Discovering Local Events

Things are always happening just around the corner but how often do we know about them until they have actually happened? Things can be so badly publicised unless you know exactly where to look and that can make it really effort-some to actually go off and find them.


I used to work once a week at a local newspaper where I wrote the culture pages and had to provide information about local events that were happening for a variety of peoples interests and of different ages. But that was over a year ago and since then I have become a little out of the loop with what might be going on, who to contact and where to look. As a result I have become so bored.

The only things that seem to be well publicised are things that cost money to go to or get into and are a bus ride away (meaning there is transport costs too). And I just want to be able to go on a short walk and enjoy something for a generally small amount of money. mainly because I want to have things to do and be able to meet new people but also because I want to be able to get back into event journalism and providing other locals and visitors with information about the sort of things they can find going on.

Even the newspaper that I used to write for seems a lot more focussed on things all across South London and most of them are far out of my walking reach, involve more than one bus or will result in a lot of money being spent during the day so I cannot turn to that. So I went about trying to find a few things and places online.

Partly the thing that makes it difficult is really small places will not always put there events online and you will only know about them if you hear by word of mouth or see it on a poster or sign near the building and the bigger places will often be very busy or involve spending money to make it worth going (say a fair, gala or car boot).

So you have to do some serious digging online. Make a list of places that you walk past regularly. From schools, parks and cafes to theatres, cinemas and community centres. Then search for each of them to see if they have a website or a Facebook page. Just because they have a website does not mean they will put events on it so double check their social media pages. For example one cafe near me has music nights (such as open mic and jazz events) and has art on display but puts those details on their Facebook page rather than under the events section of their website.

Check your events page on Facebook. It will bring up events local to you or ones that friends that are close to you are going to or have expressed in. You could use that event as a great way to catch up with a few people and enjoy some common ground with them for once. Sometimes there are the strangest things going on but that might be of interest to you.


See what is on at the local theatres. Yes there are some things that will be held that are very expensive and out of your price range for something to do on a Tuesday night but sometimes there will be things that are interesting and on the cheaper side. There might be an Amateur Dramatic group that is performing your favourite play or piece of panto for £5 or they might be showing a film that you missed when it was in the cinema or you have not bought the DVD because of the costs involved. My local theatre has films on during the day that gets you change from £5 for the ticket. It might still seem a little pricey but as a monthly treat it could be a great one to help you beat those blues of not being able to go to the actual cinema.

And finally just check the local newspapers and their websites. I am not saying to put your money into buying the newspapers to have a look. For me at least that is money that could be spent on getting a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. Occasionally something in a suitable location and at a suitable price bracket will come along that interests you. Much like buses you will go ages searching and nothing will come along before bam! three things at once all on the same day.

I really want to find things locally to me that I can go to, enjoy, not feel guilty about going to and then to discuss it with people I know and to the world too. This is the start of me trying to get my life back and much like wanting to get back into reading books (as mentioned in my last post) it is going to take time and effort. I find where I live to be so boring and mundane. There is never anything to do and apart from a few fairly lame parks (by my Yorkshire countryside youth standards) there is nowhere to go but that is just because I never try and find things.

There are things happening as my recent searches have shown me I just have to figure out which ones to go to and then actually manage to get dressed and head out of the door. So if you are in a bit of a rut, stuck with nothing to do or always going off to the same places have a look around and see what you can find. You might be surprised! Probably not, let us be realistic here, but what have you got to lose apart from a few minutes of your time? Exactly.

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