Funkin Cocktail Mixers

Sometimes we feel like being sociable or heading to the pub to watch a football game but we do not always want to drink alcohol or perhaps we cannot or choose not to for whatever reason.

Going to pub and not drinking alcohol often ends up being an expensive and somewhat disappointing experience. Being bombarded by nothing more than the choice of a few soft drinks on tap or a tiny amount of orange juice for three times the price of a carton.

Funkin Cocktails have got their mixers into a variety of pubs and establishments which suddenly means that cocktails and mocktails are able to hit the menu and give a bit more choice. But you can also get the mixers for home use helping to take away the stress of precise measurements and getting a huge array of products in to whip something up.


The packaging really makes the mixers appealing as the colours are so vibrant and make it feel fresh, fun, fruity and lively. They are easy to store as they do not need to hit the fridge until they are open and there is a little space for you to write the date it was opened to keep track of when it should be used by.

Because of a variety of medication I am unable to drink alcohol but sometimes I want a drink whilst watching football or a film or wanting to enjoy the sunshine in the garden for an hour. These mixers have been an absolute lifesaver as there is nothing fun about sitting down with a glass of lemonade.


They just feel so fresh and tasty it is just a pleasure to drink. On the back of each carton it has recommendations for what to mix it with whether that be vodka, rum, rose, champagne or gin or lemonade, sparkling water or tonic water really allowing to mix and match these mixers with what you have available or fancy.

I tried them all with tonic water or lemonade and fell in love with the pina colada mixer as it was just so tropical and creamy without feeling sickly or overwhelming. I did mix it with orange tango but they did not combine very well and made the drink feel a little too heavy.


My partner got some dark rum for his birthday and wanted to put a bit of the mojito mixer with it. Mojito is one of my least favourite cocktails so I thought that it was just me that felt a little overwhelmed by the power of the products but he had to add lemonade to the mixer and dark rum as it just tasted a little too medicinal to him. Of course mojito is something that is more to one persons taste than another so I would only suggest it to a real mojito lover.

All the other flavours were really enjoyable though and they are a welcome addition to the mixer market. Knowing that various pubs and establishments use them too makes it a bit more appealing to pop into one to watch the football or have a catch up with friends without having to sit around with a boring glass of cola.

I would highly recommend these to anybody that likes to have a cocktail or something a little different but wants to avoid the hassle. These are also great if you are having a party or get together with people that have a large variety of drinking tastes whilst also giving people an alcohol free choice without standing out a mile.

Funkin Cocktails are available to buy buy in most supermarkets (including asda, waitrose and tesco) as well as online on their website.

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