Product empties: April 2016

Another month of 2016 has slipped through our fingers. The weather slowly started to improve, the days got longer and the birds in the trees finally started to wake up before the rest of us have to crawl out of bed to start the day.


every month I am surprised at the things that end up coming to an end. Some things I completely expect to pop up every now and then but looking back through my empties posts shows just how quickly things get used up.



I tend to go through phases with candles. They are great to burn, look at and breath in the scents they provide but burning them and ruining the perfect shape makes me a little sad. But what is the point in having things if they are not going to be used. There are some unscented candles I have that are clearly decorative but generally I buy them to use so I should.

These were a massive disappointment to me though. A miracle was certainly not expected for the price but I hoped for them to at least live up to the basic claims of fragrance and burn time.

The vanilla one just did not burn right for me at all. No matter how long it was left to burn it refused to make the well of melted wax any bigger than a 50p leaving loads of wax around the edges. It also had no scent to it when it was burning whatsoever. The smell in the wax when it was new and had never seen a flame was noticable and you could certainly pick up on it but the moment it started to burn the vanilla scent just seemed to disappear completely.

Unlike the vanilla one the apple did manage to burn a lot better and did not need any manipulating to get all of the wax to melt. The scent throw was still missing though which disappointed me as I originally got this, and an orange one I am yet to use, to put in the kitchen to freshen it up after cooking with slightly stinky ingredients. This candle could burn for a solid five hours and you could leave the room for a few minutes and then return and there was no hint of a smell to hit you making this pointless for my purpose so it became a much more general candle instead. It lasted longer than 25 hours for burning though which is a nice little bonus.

Jack Daniels


We had this bottle for over a year and even though birthdays, Christmas and special occasions came around it very rarely went down. So seeing the bottle finally leave the cupboard without needing to return made me a little happy inside.

I rarely drink and have not had any of this for months and my partner has not really either. When you generally get food shopping in a store and have to rely on public transport there is something deeply unpleasing about the idea of carrying mixers home. So the bottle sat with perhaps two shots worth in for the whole of 2016.

But on one sunny day it was the perfect chance to finish it off. Not by drinking it but rather by including it in a marinade for some sticky pork that we decided to have with some salad. We occasionally used it to include in a bbq sauce or similar so it was not completely wild and it finally meant that space could be made in the cupboard by getting rid of a bulky and breakable bottle.

As a general viewpoint I really am not that keen on Jack Daniels any more and would rather have normal whiskey. JD just feels very sweet whilst also lacking the depth of flavour I seek if I am going to have a spirit one evening. It was a great drink when I was 18/19 and my go to in a pub (although I had to have at least a double to taste it) but now I just feel that I have massively outgrown it.



Some people search for the perfect foundation or the best lipstick on the market but for me I just want to find the perfect toothpaste. There are so many types out there, new things are always coming along and claiming different things and with that brings various price tags.

As you might have realised by now I am far from a brand snob. If you look in our kitchen cupboards you will spot supermarket own brands and basic products (let us be honest pasta is pasta unless you want gluten free and spinach infused and for it to cook in two minutes) and the same applies for toothpaste. There are always offers going on with toothpaste though so sometimes getting a branded one works out better. However that does not mean they are better.

For me I hate the taste of Colgate and the way that it tends to linger in my mouth. If I am using a toothpaste I want it to be really minty and stay feeling fresh instead of quickly fading to five hours in chewing gum. But my partner is the most familiar with Colgate so if we run out and he pops off to the shop to get some he ends up coming back with it.

But that is not the reason I have two different tubes in my empties. Instead it is simply because I forgot to include the Aquafresh in last months post but wanted to talk about it.

For me Aquafresh has a minty flavour that lasts a little longer and does not cause me after taste issues after a few minutes. Because of this I always feel that it works a little better and gets the teeth a bit cleaner (but I imagine that is more a psychological effect).

I want to say toothpaste is just toothpaste but with however many hundreds of types on the market that clearly isn’t true. Do you have a favourite type and if so what makes it a stand out for you? And also why do main brands of toothpaste come in 75ml tubes instead of a nice number like 100ml?

Face wipes


Face wipes tend to appear in my empties every month. Even though I use a proper cleanser for my face I tend to use these to remove the initial bulk of makeup on my face first. Also they continue to be really good for taking away swatches or cleaning up the mess that I make when getting ready in morning.

These ones held a lot of moisture and the wipes themselves had a little texture to them that helped it feel that you were doing more than just wiping it over your face. However, that is probably the extent of the deep cleansing element in the name. They certainly did a good job of removing a lot of facial products (and mascara) but even if I was using one on a makeup free face it would not help with any blackheads or bits of obvious ‘deep dirt’.
I would happily purchase these again if they happened to be the best value for money when I was going around town doing some browsing but if they were not I probably would not choose to go into Primark to specifically seek them out. A lot better moisture wise and regards being effective than some I have tried in the past.

Shower gel


Lemon products can really go one way or the other. They can be super sweet and sickly which often causes their consistency to be sticky and upleasing or they feel like they are doing the job well but smell like a household cleaning product. Whenever I look at a lemon product I get a little nervous because I expect it to end up being unpleasing one way or the other but for once this The Body Shop shower gel was not either of those things.

It had a soft sweet lemon smell that meant it filled the air but did not choke you and lingered on the skin but so subtly you did not feel like you had taken a bath in bleach. I feel that a lot of The Body Shop shower gels never really help to make you feel super clean though as they sometimes struggle to lather up and the texture can leave a lot to be desired but this was one of the better ones I have experienced.

I probably would not go out of my way to purchase this one again but if it came in a set with some other products that I liked or wanted to buy, as this one did in the first place, then it would not massively put me off and I would ensure it was used up.



The packaging on this product hugely frustrated me. I have used up one of these before that I purchased at the same time and did not have a single issue with it but this one set out to challenge me.

Perhaps it was related to the way that it was packed to be moved but somehow the spraying section that connects to the cap became clogged with product. One day I went to use it and air just came out but on shaking it there was plenty of product left. For a while I thought the pressure of the can must have gone wrong in making and set it aside for a few weeks before looking to see if it could be solved. So I pulled the cap off and did a lot of prodding and poking and finally I managed to get it working again (woo for not wasting money by throwing it away immediately).

The scent of the spray was not strong in the way that some can make it really feel like you are coating your armpits in a bottle of perfume. It also lived up to the claims that it did not leave white marks on things which is always a bonus but because it lasts well on the skin and is pretty effective makes the white mark thing quite useless to me (I put the spray on a while before putting a top on so it has already settled before it can come in contact with the top).

If this product was on offer again, like when I originally bought it, then I would possibly purchase it again but it was nothing mind blowing and I would not seek it out specifically and especially not at full price.

Bath foam


This bottle was given to me as part of a gift set at Christmas and I was super excited to give it a try. Trying new bath foams and things that are going to create bubbles is one of my favourite things to do as I love to take a relaxing soak.

I would never normally edge towards Ted Baker products though because of the price that is generally attached to them and me being aware of how many drugstore or own brand ones there are on the market. And I have to say that this did not persuade me to make it my everyday bath foam.

The packaging was probably the thing that put me off this product the most because it was so rigid that squeezing it to get the product out took a fair while and by which point the bath was well on the way to filling up and when it reached a certain point the cap could not be removed.

It did not seem to have that much of a scent to it which surprised me quite a lot as I had got it in my head that it would. I personally prefer a bubble bath that helps to make the bathroom smell wonderful and relaxing so that did not help it hit the spot either. However it did create some huge bubbles and it foamed up a lot making this product last quite a long time compared to some that seem to lack the power to create anything more than a thin layer of bubbles that disappear as soon as you step into the bath.

Face cream


My face is an absolute nightmare to find a good face cream for and I ended up giving this one a go because I wanted to make my overpriced ones last a little longer and it give me a chance to find a replacement first.

This cream really provides me with mixed feelings. It is super hydrating and if I apply it and let it sink in before putting on makeup it really helps to stop the dry patches on my nose from showing through. But it is also very thick and creamy meaning it takes a long time to soak into the skin properly or at least to a level where you can apply a primer over the top.

In the end I found that this cream was much better to be used on a night where I was not going to be waiting for it to sink in. Also the cooling and soothing properties that it provided really felt more effective in the evening after wiping away my makeup and my face just generally feeling tired and blotchy at the end of the day.

I did really like this product but would be unlikely to buy it again based on the fact that it is a day cream that I struggled to use in the day. I would rather seek out a specific night cream however because of how thick and moisturising it was it lasted a long time for such a small pot. If it was put into my possession in the future though I would not dismiss it immediately and would probably again use it as a night cream and just on my nose in the morning.

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