Sugar-Free Banana Cake

Amongst all the reveals of what will, or may, happen to the BBC Food recipes I felt like doing a bit of baking.

Rummaging through the cupboards I discovered we lacked sugar so I did a little search for a recipe to get around that problem. I ended up on the, in my opinion much superior, BBC Good Food site staring at a recipe for banana cake.

But I ended up adapting it slightly and also just using gut instinct for the amount of ingredients to put in. Here is my take on the recipe, followed by the results and if there is anything I would do differently.

Things Needed

● 2tsp cinnamon.
● 1 egg.
● 2tbsp milk.
● 120g self-raising flour.
● 20g dried powdered almonds.
● 50g margarine.
● 2tsp vanilla essence.
● 3 bananas.
● 0.5tsp baking powder.
● Buttered (or coated in margarine or oil) loaf tin.


First up you need to mash your bananas in a bowl that can hold all your ingredients. You can ever do this with a potato masher or a strong fork. I opted for a fork and it probably took a little longer but I was able to get it fairly smooth in a reasonable length of time.

Mix your egg, milk, vanilla essence and margarine into the mashed banana. It will be seeming very liquidy right now but that is okay because the dry ingredients are about to be added.

Sieve in the flour, baking powder, almonds and cinnamon. You can of course just put the ingredients all into the bowl but I really feel this is important for this recipe. Combine the ingredients together. If it is too dry add a splash more milk and try again.

Put the mixture into the prepared loaf tin and get the oven heated up to 170°c (I cooked mine at 165°c because my oven tells me that heat and then 180°c..). Allow the mixture to settle in the tin whilst the oven heats up before putting it in.

Check it is cooked after 30 minutes, and that a cocktail stick or similar comes out clear, and if not then check it again every five minutes. Mine took just less than 40 minutes.


As always I am super nervous when it comes to taking it out of the tin but it came out super easily and all in one piece.


Sadly it cracked on the top so does not look super appealing. And when I cut it open after it cooled I feared for the worse. It looks flat and like it has not risen well at all.

It was moist and light when it came to eating it, reminding me that appearances can be a little deceptive.

In my attempt I ended up putting about 2.5tsp of cinnamon in and it was really noticable in the taste. I have dropped the ingredients to 2tsp as I think that will drop it down adequately but if you are not that keen the flavour of it then you might want to drop it down a little more.

To help balance the cinnamon out I ended up spreading some peanut butter on the side of my slice which really helped to balance out the flavour, give it an additional bit of texture and just make it feel an extra bit special.

If you end up making this or have a different recipe that you like to use I would love to hear from you! Just comment below.

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