Attempting Accuracy (Health and Fitness)

I used to do archery. Back then I was all about accuracy. From hitting the target to getting the best score and as time went on trying to not be so accurate to keep splitting my arrows by putting another one straight down the middle. Seriously it sounds good but it was possibly the most expensive side effect of being accurate.

In my professional journalism I research, look at all the facts and try my best to be accurate and only use information and people that I can rely on. And of course on my blog I try to give readers an accurate portrayal of a product, event or even myself.

But recently I have become a little slap and dash with my health. I know how much a portion is or roughly what my weight is but for so long it was “ow this looks like around 30g of cheese” when you and I both know it was nowhere near. And I could carry on getting away with that because there was no way to prove myself wrong but it was starting to grate on me.


I recently discussed how I started to go for walks and how I wanted to become a more healthy and happy me. Every time I head out I use an app that tracks me on gps to help me figure out my distance, pace and time. I like to know the actual numbers and the details but more than that I wanted to know how much my hard work was going to reward to. But what is the point in knowing I burned off 300kcal if I am then only taking a guess at how much that 50g wedge of cheese really weighs.

And it was not until I was sitting in the bath on Sunday evening that I realised the only person I was cheating was myself. That taking guesses at not only the weight of my food but also the weight of myself was not going to help me to reach my aims as quickly as possible and as a result I knew I was more likely to become disillusioned with it. So that was it in that single moment I had bought some scales for the kitchen and for the bathroom.


None of this messing around twisting dials and hoping for a miracle in getting them bang on zero though. This time I was going to do it properly and make an investment by getting electric scales. I just got some Argos Value ones for the kitchen as I am not looking to use the smallest of weights in the kitchen and I just wanted something small and simple. For the bathroom ones I still went with the Argos brand but got some that would suit the bathroom floor. Originally I considered getting ones that can track the amount of fat percentage and stuff in my body but I know that for me it is just the scale and my dress size that matter to me (at least right now).


Both scales seem to work really well. The ones in the kitchen do struggle if something is 300.5 grams as it flicks between 300 and 301 but in that case I will just take it as the higher number but as they do have a variety of weight settings they will also be super useful for if I am following a recipe and weighing things out. The ones in the bathroom also have a variety of weight settings and these can be easily changed by accident if you happen to step on the wrong place of the scales and they are fairly sensitive but they show the number clearly (and it was what was expected so I would say they are accurate too).

So now if you happen to be on my Instagram you can know that even if a dish has coleslaw or some cheese on it is actually the portion size that it is supposed to be (unless the description tells you otherwise). I already feel so motivated and knowing how much I am honestly eating is helping me to keep track of my macros so much better and I know that I am no longer cheating myself or telling myself a lie.

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