Whitstone’s Fish And Chip Shop, Frome

I was seriously struggling on the day that we visited Whitstone’s in Frome. My mind was all over the place and my back was in absolute agony. We were pretty much out of money and just wanted something filling, warm and comforting but cheap. 

Where my partner and I were staying at this point was just a room in a house so we did not have access to a kitchen to cook a cheap meal. A lot of places in Frome are really quite expensive and even all the pubs seem to be privately owned or at least controlled by slightly posher chains.

We walked around for ages and decided to go all the way back up the hills to a fish and chip shop. The one we initially planned to go to was cash only so as we crossed the road in search of a cash machine we came across this one instead.

The good thing about fish and chips is that normally there is another in the way of leftovers to pop it in the fridge overnigt and have it the morning after for brunch. It certainly helps to make it feel like less of an overwhelming expense and helps to make it more enjoyable rather than a guilty eat.

Crispy battered cod

So I ordered a cod and cheesy chips. I said I wanted comfort food so it had to be cheesy chips although the Northerner inside of me wanted to order gravy as well to pour over them I managed to resist that as I did not feel like dealing with all the funny looks.
The cod was fairly on the large side and well cooked. The fish itself was warm throughout and succulent as it melted away in the mouth. The batter was crispy but still easy to cut without going into a hundred shards whilst also not feeling greasy.

Cheesy chips

The cheesy chips did stress me out a little however. Initially I was completely okay with the cheese being grated on top and not melted because I thought that after a few minutes it would become gooey but that did not happen. Instead it remained in that state throughout and they just did not integrate very well. The chips were delightful as they were crispy on the outside without being hard and were fluffy and steaming hot on the inside.

Partner’s meal

My partner was feeling a little daring and also not that hungry so he ordered the faggot meal (because he thought it saying two faggots meant they would be somilar in size to a meatball). That meant he got two faggots, mushy peas, gravy and chips but unsurprisingly he could not eat it all in one go. The meal itself is quite rich because of the sauce of the faggots but then the rest of the componants are quite heavy on the stomach. He seemed to enjoy it and the bit I had was well seasoned. 

In total everything came to just less than £14 so about the price of a main in most Frome restaurants. With it lasting for that evening and brunch the next morning it made the price seem a lot better and not having to sit in a formal restaurant and put on a happy face at some difficult times in life and when feeling really uncomfortable and in pain.

It was a great set of food and at a good price (similar in price to places in London of similar quality anyway) and I certainly feel that them accepting all forms of card and contactless payments will really help them to continue to succeed. They have a few seats should you wish to eat in but it is generally a place to grab and go. It is also situated right next to a co-op so some people came in, placed an order of chips, went and bought booze and pizza in the co-op and then headed off on their way. People were coming in and out throughout and it was certainly busy for a Thursday evening.

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