Alorée Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk

We are always searching for the best beauty products for our skin. From a foundation to make us look healthy and last all day to a great product to remove it after a long day.

Having a skincare product made out of the best ingredients that are gentle on the skin and are not going to do more harm than good in the long run is so important.

So when a brand like Alorée comes along it is pretty exciting. They use chlorocosmetics, essentially a clever way of extracting chlorophyll and putting it into their products, to create a natural and organic range that do a great job without causing the skin harm.

They are Ecocert certified, Cosmébio approved; paraben-free, synthetic free, artificial fragrance free, allergen free, phenoxyethanol free and tested under dermatological control meaning they are unlikely to cause any skin reactions to people with even the most sensitive of skin.


Alorée have a range of products that are essentially different strengths and help to break down the various dirts in the air. As somebody that lives in London and at the end of the day wants something to quickly take my makeup off but also remove any pollution and dirt that has crawled into my skin I really wanted to give the Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk a try.

The packaging looks simple but also fairly soft and gentle instead of harsh plastic and gives an idea about what to expect from the product inside (they claim it is “perfect for a soft and velvety complexion”).

One of the first things almost anybody using this will notice is the smell. Because it is so packed with plants and, specifically floral water from young barley shoots, it has a very noticable grassy outdoor scent. It is not an overwhelming aroma but it is noticable when you are using it and it feels as if you are rolling around in a freshly cut meadow of grass.

But that fresh and grassy scent also helps to make it a very soft and gentle product. On the effectiveness of this cleansing milk it works really well at removing eye makeup, including stubborn mascara, without stinging the eyes or requiring tugging at the skin.

I find that using it to remove a full face of makeup to be quite effortsome and instead I still use my regular foaming cleanser with water first and then use this as the second clean. Placing a bit onto a cotton round and wiping it across my face really gets that deep foundation out as well as all that gunk and it’s really obvious if you look at the cotton round afterwards how much was still left on the face post cleanse. In a pinch I would use just this to remove my foundation but by the end of the day I just do not have the time to use several cotton rounds to get it off.

I love this product and will probably purchase it again in the future and use it morning and post face makeup removal as well as to remove eye makeup. I also like the nourishing cream but feel unable to provide much of an opinion on it as it takes me quite a while to notice a difference with creams to if they really help or not.

You can look at Alorée’s full range on their website and this specific product is available for £18.50 from all natural me.

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