What I’ve Cooked Recently

Food was the thing that made me start this blog to begin with. It was my original ‘lifestyle’ love whether it was making or eating it I wanted to share it.

But recently food has been fairly dull in the flat. With limited budgets you have to buy the cheap food and that restricts what you can make. However, I have made a bit more of an effort recently.

Cooking is one of those things I absolutely love to do but it is simultaneously a struggle to motivate myself to do it as the lack of change, variety and excitement really just drags me down.


We were supposed to be having something with couscous but it turned out the box of couscous we had in the cupboard for quite a while was barely a portions worth. So I had to think of something to put with it and we had eggs and various vegetables and this was the result. It does not look overly appealing but it was filling and created enough for leftovers the next day too. Plus anything with a lot of healthy vegetables is always a bonus too.


Then yesterday I was confronted with a situation of needing to buy something but not wanting to get too many things. We had some beef mince, leeks and seasonings as well as potatoes and eggs so I decided to try and make burgers. It was the first time in trying to make them for quite some time and I normally find them frustratingly crumbling.

But this time they stayed together, cooked evenly and remained moist. The food gods were clearly on my side yesterday and it was one of the most comforting and yummy meals I have made in quite some time. The final rest looks a bit of a mess but sometimes that can be forgiven on a Friday night.


I am making mac n cheese tonight with some side salad and I hope the food gods remain on my side for a little while longer. It is easy to allow food to become very much the same and unexciting but sometimes something in my mind clicks and I get excited and find a way to make good food and on the cheap side too.

Hope you are all enjoying whatever you are eating and life is treating you well. More beauty, food and lifestyle posts will follow soon, as well as life updates, so be sure to follow on wordpress or bloglovin’ to never miss an update.

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