Mac n Cheese

Sometimes all you want is comfort food. Or maybe that is just something I crave from time to time. But this weekend just gone that is all I wanted and it was really inspiring me to cook. Then I watched Josie’s vlog and it included her mac n cheese recipe (which do not just trust me but go and admire it for yourself) and that was it I just had to cook it that evening.

I have made mac n cheese several times in the past and added little twists and turns to it along the way but it has not always gone quite as well as I wanted. The thing I loved about following the vlog was the rough measurements and reminding me to go much more off of look and feel of the sauce.


I had some leftover leek chopped from the night before and wanted to add a little bit of something to it. We had salad on the side but I wanted to have that healthy feel (I mean I wanted comfort food with cheese and carbs but got to get that five a day in somewhere). I could honestly have got some crustry bread or a baguette and just plummeted it right into that sauce.

We lacked macaroni, or rather penne is a lot cheaper, so improvised on the pasta front and I let that simmer away whilst I was doing the sauce and preparing some cheese to sprinkle on top after combining everything.


After heating the oven up to full and putting it in for about 20 minutes it was finally ready. Far from healthy as the cheese and pasta mixed together and cuddled the way from dish to plate to tummy. It was the greatest mac n cheese I have ever made and solely because of the amazing recipe given from Josie. Now I have my eye on the recipe book she recommended during the vlog.

Such a good dinner and provided great lunch leftovers for the next day too for both me and my partner. Yum yum yum!

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