

19:27 – Honduras have not given up and are still working the ball up the pitch but quickly retreating it if a Portugal players gets anywhere near them.

19:32 – Portugal had the chance to go 2-1 up as they get a free moment on the ball but instead it flies way over the crossbar amd Honduras gain possession again.

19:36 – Eventually, after it was starting to look increasingly likely, Paciencia scores and puts Portugal ahead for the first time during the match.

19:47 – The full time whistle goes. Honduras will go into the tunnel seeking new strength and ideas on how to break down the Portugal defence whilst Portugal be looking to tighten up defence even more.

20:06 – Johnny Palacios will moss the next match for Honduras after getting a yellow card to make it the second of the competition. Luckily Portugal cannot convert the dangerous freekick right outside the box.

20:15 – The Honduras bench look a little concerned as one of their players goes down and needs treatment. He seems okay to carry on though.

20:22 – It seemed like for a moment there was a chance for the Honduras to equalise but they end up not managing it to the anger of the shooter.

2o:33 – Portugal bring on some fresh legs in the hope of improving their defending and also with the hope of extending the lead.

20:39 – The Honduras team are increasingly becoming under pressure and having to defend a lot more. Some players are starting to look like they have very tired legs with ten minutes to go.

20:45 – There is just under five minutes of the match left and Honduras just keep shooting on target. Some are getting nearer to the target than others but they know to win they just have to keep trying.

20:50 – The teams are playing in added time and just kicking the ball randomly up the field in the hope of it either finding the target or a teammate.

Fiji v Mexico (Group C)

17:00 – The teams kick off. Mexico are expected to win this match and score quite a few goals. Fiji managed good defence early in their last match so will be looking to improve on that throughout the 90 minutes here.

17:03 – Fiji get the ball into Mexico’s half but they struggle to keep possession when Mexico come towards them defensively.

17:11 – Fiji take an early one goal lead, against many peoples expectations, after the Mexican keeper comes running out the box to allow the ball to be chipped over him and into the back of the net.

17:18 – Two players collide into each other as a Fiji player ends up with a Mexican players leg hitting his ribs and stomach. He receives medical treatment on the pitch and gets sent to the side with a huge ice bag but is able to carry on.

17:24 – After the Mexican team looked intitially strong it is actually Fiji being able to defend and force errors, though they seem to be lacking possession, from the Mexicans.

17:31 – Mexico have an injury concern of their own after a player gets hurt in the box from a free-kick. The stretcher team are brought over but he stands up and demands to carry on. 

17:34 – Pizarro is down on the ground again, after getting strapping from gis first injury, and the coach decides to take him off to stop the injury from ending up any worse.

17:43 – With three minutes to go it looks like Fiji are going to head into halftime with a 1-0 lead. Mexico are looking a lot weaker than expected and will not be helped by having to make a first half sub.

18:00 – Mexico will be coming out of the dressing room having had a serious talking to by the coach. After managing to draw against Germany in their first game they will be very disappointed to have not found the goal against Fiji. Due to the archery and swimming this is where I leave this match.

Update: the final score was 5-1 to Mexico.


  • Mexico win 5-1 against Fiji to get three points in Group C.
  • The second match of Group C sees Germany and South Korea draw 3-3.
  • After an early lead Honduras end up losing 2-1 against Portugal in Group D.
  • Argentina manage to win 2-1 against Algeria. Both sides went down to ten men and will play their final Group D matches with one less player available to them.
  • Denmark win 1-0 against a really unfortunate South Africa team in Group A. Khune acted as a real hero with goalkeeping and helping a teammate off the pitch.
  • Nigeria win 1-0 after a forst half goal against Sweden. That gives them three points in Group B.
  • Brazil can only draw 0-0 against Iraq in Group A which will be music to competitors Denmark’s ears.
  • Japan find themselves finishing their match in a draw against Colombia. The Group B match finishes 2-2.


There is a wide range of volleyball happening today from action on the court to on the beach as well as men’s and women’s matches.

Men’s Beach Volleyball Preliminaries

Italy v Mexico (Pool C)

16:02 – The event starts a few minutes later than it was scheduled. Officials and players are only just getting introduced to the crowd.

16:07 – Six points have been dished out and both teams have three. It is looking a very equally balanced match so far but one of the Italian pair is greatly experienced (and also extremely tall).

16:10 – The Italians have started to take an early lead in this first set and as they get into the things are looking like a much more composed and tight knit duo.

16:12 – After a short pause the first set resumes with Italy leading 9-5 but the Mexicans show a lot of fight and determination.

16:17 – The Italian team manage to pull off several stunning blocks to secure another point to make it 16-11.

16:20 – As both sides find themselves getting a fair amount of points this first set is taking quite some time and will also be taking quite a lot of energy out of the teams.

16:22 – Italy grab the first set 21-14. If Mexico want to win this they will have to be clinical throughout the next set and then keep it up through the deciding set.

16:27 – 10 points in to the second set and both teams are tied with five points. Mexico are really leaping all over the area to give them any chance of winning this match.

16:32 – The technical timeout happens as Mexico have the lead in this second set 11-10.

16:39 – Mexico lead the second set 19-14 and it looks increasingly likely that they will be able to take it to a third deciding set.

16:40 – Mexico manage it and have the chance to win the match to post positioning in the pool. Italy will be hoping they can re-group thoughts and win the, slightly shorter, final set after the efforts they put in to winning the first one.

16:48 – Mexico are managing to dominate this deciding set by leading 8-3 despite looking the weaker team at the end of the first set.

16:51 – As the set reaches 15 points, resulting in a change of ends for the teams, Mexico lead 10-5. If Italy want to win this match they cannot allow any room for error now.

16:56 – The set resumes at 13-10 after a short time out but the Italians are making a serious comeback and not giving up easily.

16:57 – Mexico manage to win the set and therefore win the match 2-1. The experienced team of Italy will no doubt be disappointed.

Brazil v Cuba (Pool D)

I join this match as the teams are battling for a two point lead to decide the second set with Cuba having secured the third.

22:18 – Brazil manage to win the second set 23-11 to take it a deciding final set.

22:21 – After the first six points the teams are tied 3-3. One only needs to reach 15 to win the set.

22:24 – Twelve points are still split evenly making it 6-6. These two teams are absolutely neck and neck but naturally the Brazil team is getting the most crowd support on the Rio beach.

22:28 – The third set is proving to be a real challenge for either side to get a clear lead with. It is now 11-11.

22:31 – There is a timeout called by the Brazil team for them to have a quick discussion about how to clinch those final few points.

22:32 – The Brazil team end up spiking it doen as hard as they can and whilst it lands with the Cubans they are only able to fumble it around and accidentally catch it.

22:33 – As a result the Cuban team choose to use their remaining time out to compose themselves.

22:35 – Eventually Cuba do enough to secure the set and with the win the match 2-1.

Women’s Beach Volleyball Preliminaries

Poland v USA (Pool A)

15:03 – Both teams get off the mark with points quickly. Poland were awarded the first points of the match as the USA seemed to get in a tangle and both dash for the ball.

15:05 – With there only being two people on each team the ball can often hit the sand with well positioned balls over the net from the other team. Being a two person band means getting it over the net is a lot tougher because being able to keep it out the sand does not mean you keep it in the court and can get back up in time to help your teammate out.

15:08 – Despite initially losing USA are holding the lead in the first set against a heavily strapped up, specifically around the back, Poland team.

15:11 – USA make it to 12-9 and there is a pause in the play, as Poland call a time out, for players to have a quick chat and take on fluids.

15:14 – As the USA get the match back underway they are able to do a greatly calculated serve. It just trickles over the top of the net and falls down on the Poland side to secure an ace.

15:18 – Poland are able to stop the ball from hitting the sand on the edge of the area but they can do nothing more than send the ball flying into the crowd.

15:19 – Despite coming under pressure at moments and Poland being able to secure a few more points it is the United States team that win the first set 21-14. They lead 1-0.

15:21 – Much like the first set Poland are able to get the first point on the board of the second set. They double their points to two before the American team get a point.

15:23 – There are some really good moments at the start of this second set with blocks, leaps of faith and jousts all over the place. It is really picking up in this second set.

15:26 – Being unable to steal the lead it is now the USA that call for a time out. Despite the pause Poland are able to pull off the third successful block in a row.

15:27 – It is 10-2 in Poland’s favour in this second set. The American team seem to be crumbling after not managing to get a point on the board fkr a fair few minutes.

15:29 – They finally manage to get a point to make it 11-3 and to secure some belief in themselves once again. They quickly secure another point.

15:32 – As the set reaches 14-7 in Poland’s favour it is time for the technical time out. With the US managing to recover a few points since their half time they will be hoping to not lose the momentum.

15:35 – There are a few moments of brilliance from both sides but the US keep making the bigger mistakes of the two despite them having the wind in their favour.

15:36 – A couple of points after using the wind to their advantage the teams switch ends and the US will be up against it for the next few minutes which with Poland having 18 points is essential.

15:38 – Poland take the second set 21-13 and both sides really need to bring their a-game to the next set if they want to win the deciding set of the match.

15:43 – The USA team take the early lead in the first five points of the set with a 3-2 lead. Everytime one side scores a point the other seems to respond.

15:45 – As the teams continue to rotate every five points both sides have scored more points from the end with the unfavourable wind. At 7-4 in Poland’s favour the USA decide to call another time out to figure out their final moments of strategy.

15:49 – Poland are on a flyer and get two ace serves in a row to put them at 12-4. They only need to get 15 points in this deciding set to win the set and therefore the match.

15:51 – After losing the first set Poland have truly put in a shift and won the match 2-1 to boost them up the rankings in pool A.

Germany v Egypt (Pool D)

One of the Egyptian team players, Nada, becomes the youngest ever women’s beach volleyball player in her first properly international competition.

22:52 – Germany are amongst the best teams in the world but Egypt are able to get it to be 3-3 at the start of the first set.

22:58 – Slowly the Germans start to get into their stride but the Egyptian duo carry on pushing. Germany go into the technical timeout with a 13-8 lead.

23:01 – Egypt call a time out to discuss any ways of hoe they can stop the Germans from winning this first set.

23:04 – The first set goes to Germany 21-12. Egypt have to win the next set if they want any chance of winning the match. This was always going to be tough for Egypt but they are giving it their best shot.

23:07 – There is a challenge requested by the duo from Egypt on the Germans touching the net but it is not successful and Germany keep the point.

23:10 – Germany are ahead at the early stage in the second set with five points to three.

23:17 – At the second set technical time out Germany are leading 13-8 but they are getting challenged by the young Egyptian team.

23:20 – A timeout is called for by the Egyptian team. It is looking increasingly likely they will lose this set but will certainly be able to leave the arena with their heads held high.

23:22 – Egypt manage to do an ace serve to mean they are only trailing 18-12. Some of their serves have really been world class.

23:25 – Germany win the second set 21-15 after a great battle from the Egyptian team.

    Men’s Volleyball Preliminaries

    Italy v France (Pool A)

    I join this match in the third set. Italy have won the first two sets and are leading the third set 14-9.

    14:49 – France are being absolutely dominated here against what might have been expected heading into the match. Italy keep producing unstoppable spikes and are proving very strong defensively with blocks.

    14:51 – Italy are currently on 22-14 in this set and are close to winning the match. If they win they knock out the European champions and it will be an incredible surprise in the volleyball world.

    14:53 – Italy are overjoyed as they finish the match with an ace serve and win three sets to nil. France are knocked down and are looking increasingly likely to not make it out of the group stages with serious powerhouses in their group.


    • Italy beat European champions France in three straight sets. The indoor Men’s Pool A is certainly looking a lot more interesting as to who might progress than it was before.
    • Poland manage to see off the USA, after initially losing the first set, in the Women’s Beach preliminaries in Pool A.
    • Mexico win against the experienced Italians after taking the game to a deciding set in Pool C of the Men’s Beach preliminaries.
    • Cuba beat the home nation of Brazil 2-1 in Pool D of the Men’s Beach preliminaries.


    Today it is the Women who get to compete together as a team after the men’s event yesterday. The South Korean team who are favourites will not appear in the first round as they, along with Russia, China and Chinese Taipai, qualified highest and go straight through to the second round. After seeing the men’s team win gold in fine form they will no doubt me hugely motivated and confident of doing the team events double.

    In case you missed it yesterday the way this event works is each team has six arrows, two for each person, they shoot three arrows initially before handing over to the other team and then doing the final three. Each arrow can have a maximum of ten points so teams are aiming for as close to 60 as possible.

    At the end of the teams six arrows whoever has the most wins the set points. If the team wins the set outright they get two points but if it is a draw they get one point each. There are four sets so a team is seeking to get at least five points to win the match. Should they manage this in less than the allocated four sets then the match comes to an early end. Should it finish 4-4 then there is a rather exciting shoot-off.

    Women’s First Round Team Eliminations

    The high winds that are affecting events like the rowing are not an issue here at the archery range as they are well covered and it is built in not quite such a wind trap.

    Mexico v Georgia

    13:00 – The first arrow of the official stage of the women’s competition, launched at the target by Georgia, hits the target for a ten.

    13:01 – At the half way point in the first set the Mexican team have a one point lead with 26-25.

    13:02 – The Georgians seem to be struggling to figure out where to aim given the mild wind and a lot of their arrows hit the red of sevens and eights rather than the gold of nine and ten.

    13:04 – Mexico take the early lead by winning the set by four points (54-50). They are looking far the more skilled at this early point.

    13:06 – Because of being behind at the end of the first set Georgia again are the first to shoot. The first two archers have made suitable adjustments to their bow and get into the gold but the third is still struggling.

    13:07 – The thing about team events like this where you are still needing individual performance to be high is the need for high accuracy and consistency. The Mexicans are managing that at this point and half way in to the second set manage a total of 28.

    13:09 – Georgia continue to improve from the first set and manages 52 points but they still lose the set as Mexico also get used to the conditions and total 58. Georgia must win the next set to have any chance of progressing to the next round.

    13:11 – As Georgia, with still being behind, start the third set they continue to have slight issues as the first arrow only hits the eight. At the end of the first three arrows they manage 26.

    13:12 – The Mexicans are having a cracker of a start to the competition. Archer Valencia has managed to get every arrow to hit the ten so far. They manage 28 from the first three arrows.

    13:13 – Given the appearing form of their opposition Georgia will be happy to have managed 55 at the end of the set.

    13:14 – Valencia suddenly makes a mistake and can only find an eight but her two teammates manage to find tens and it is enough for them to win the set and therefore the match 6-0.

    Japan v Ukraine

    13:21 – Because the previous match finished a little early there is a short wait for the crowd to be introduced to the next set of competitors.

    13:24 – The teams are introduced. Ukraine, the European champions, all got the same score in the ranking round so they should be consistent as a unit.

    13:25 – The match gets underway with the first arrows of the set being launched by Ukraine. They manage two nines and an eight to get 26.

    13:26 – Japan get off to a get start with the first arrow being a ten but that is let down by an eight and a seven following to only give them a half way score of 25.

    13:27 – Ukraine manage 54 points in the first set against the Japanese result of 53 to put them ahead 2-0.

    13:34 – after the Japanese faced disappointment of losing the first set they manage to recover it and make it equal 2-2 with a winning score of 55.

    13:37 – The Ukrainian teams seem to be struggling slightly in the third set and have a few wayward arrows. Japan only have one arrow that leaves the gold section of the target to allow them to take the lead 4-2.

    13:42 – As we get to the halfway point of the fourth and final set Ukraine continue to struggle to find the centre point and only manage 25 with the first three arrows. Japan show consistency and each get nines to put them on 27.

    13:44 – After a weak start Japan have managed to pull it back and win the last set, making it 6-2, to allow them to progress to the next round against favourites South Korea.

    Brazil v Italy

    13:46 – The host nation is about to come out into the arena and get introduced to the crowd. They will know what to expect after the men were getting huge cheers after each arrow yesterday. Hopefully they will be able to block it out.

    13:51 – Italy get off to a great start with the first three arrows in the first set tallying up to 29.

    13:52 – The Brazil team first arrow can only manage a five. That is likely to be very costly and lose them this first set. At the end of the first three arrows they only manage 21.

    13:53 – After the cock-up of the first few arrows the Brazil team find there stride and whilst it is not enough to beat Italy’s 54 they do recover their score to 50 points.

    13:57 – Ah dear Brazil are well and truly all over the place and can only manage 22 at the halfway point of the second set. With Italy managing 24 though they could still pull it back.

    13:58 – Italy can take it easy with the last three arrows as Brazil can only manage 43 points in the whole of the second set. Unsurprisingly Italy are able to smash it with a 52 and take the match lead 4-0.

    14:01 – The Brazil team needed to have the strongest set yet with the third set as without winning it they crash out of the competition. They manage 26 which at least is able to apply some pressure to the Italians.

    14:03 – This is a bit like a training match for the Italians as they all manage nines in the first three arrows to score 27.

    14:04 – The last Brazil archer takes a moment to compose herself and manages to get the team total up to 55.

    14:05 – Despite having their best performance in the match so far the Brazil team had not done enough as Italy secured a total of 56 to give them a 6-0 result. The home nation are out.

    India v Colombia

    14:09 – The teams are just composing themselves and having last minute discussions with their coach before heading out to take on the target at the other end of the range.

    14:17 – Colombia nearly got off to the perfect start with the first three arrows having two register as a ten but the third only hits the seven. They still have the halfway lead in set one though.

    14:19 – At the end of the first set India manage a respectable 52 and are able to win the set points with Colombia only managing 51 in the end. India managed to get away with early mistakes.

    14:22 – From initial performances Colombia do not really deserve to win this match overall. At the halfway point of the second set they only manage 24.

    14:23 – Luckily they are let off from being too badly embarrassed as India only manage 25.

    14:25 – Colombia managed to recover it slightly and get a total of 50 in the second half and surprisingly it is enough to win the points and India fall just short of making it out of the 40s.

    14:28 – Whoever comes out of this match victorious are very likely to get knocked out at the next stage against Russia and without sounding too harsh neither side deserve to win.

    14:32 – After two of India’s arrow go under scrutiny the teams draw the third set wit 52 points each making the match score 3-3.

    14:37 – Colombia lose the match after the set goes completely to pot with one arrow only being able to make a truly terrible three.

    Women’s Team Quarterfinals

    Chinese Taipai v Mexico

    18:05 – Mexico take the first set 51-50 after having the chance to figure out the wind in the last round of the competition (that Taipai did not take part in).

    18:09 – Chinese Taipai only manage 50 in the second set allowing Mexico to win two more points and get ahead 4-0.

    18:11 – The first three arrows for Taipai are able to total 27 to put pressure on Mexico to perform with their three arrows.

    18:12 – Mexico cannot meet the pressure and can only manage 23 from the first three arrows.

    18:14 – The third set sees Mexico unable to bring the match to an end as it becomes 4-2. Taipai will need to win the fourth set and a shoot-off to go to the semi-finals.

    18:19 – Mexico take the lead at the halfway point of the fourth set 29-28 to keep the pressure on Chinese Taipai.

    18:21 – At the end of the six arrows Mexico can only manage 52 to Taipai’s 56. This is the first tie shoot off of the competition.

    18:23 – The shoot off begins with Chinese Taipai going first. Each archer shoots one arrow and then the other team shoots one. The total of the three arrows is then added up.

    18:25 – Taipai get two nines and an eight. Mexico get a seven and two nines. Taipai win 5-4 after Mexico took the early 4-0 lead.

    South Korea v Japan

    18:31 – Despite having not taken part in the first round South Korea manage to get 28 out of their first three arrows.

    18:34 – Japan end up only being able to take one point from the first set after a great performance from them and a blunder from South Korea leaves them equal.

    18:38 – With the first three arrows of the second set South Korea find themselves in the lead by two points. 

    18:39 – Japan are only able to manage 51 to Korea’s 57 so hand the two points away.

    18:45 – The third set means South Korea win the points 5-1 after all the arrows total 55-54 in their favour. 

    China v Italy

    18:50 – The match gets underway and China choose to shoot first.

    18:54 – Both teams have to share the first set of points as they manage to total 52 each. There is room for improvement and they must grab it quickly.

    18:59 – China collapse and only manage 48 points at the end of set two which was a lucky recovery for Italy as they only manage 49 to grab the two points.

    19:05 – The third set ends in China’s favour to bring the score to 3-3. Both teams will be searching for the win in the fourth set.

    19:10 – Italy manage 53 against 50 and secure there place in the semi-final 5-3. The Chinese, having won silver at the last three Olympics, are out.

    India v Russia

    19:20 – Russia finish the first set with 55 points after getting all six arrows in the gold circle. It gives them the first two points as India can only manage 48.

    19:25 – India win the second set 53-52 to make it all level at 2-2 making the third set essential if they do not want to have to win just to get a tiebreak shoot out.

    19:30 – It looked like India had thrown the first set away after only managing 24 from the first three arrows but Russia struggle in the second half of set three to finish with 50. In the end India manage to win the set with 53 to give them the lead in the match with one set to go.

    19:32 – At the half way point India is several points behind Russia and look like it could be going to a shoot off.

    19:34 – Russia just grab the set to make it 4-4 meaning for either side to win it they will have to get three great arrows.

    19:38 – Russia gets a ten and India gets a seven with their first arrows.

    19:39 – Russia can only manage a six whilst India manages an eight.

    19:39 – Russia manage an eight and India could only manage a nine. Meaning Russia are through to face Italy whilst India are out.

    Women’s Team Semi-Finals

    South Korea v Chinese Taipai

    19:44 – The teams come out and are welcomed by the crowd. This match may be a tight one but South Korea should come out victorious.

    19:45 – It is South Korea that gets the match underway and their first three arrows achieves a perfect 30.

    19:46 – Chinese Taipai struggled earlier against Mexico and they seem to be having similar issues at the start of this match by only getting 25 from the first three arrows of the first set.

    19:47 – The Koreans say “we are here to win” with a maximum score of 60 to easily get the first set points.

    19:51 – After perfection South Korea can only manage 25 points with their first three arrows of the second set. Certainly a bit shock from such a good trio.

    19:52 – Chinese Taipai are able to manage 53 overall in the second set but Korea’s last arrow finds a ten to allow them to share the sets points. Taipai trail 3-1.

    19:56 – At the half way point of the third set it is Korea that lead 29-26.

    19:58 – After six arrows Chinese Taipai can only manage a total of 52 points which is not enough to beat the Koreans meaning they will have to make do with a possible bronze medal.

    Italy v Russia

    20:15 – Russia get 54 in the first set and that makes it enough to draw the set and share the points in this semi-final.

    20:18 – A terrible set of arrows results in Russia only being able to salvage 47 so they gift both set points away to the Italians.

    20:22 – The third set sees Russia manage 27 from the first three arrows. That should be enough to give them a decent chance to make it level at the end of the set.

    20:25 – Russia do indeed manage to win the set and as a result, with one set to go, it stands at 3-3. Unless there is a draw the winner of the fourth set will progress to the gold medal match.

    20:28 – The most essential thing for the team shooting first is to be able to put pressure on the opposition. Russia manage a 28 with the first three arrows.

    20:29 – Italy respond and also manage to get 28 bringing everything down to the last few arrows.

    20:30 – What a disaster for Italy’s third last arrow though and as a result they can only manage 49 to Russia’s 52. Russia progress towards gold.

    Women’s Team Bronze Medal Match – Chinese Taipai v Italy

    20:37 – The teams are getting introduced to the crowd. Italy just had a terrible end to the match against Russia but Chinese Taipai inspires very little confidence. A bronze is the best either team deserve.

    20:42 – Taipai manage to win the set before Italy even have the chance to shoot the final three arrows, and must do so pointlessly, and the set finishes 56-52 to get Taipai the early lead 2-0.

    20:47 – The second set sees Italy get a respectable 54, after a controversial downgrade, at the end of six arrows to put pressure on Taipai.

    20:48 – Taipai can manage 55 to take the set points making it 4-0 in their favour.

    20:53 – Italy finish set three with 51. They wait nervously.

    20:54 – Chinese Taipai’s last archer looks incredibly nervous and ends up giving the entire set away to allow the Italian team another chance. It stands 4-2 now.

    20:57 – At last Italy pull something out of the bag and get a perfect 30 with the first three arrows.

    20:58 – The Taipai team give Italy a bit of breathing room by only managing a 28.

    20:59 – Italy are unable to manage all round perfection though and finish the fourth set with 56 points.

    21:00 – the third archer for Taipai finally settles and manages to get just enough points to draw with Italy and take the score to 5-3. Italy finish fourth whilst Chinese Taipai get the bronze medal.

    Women’s Team Gold Medal Match – South Korea v Russia

    21:07 – The teams are out and have started to shoot their arrows. The mens South Korean team that won the gold yesterday are in the stands supporting the women.

    21:08 – At the halfway point of the first set South Korea lead 29-24.

    21:09 – The Koreans could have taken it easy but they kept up the incredible scoring with 58 points meaning there is no way Russia can win the first set.

    21:13 – As we get to the halfway point of the second set Korea again lead 28-25. Russia are really making it a challenge for themselves.

    21:14 – Eventually, after some slow arrow releases, Russia only manage 51 at the end of the set.

    21:15 – Korea result in getting 55 giving them the second set and only being one set away from winning the gold medal.

    21:18 – At the halfway point of the third set it is all square 26-26. There may be a chance for Russia to hold off a little longer.

    21:2o – But Russia ultimately throw it away by finishing with 51 to give Korea room to make a mistake. Korea get 51 as well, perhaps crumbling under the pressure, making it enough to get the draw and win the gold medal 5-1.


    • Mexico, Italy, India and Japan progress to the quarter-final.
    • Georgia, Brazil, Colombia and Ukraine are out of the competition in the elimination round.
    • South Korea, Italy, Russia and Chinese Taipai are through to the semi-finals.
    • Japan, China, India and Mexico are out at the quarter-final stage.
    • South Korea and Russia aim for gold in final. – South Korea win gold, for the eighth consecutive Olympics.
    • Chinese Taipai and Italy will be hoping to rescue everything for a bronze medal. – Chinese Taipai win.

    Other Sports

    • The rowing is postponed until tomorrow after bad winds continue two hours after events were supposed to get underway.
    • Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) wins gold in the women’s road race. Emma Johansson (Sweden) gets silver and Elisa Londgo Borghini (Italy) grabs bronze. Lizzie Armitstead (GB) can only manage fifth.
    • The women’s synchronised 3m springboard diving event sees Minxia Wu and Tingmao Shi (China) secure gold. Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallape (Italy) can only finish 30 points behind to manage silver. Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith (Australia) fall just short of 300 points but manage to secure bronze.
    • The Men’s under 66kg category in the judo was won by Fabio Basile (Italy). Baul An (South Korea) gets silver. Rishod Sobirov (Uzbekistan) and Masashi Ebinuma (Japan) share the bronze.
    • Also in judo the women’s under 52kg competition took place. Majlinda Kelmendi (Kosovo) grabs gold and Odette Giuffrida (Italy) snatches silver. Misato Nakamura (Japan) and Natalia Kuziutina (Russia) get bronze.
    • More shooting seen the women’s 10m air pistol competition come to an end. Mengxue Zhang (China) shot enough for gold, Vitalina Batsarashkina (Russia) falls just short to take silver and Anna Korakaki (Greece) manages enough for bronze.
    • The women’s trap event came to a conclusion today as well. Catherine Skinner (Australia) shot one better than Natalie Rooney (New Zealand) to get gold. Corey Cogdell (USA) wins the bronze.
    • Weightlifting seen Shu-Ching Hsu take gold in the women’s 53kg category with an Olympic Record. Hidilyn Diaz did enough for silver and Jin Hee Yoon (South Korea) leaves with bronze.
    • The men’s 56kg weightlifters also competed today. The victor of the event was Qingquan Long (China) with a new World Record. Yun Choi Om (North Korea) comfortably does enough to get silver and Sinphet Kruaithong (Thailand) grabs bronze.

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