If I won the lottery (tag)

So I am never going to win the lottery. Why? I have better things to spend a pound or two on each week than clinging on to some one-in-however-million chance of pocketing a decent amount of money. But I, like many, dream about how I would spend all that cash.

I looked to see if there was a tag out there for this and I could not really see one so if you fancy turning it into one then go ahead and tag me when you have answered it. Otherwise I hope you enjoy my answers!

What is the first thing you would buy?

Most people would say a house or a new car but I think I would be too excited to enjoy more than just supermarkets own brands of food again. Cheese. I would buy a lot of cheese (and crackers and wine) and have friends over for a cheese and wine night with films and silly antics. I would probably buy every type of cheese available and then force myself to sot through it for the next week.

Who is the first person you would buy something for?

Without a doubt my mum. I would probably buy my mum a house and a car before I got myself either of those things. She is my absolute rock, I talk to her every week and she knows so much about my life and feelings. Sometimes I am unsure where I would be without her. I would take her to the spa, for afternoon tea and on a shopping trip too.

Where would you go on holiday?

This is a tough one. I probably would not opt for a lot of the usual places. My partner and I want to go to loads of places in the UK so I would probably encourage ticking a few of those off the list before heading off to places further afield. Though if there is cheese or (and?!) chocolate that is probably fairly high up on the list.

Would it change your shopping habits?

I think I would stick to the basics for some things. As I have mentioned before pasta is just pasta. Of course I would step a few things up like getting Granny Smith apples instead of those generic flavourless cheap red ones. If I wanted something it would be nice to have the choice to buy it and having that choice would probably make me want fewer things because they are actually in reach. My partner is fairly frugal however much money we have so he would keep spending in check!

What would you do to improve your life?

Knowing those around me were okay would automatically improve my life. Being able to feast on cheese would too. I would probably learn to drive and get a car though so I could go visit people easier, go on day trips to the countryside or take people to important places instead of them stressing about public transport etc. Knowing I could go and see somebody at the drop of hat and having the freedom to do so would be nice (but practical too!).

Is there a person, charity or organisation you would donate money to?

There are so many causes I can think of but I would probably focus on people that directly need help. If somebody needed help paying rent or getting off the streets to not lose their children or something. There are certain big charities that mean things to me but I feel much more regards personal stories. I would donate a lot of money, time and materials (clothes, food etc) to women’s shelters.

Would you keep any money in reserve?

I would try but it would not be a huge amount just enough to pay the basics on a daily basis and help anybody that was in a sticky situation. I am used to having no money and having money would probably make me feel a little uncomfortable.

What is the strangest thing you would be most excited to buy?

If buying all the cheese is not strange enough then it would have to be clothes. I barely talk about clothes and that is not because I have no interest in fashion or trends but rather because I have not been able to buy more than a pair of jeans in years. I got some work stuff over a year ago and that was it. My entire clothing collection, from bras to jumpers to shoes to bags, can fit in one single doored wardrobe. I would just be happy going on New Look’s website and buy a few tops without guilt.

Do you think it would change you?

Sure. Not having to worry about money changes everybody to some extent. I think I would remain fairly grounded though as I would remember and appreciate how long we had nothing or very little for. I cannot imagine having steak every other weekend or starting to have wine with every meal. It would cause me to spend time enjoying browsing around shops though instead of getting teary eyed at not being able to afford a £1 candle (yes this has happened several times).

What is on your general wishlist?

A nice small wedding. A three bedroom house with a garden. A decent camera to take pictures and videos with. New bedding (imagine being able to buy new bedding every time it needed changing..). Lush products and a lot of bubble bath. All the make-up you can find in Superdrug (adding an endless supply of points to my Beauty and Health card). Candles from some of the amazing indy stores I see on Instagram. Ow and I would have to throw a pizza and pj party at some point too. And maybe a small dog called Squidge (though my partner would want it to be called Marx or Mao or something).

Is that too much to ask for? What would you buy if you won the lottery? And remember if you choose to do the questions mention me or leave a link in the comments below!

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