Summer? Summer!

Everybody loves Summer right? The sunshine to cheer them up, the warmth hitting their skin and being able to leave the house without an umbrella. Wrong. Summer is as bad as winter. Leave us in Spring, or I suppose Autumn, all year round please.


Yes I said it. I hate Summer. I hate the way people expect me to ditch the jeans and jumpers and start getting my legs and arms out. The way that I have to carry around a bottle of water. Constantly having the smell of BBQs wafting into the flat. Waking up and seeing the grass has turned into a jungle overnight.

Sure I hate Winter too. Wow I am so typically British when it comes to the weather. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder so it being constantly dark and grey sucks for me too. But I wish it was just Spring all the time. It is sunny but not warm. The London air is not heated up to choke you that little bit more. You can still wear your jumper in town without looking completely out of place.


Maybe I would feel different if I liked my body. If I felt okay getting my legs out or having my bingo wings on show. If I did not have a massive back and shoulders meaning that all those button up tops, even from the tall range, pop on my actually tiny boobs. I used to get called chicken legs when I was younger and now my legs are bigger but I am still scared to get them out and show them to the world. Summer is not good for somebody that can only afford clothes for one season (and we have to choose winter otherwise we freeze).


But I also have real reasons to hate on the summer. I have a heart condition and I struggle to regulate my body heat. It can be 25°c and I can go around collapsing in the shade from the heat. Tell me to go outside, I will cover my body up regardless and not take a bottle of water with me as the weight of my bag hurts my back and shoulders enough and it is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. I mean I barely go outside because of anxiety during the rest of the year but I am actually so scared of going outside and hitting the decks.


So perhaps if I learned to love my body and embrace the summer clothes or if I was able to sit around in the house without heat knocking me out when it is barely even summer then I would love the season a little more. If there is an equal to the Grinch but for Summer not Christmas then I think I am that. Everybody else gets so excited about the weather improving and pulling out their shorts and I just want to hide under the duvet until the end of September.

It is even my birthday in August and that still does not make me love summer. I mean it is pretty difficult to cover a cake in chocolate and get it to set when the sun is causing everything to melt not just the chocolate!

So come at me with your water blasters and paddling pools you Summer loving kids. I’m waiting for a cool down.

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