Oval Brushes From My Makeup Brush Set

So a month or so ago My Makeup Brush Set reached out to me, like they reached out to literally hundreds of other instagrammers, and offered to send me their ten piece oval brush set. And I am always interested in trying new products out and giving various companies a go so I said yes,

I knew I would be waiting a little while before they turned up because My Makeup Brush Set is Canadian so I thought by the time they put it in the mail, it found its way over here and it got sorted and delivered at this end it would be about a fortnight.

Clearly Canadian

But after three weeks I decided to message them and ask if they knew where roughly in the delivery stage my parcel was or if they had a tracking number for me to keep an eye on it. I wanted to know so I could do some blog post planning and also to keep an eye and ear out for the postman. They said they did not have a tracking number for it yet and would let me know in the coming days or asked me to get back to them in a week. This is an issue that a lot of people, that had actually purchased the products, were also experiencing and highlighting on every single instagram post that the company put up.
Eventually it turned up. Nearly a week after they responded to me about the lack of tracking number at present. I still could not get my head around it. They surely sent it out from their office so they must have the tracking number to hand on the physical FedEx etc documentation. But when it turned up it all made sense.

Random package from China

They did not even try to mask the fact that they just got the product sent directly from China. You can see from the above image how it turned up. When it arrived I was so confused because I had not ordered anything from China or had anybody in touch with me about anything on the website mentioned on the package.

So after plucking up the courage to open the package it turned out that it was the brushes. Now here is where the next bone of contention begins. Mine came with the little travel bag, if we can call a pouch where the brushes can run freely a travel bag, that had My Makeup Brush Set printed onto one side of it. But the  brushes did not have the brand on the section where a brand should go whilst some other instagrammers did. So they clearly increased the production speed for some people and sent out a half-arsed product.

And because all they came in was a bubble wrapped envelope whilst travelling all those miles they unsurprisingly turned up a little squished. I have washed the brushes and hardly any of them are oval from their traumatic journey across the world. There was absolutely no care or love put into the production or packaging of these products at first glance and it put me off wanting to give them a go for several days.

No branding and all a bit de-ovalled

In the end I did try them out and despite them feeling soft initially as you brush them on your skin they quickly started to scratch and feel a little itchy. The eye brushes were especially on the scratchy side and were really hurting the sensitive bits of skin on my eyelid. And if that was not enough putting my eye makeup on took over twice as long as it would normally take me to do an entire face of glam makeup. I thought that the face brushes might work out well as people that discuss the Artis ones say it means they need less product and it does not cause streak marks when applying foundation. I could not get a flawless application with these brushes for my face products. Things that have never shown streaks or patches suddenly made me look like a zebra, leopard and panda all in one. I had to go to my beauty blender to try to rescue the situation (but in the end I just took it off and started again the normal way).

There is no nice way for me to say this: I did not get on with these brushes. I can handle something taking a bit longer to use if the result is better and the product is enjoyable to work with but these scratched and hurt and hardly applied any product however hard I tried to load them up. I felt like I was wasting time, products and therefore money too and nobody wants to feel like that when they are doing their makeup.

These are cheap. They scratch. They come direct from China instead of the place you would expect when it is a Canadian company. The handles bend a lot. And they suck up your products like there is no tomorrow. You only might get them with the company name on if you are lucky. I would suggest to get one Artis brush over a whole set of these.

Regardless of them sending the brushes to me for free there is no way at all I could recommend these.

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