The Settle, Frome

Situated on Cheap Street, where there is a little stream that runs down the middle slightly lower than the cobbled street, it has been there for many a years. I am not completely sure when I first visited The Settle but I do remember several years ago going in with just my mum one morning.

We sat down and pondered the menu. I think I just wanted something small or perhaps had eaten already that morning but I decided to have cinnamon toast and a pot of blackcurrent tea. I feel like I was 13 or 14 so I was exploring the tea world at every sensible chance I had.

So when we went to Frome recently I had to go back. The decor was generally the same and I think that even the older member of staff was the one that served us many years ago. Several of the tables were busy with people having their catch ups over tea and cake whilst another table seemed to be chatting business. A table outside became occupied with a fairly young group of girls enjoying hot chocolate and having their dog sit with them.

Two rounds of cinnamon toast

So when I went in what do you think me and my mum ordered? Cinnamon toast of course. Mum and her partner decided to get a pot of green tea for two, my partner got a mocha and I opted to get a peppermint tea.

The toast was just as good as I remembered it to be. We opted for brown bread and after it had been toasted it got what I think to be a lashing of butter and cinnamon combined with a bit of sugar on top. I never really figured out what is in it or how to make it at home, and how I wish I could do that, but it is very tasty and comforting without being overbearing.

And the thing I love about getting tea in The Settle is that it is in leaf form so you get to pour it from the teapot, catch the leaves and then if you want add a little hot water too it to weaken it down or make it last a little longer.

It is an absolutely lovely place to go, the staff are great, the food and drinks are always fabulous too and the ambience is great for morning, afternoon or evening to chat about a variety of topics.

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