Declutter: April 2016

I have this really bad habit of moving things around and looking through everything. I did it before we moved and ended up getting rid of loads of stuff that I wish I had not. But when going through my makeup during April I came across several things that really need to go.


Some of the things I wish worked for me but either the formula, age or colour just is not quite right. I’ve had all month to make sure I want to wish these items goodbye and I still feel the same way.



These three brushes just do not work for me with the type of makeup I use and the finished look I am seeking at the end.

The Body Collection brush (black and silver handle) is one of my oldest brushes and came in a set as a gift many years before I did anything more than apply eyeshadow with a little foam applicator. So it ended up squished and neglected for many years and as a result it is now out of shape and splays off in every direction. I have much better brushes and this one will not be missed.

I cannot quite remember how the No7 brush came into my life but I think somebody threw it into an online order at some point. But this is not at all soft and as well as it scratching on the skin it leaves visiable marks on your foundation and other products. It also sheds everywhere and if you want your face to develop a thick coarse black beard then this is the brush for you.

The Maybelline brush was given to me as a Christmas present but I just do not get along with it. The bristles are a little scratchy and there was some initial fallout from it but the bristles bend so easily that applying pressure, given the length of the handle, makes it really difficult to get the desired effect.



There was a time when I used to think this Avon 8-in-1 The Mettalics palette was the bee’s knees. I have had it in my life for probably five years if not a bit longer and the longer I have owned it the less I have used it.

Whilst some of the colours would have a place in my eyeshadow collection the formula does not. I cannot really remember what the formula was like when it was brand new but the shades in this palette are fairly powdery and struggle to stick to a brush.

They also all have an element of shimmer in which makes it impossible to do a whole eyeshadow look with this one palette. I remember when I used to use it my ability was just a single colour on the eyelid but now it is not and I would not reach for the final shade from this palette because I have far better formulas and shadows that pack more of a colour and shimmer punch.



This product does not feel at all sturdy when you hold onto it and that no doubt explains why the product is broken within the bullet. But also the lid of the product that appears to have gloss inside, like a lot of company lip items do now, is inpossible to twist open.

This Zuii Organics lipstick in Ruby was sent to me with another and various other lip products a little while ago. The formula of it is not too awful although it is not the most creamy or comfortable to apply to the lips. But the main reason I am saying goodbye to it is because of the shade as it is a fairly sheer orange that has a hint of glimmer included and it really just does not suit me, my undertones or what my teeth need on the lips around them.

I still have another shade of the range but I am also fairly on the fence about it and will see if I find a way to use it in the coming months or if it will end up suffering the same fate as this one.

Nail varnish


With the seasons changing I decided it was time to sort out the nail products loitering around. Some I knew I needed to try out to see if the formula still did the job and also if the colour actually even suited me.

Most of the bottles I am getting rid of are going because the formula has changed and they are now just a gloopy mess that cannot be coated across a nail.

The one that brings me the greatest sadness in letting go of because of this is the OPI red mini as I absolutely adored the shade and the formula when it was new and working well. However I have had it for just over a year and it seemed to turn really quickly. It threw me off so much as I have never had a nail product go gloopy in such a short space of ownership and so suddenly too.

Despite them being more natural shades I am not too sad to say goodbye to the Seche polish in Simple Yet Magnificent or the Avon SpeedDry+ in Street Beige because the shades of them just did not quite work for me. They made my hands look super washed out and did nothing flattering to the appearance of the nails either. I tried them on my toes but they managed to look even worse than they did on my hands.

I have not had the Topshop bottles for the greatest amount of time but neither of them are going to work for me. Both bottles present a very thin and watery consistency that makes it very difficult to make them opaque even with several layers of the product. They also do not stay in the nails particularly well when dried and chipping, or whole chunks disappearing, happens within a matter of hours. This is more noticable for the purple polish in Everybody Get Up than the green in Venus Fly Trap as it has white bits included (that make the shade look disgusting and like a shredder has puked on your nails) that do not settle well and make the polish easier to catch on things.

Finally I decided to wave goodbye to the Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar and Barry M in Lemon Ice Cream (307). Both of the formulas were still okay when I was testing them out but the yellow just does not suit me and makes me have the appearance of jaundice. For a short while I thought about keeping one of them just incase I needed a yellow but that will never happen so it seems silly and pointless to just hold onto them until they go bad and I have to get rid of them anyway.

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