Birchwood Peppered Grillsteaks

If somebody gives you two pieces of ‘steak’ that are pre-seasoned and come in a pack at full price for £1.99 from Lidl you are likely to be a little uncertain. That uncertainty stems from nothing more than our concept of steak normally being something you get in a restaurant for £20 with a few measly vegetables. But of course the more expensive cuts of meat are going to be a little softer, more moist, full of flavour and easy to cook. Does that make this offering bad though?


The pack we got was not even full price but discounted to £1.39 so at less than 70p for each ‘steak’ I was not expecting much but appreciated that it would only be slightly more expensive than our usual evening meals per portion. There did look to be a reasonable amount of seasoning on one side of them but I was a little concerned that too much pepper would be present and take away from the flavours of the meat and anything else on the plate.

Despite them being grillsteaks and the cooking instructions saying to grill for 12-14 minutes I just went ahead and put them into an already hot pan on the hob. I did not want the flavour and any moisture to run down into the grill pan and away from the meat. but doing that meant I had no idea how long I was supposed to cook them for but I realised it would be less than what was suggested on the label. I went five minutes each side and this, unsurprisingly, resulted in there not being any pink bits hiding away inside.

But they were incredibly succulent and tender. The knife just glided through and they were far from dry. The peppery element was not too much and did not leave a tickle in the throat and still allowed for the taste of the meat itself to come through. They were actually super tasty and felt very light to eat. Because of them feeling light to eat you do possibly want to load your plate a bit more with carbs and vegetables just to ensure that you do not feel a little on the hungry side afterwards (though my plate is not a good judge because other than a bowl of cereal this is all I had to eat on this day).


Even if these were at the full price of £1.99 I would consider purchasing these again in the future and would recommend them to people that wanted to have something like steak but without breaking the budget. In fact because of the pepper on it and the flavours working into the meat I possibly found this more tasty than a regular piece of more pricey steak. Very impressed.

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