Braemoor Garlic Chicken Kievs

I really have been all about simplicity recently and I wish I could say being simple meant being healthy but in this case it does not.

There are far worse things than a garlic chicken kiev but in terms of being processed this certainly is not great. But obviously it depends what you eat it with and also what you have chowed down on during the rest of the day.

And the good thing about something like these Braemoor ones, bought in Lidl for approximately £1, is they are not too huge or heavy in weight so they are filling but not overly loaded with calories and certain unwanted macros.


Chicken kiev

But they are a bit tight on chicken. It says about a chicken breast but it must be from one rather small chicken. They do not even try to cover it up in the image on the packaging. The chicken that is included does happen to be tender and, given it is clearly processed and compressed chicken rather than an actual breast, tasty but you would expect that when it is right next to a garlic butter.

I would love to say that the amount of garlic butter included within is accurate but the breading around the outside are not really properly connected so as you cook it the butter ends up all over the tray rather than inside the kiev. You cannot say these are prepared in the greatest of ways as I have had these twice and encountered the same issues.


The kiev with mash and carrots

So overall these are a massive disappointment. Them being cheap does not make up for the quality of the product or how they have been produced and I would really struggle to recommend these to somebody if they asked me in store.

Instead I would just suggest a plain piece of chicken, a more expensive type of kiev or even going to the hassle of making it yourself. I hate being let down by food but these really do not hit the mark at all.

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