Product empties: March 2016

Alright seriously how are we in April now? This time four months ago people were putting up Christmas decorations and getting into the party spirit. We are a quarter of the way through the year and whilst I have not achieved very much since the start of 2016 I have managed to use up a variety of products.


From bodycare, to face products and hair products as well as the odd home item thrown in too I am continuing to work my way through a variety of products in the flat. There are a few things that came to an end that were not photographed such as a Lidl sensitive handwash and a pack Avon cotton rounds as there is very little that can be said about them.

The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter

If you have not realised by now I generally like body butter sold by The Body Shop. Some are better than others in terms of moisturising ability, texture and also the scent of them.

This 200ml tub of the strawberry butter has a fairly decent texture and generally allows for a fairly moisturising product. It feels a lot colder on the skin than some butters can. The scent also reminds me of starburst or angel delight but it is largely overwhelming and put me off using this a little.

I would recommend this for how long it keeps the skin moisturised and also how little you need to use to get it to spread across the skin but would recommend smelling it in store before purchasing it.

The Body Shop’s Banana Shampoo and Banana Conditioner


Throughout the whole time of using these 250ml bottles I was so proud of myself. I started them at the same time, progressed evenly on them and finished them on the same day. It feels somewhat of a rarity to succeed in finishing bottles at the same time but when they did actually come to the end I felt pretty sad.

These products were absolutely amazing for my hair and really helped to create a balance in the natural oils and products without making it too dry or overly shiny. They had an amazing scent and worked really really well for my hair. They are some of the most highly recommended The Body Shop hair products as they do tend to work for a variety of hair types.

Whilst each bottle is a little on the expensive side I view it as completely worth it and a good product that does not become overwhelming and bad for your hair half way through using the bottle.

The Body Shop’s Mango Shower Gel

Firstly, as this shower gel was only the 60ml version, the packaging was so cute and adorable. Anything that comes in a minature size to the normal product, or in this case a travel size, will win me over more often than not.

After getting this at Christmas I wanted to finish it off purely based on it being a smaller bottle as whilst it has the ability to be practical it is also ends up taking up an awkward amount of space on the bathroom shelf and getting lost amongst the larger products.

The scent is generally an enjoyable one but I find this mango to be a little less on the pleasing side than the scent of the mango body butter as it comes across more artificial. I never feel overly clean or refreshed after using The Body Shop shower gels and would therefore struggle to recommend them in general (especially given the price).

Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie


On the lead up to Christmas I became overwhelmed by the desire to have a nice candle to burn. But then we were away for a lot of Christmas before moving flat so this was not really put to use at the most logical moment.

Luckily this candle does not really give off the most obviously Christmas scent. It is sweet and enjoyable but smells like a kitchen would during baking at any time of the year rather than having a specific Christmas note to it. Still despite it not linking to the festive season as much as may be wanted around December it went down a treat as I soaked in the bath during February and March.

Obviously Yankee Candles are fairly expensive and I would not particularly suggest this scent to people in the future as it does not throw very far or scream the thing it is labelled as.

Joule’s Feel Good Floral Body Wash

A much softer floral scent than is expected welcomes you as this product gets incorporated into the body cleaning procedure. The gentle aroma really helps to stop you from feeling old or with it left lingering all day on the skin and clashing with more pleasing perfumes and products.

The product lathered up well in wet hands and was effective regarding how much could be used to go across the body. It did not feel that cleaning or refreshing as an actual body wash though which is always a bit of a disappointment.

Because of the lack of cleaning power or providing any other sort of wow factor it is a little difficult to recommend this to somebody else but I appreciate if gentle floral products are your thing this may be for you.

Heathcote and Ivory’s Wild English Lavender Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream

If you used this hand cream then everybody would know about it. The scent of lavender was unmissable, even from across the room, because of the amount crammed into the tube.

The cream itself did have some nourishing properties and was a good handcream for days when my hands had not battled the elements or had an overly challenging day. However, it struggled to live quite up to expectation of the word nourishing when asked to last several hours and cancel out the winter winds.

If I seen this product, at a reasonable price and perhaps with a scent a little softer on my nose, then I would buy this again. However, I generally feel that even lavender lovers would find this a little too much on the hands.

Benefit’s Air Patrol

As a user of Makeup Revolution’s eye primer I was expecting a miracle from this product given the price point in comparision.

But I was greatly disappointed as it did nothing for increasing lasting power of the eyeshadow and did not feel particulary comfortable or smooth to apply.

The tint of the product is meant to colour correct but it is so heavily orange (in an oxidised foundation kind of way) based that it is a little difficult to ensure it is completely covered and blended in with any concealer or foundation around the eye area.

It having spf included is obviously a bonus but when the product itself is such a let down regards application (it is incredibly liquidy), colour and lasting power that I do not see why anybody would pay for this when there are far better and cheaper alternatives in the drugstore.

Glenfiddich 14 and 15 Year Old Whisky

Now if you read my blog regularly you will know that alcohol is something I tend to avoid for a number of reasons. But when I discovered my partner had been slapped with a fine for a late tax return form I turned to these two little bottles from a Burns Night event he attended.

I like whisky anyway but both of these were smooth and rich without being overly smokey or causing a burn to the back of the throat. Out of the two I prefered the 14 year old rich oak one but in the future would not turn the other one down. A frustrating situation to drink because of but at least the drink was enjoyable (even if it made sleeping a struggle afterwards).

Aloreé City Resistant Nourishing Cream

Having samples of this product made it quite difficult to figure out how much I liked it and if it did anything for my skin.

Whilst it claimed it was good for people in the city and had nourishing powers I found myself with a layer of it that was unable to sink into the skin and left a tacky feel to the face.

Unlike the cleansing milk I have from the same line the scent of this seemed a little overwhelming and I would generally not recommend this specific product to people.

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