The Vine Tree, Frome

The menu of The Vine Tree

Last week me and my mum were in Frome, as mentioned in my Castello review, and we ended up grabbing food whilst out and about. 

As it happened we stumbled across The Vine Tree that has been there for many years but recently re-opened and was in the soft launch phase with the official grand re-opening planned for Saturday 30 July.

The price of food seemed reasonable enough so we decided to have our main meal of the day there. They had a two for £10 on burgers so I had a beef burger with cheese and mum opted for the vegetable burger with cheese. We did not expect perfection with them being in soft launch but we still expected the standards you might get from them being open and having a professional(?) chef on board.

The two burgers for £10

The beef burger itself certainly felt and looked handmade with finely cut onion mixed amongst the meat. The chips were a generous portion and really well cooked to keep them soft on the inside but crispy and golden on the outside. The side salad was also plentiful and tasted fresh enough.

But there were some issues that I hope they have ironed out in the last week. The burger bun was grilled which would have been really nice had it not been more on the side of chargrilled (that is a nice way of saying burnt right) and my mum’s was rather broken up. The cheese was also rather like a crisp rather than a gooey pouring substance on both of the burgers.

The burger was a touch overcooked and a little on the dry side BUT WORSE THAN THAT they put salad at the bottom of the bun underneath the burger?? So it was all warm and soggy and a bit strange I mean I just do not get why anybody would do that.

Rather large pots of mayonaise

They asked if we wanted any sauce so we both said Mayonaise and in the end, after a good few minutes, they came back with these rather large pots of mayonaise that they had obviously had to spoon the product into. Hopefully for the sake of time and efficiency they will come up with a better system and give you a much less wasteful and appropriate amount of mayonaise.

Ow and they had already ran out of lemonade.. and literally every person that came in asked for a drink that was either lemonade or partly lemonade.. so let us hope they have seriously upped the amount they ordered and have available now.

If the chef irons out the issues and they deal with stock then it has the chance to become a great pub and somewhere that staff at the hospital and medical centre, as well as the nearby housing estates, will flock to on an evening or weekend.

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