Product Empties: February 2016

Another month means more products have come and gone in my life. As I am trying to save money and not buy anything unless I truly really need it a lot more things are heading out rather than in.

Whilst I am not specifically doing project pans and use it ups I am trying to work through products in a more logical manner. If I know something is old or the quality is starting to decrease then I am making a proper attempt to use them more or finish them off. There are also some products that as my collection has grown I realise I like but do not love or have them available in a much more practical form (such as a bigger palette).


This month has seen a real variety of items finally being finished off. From skincare to makeup to things I use to pamper myself. Normally I feel I just finish off the odd thing that might be of interest but looking at everything I have finished off I actually have a lot of opinions to share.

Wilko Fruits Rhubarb & Vanilla Bath Foam


My mum got me this bubble bath for Christmas as everybody that knows me is aware I rely on having a bath as a way to relax and unwind.

Bubble baths that have scents really win me over as I just like feeling as if I am transported to another place or they are able to bring back happy memories.

Now I love rhubarb. Give me rhubarb yoghurt or a stick fresh from the garden or hand me a rhubarb crumble and we can be friends. But the way the rhubarb and vanilla are combined together makes this bath foam smell exactly like a rhubarb and custard sweet.


This could be too sickly sweet for some people to soak in the bath for an hour, or to just relax with, as the smell lingers throughout the bath and it does cling to your skin afterwards. That also means it is important to find scents with a shampoo or body wash that are likely to compliment this bath foam.

When I run out of bath foam or suitable alternatives I will certainly have to take a trip to Wilko’s or do an online order to try out other products from this range. They are also on the cheaper side of bath foams but for me, at the moment, would still be declared as a luxury treat.

Cost: 95p for 500ml
Repurchase?: Yes
Where to purchase: Wilko’s online or instore

Mango Body Butter by The Body Shop


The Body Shop body butters are generally some of my favourite products for moisturising and softening my legs whilst also providing a lovely scent that is noticable but does not last too long that it becomes overwhelming.

This 50ml body butter came into my life at Christmas as my partners sister gave me it as part of a bundle of goodies. Despite having some slightly older products and knowing this size could be good for travel I wanted to also have ‘less’ things in my collection and backlogs so decided this would be a good one to use up.

The mango scent is one of my absolute favourites from The Body Shop as it is sweet but also refreshing too. Unlike some other body butters this one had a slightly more creamy texture as it was not too stiff or solid and instead was very moisturising and glided across the skin easily before quickly soaking it in.


Along with a very large majority of The Body Shop products they say they are against animal testing (though they never say the products have not actually been tested on animals and I sometimes wonder if it is a do as I say not as I do?). The ingredients of this body butter show it has mango seed oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa seed oil in it too which helps to create that scent and lasting softness.

Cost: £14 for 200ml (smaller tubs are usually available as gift sets and The Body Shop often have offers on to make it cheaper)
Repurchase?: Yes
Where to purchase: The Body Shop website or instore

The Body Shop White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion


If you have seen many of my empties in the past you will know there is a slight obsession with skin products. My skin just gets so dry and horrible through the winter and the summer so I need to lather myself in things like this and therefore I go through stuff so quickly. This product came into my life when an online friend sent me a bundle of products and I had never tried it before so wanted to give it a go.

The smell of this 60ml product is really soft and gentle compared to a lot of The Body Shop’s more fruity and powerful scents. However it also smells a little of old person as there is a strong talc scent even though no talc is obviously present. The ingredients do say that the musk is actually a synthetic and harm-free musk.

It is a very liquidy product which makes it great for spreading across the skin rather than applying too much to one area and wasting it. However where it is so runny it does not feel that it particularly moisturising to the maximum and instead just softens initially but without lasting effects.

Cost: £10 for 250ml (smaller tubs are usually available as gift sets and The Body Shop often have offers on to make it cheaper).
Repurchase?: No it just is not heavy duty enough for me
Where to purchase: The Body Shop website or instore

Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Face Wipes


Another product my mum purchased for me at Christmas was some facewipes. As part of my evening routine I tend to use a facewipe as my first step to removing makeup as whilst my foaming cleanser does the job well enough I would rather not double cleanse with it when it is a lot more expensive than facial wipes.

These ones are suitable for sensitive skin and also fragrance free which is great as it makes them a lot easier to use and compatible with a lot more people. They also have a lot of moisture put within each wipe and it really feels that they are able to glide across your skin to wipe things away and also help to hydrate your skin a little.

Liquid lipstick does not even stand a chance with these face wipes and they helped it to come off the lips quickly and without pain. They also help to get rid of any swatches that may have been done on the arm or hand. These are really great face wipes.

Cost: 50p for 25 wipes
Repurchase?: If I happened to be near a Wilko’s, yes
Where to purchase: Only in a Wilko’s store

Nail Paint by Barry M


This nail paint was one of the first Barry M products ever in my life. I went to the 2009 Clothes Show with my high school and I purchased two of their products. Several years on and they were still hanging around in my collection and they were really starting to bug me. So for the last month or two this has had constant use. It has the number 16 imprinted into the bottom of the bottle but it is hard to tell if that is the shade or if it is still in production.


The shade varied depending on the light and appeared as a pink and gold duochrome that constantly changed. The product was still like a new Barry M nail paint regards consistency and it was easy to apply without it glooping up or running everywhere. It does tend to chip a lot quicker than it used to but when a product is as old as this one nobody can really be too surprised at that.

It just did not really suit me or my style anymore but getting rid of it was just an idea that hurt too much and as I am unable to buy new nail products at the minute it seemed a shame to get rid of it without a real hatred.

Cost: Classic Barry M Nail Paint’s currently RRP at £2.99
Repurchase?: Not this shade but yes to the line in general
Where to purchase: This shade is not exactly available but classic ones are available on the Barry M website or in a lot of drugstores.

Rimmel X10 Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara


At this point I feel it is important to do a quick disclaimer. People always say to me that I have good eyelashes, even when I am not wearing and mascara or makeup, so for me it does not take much for a mascara to work for me.

This mascara really does help to define the lashes as it is a super black shade and the product sticks to the lashes well. To start with this mascara is one of those that is more liquidy and personally I prefer it after a few uses when it dries down a little and a more suitable amount gets applied to the wand for transfer to the lashes.

The wand stops the lashes from clumping up together (so if you want to be part of that really strange mangled lash trend kicking around at the minute this is not for you) which is so important for everybody whatever the length of their lashes but they do not over seperate them either.

Cost: £5.99 at most retailers unless on offer
Repurchase?: Yes
Where to purchase: The waterproof one is not available but the classic one is (which I also have and love) at a variety of stores including Boots online and instore

W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadow Palette


This quad of eyeshadow was something that I went to so often for quite a while. It came into my life around a year ago when I ordered a variety of products to add to my collection as I was in need of a few more basic and natural toned eyeshadows.

All the shades were matte or sheer but there was not any shimmer or chunks of glitter in them making this quad great for a smokey eye look. Even when they were brand new blending them to look smooth and without over blending was a constant battle throughout the entire use of this product. As it got further along in the use it became a lot more dry and powdery making it even more difficult to use. This really just did not blow me away.

Cost: £2.99
Repurchase?: No but I do like other W7 eyeshadows
Where to purchase: Seem to be discontinued and are not even specifically available on Amazon

Avon Solutions Complete Balance Night Oil-Free Gel


One of these was in my last month of empties and here is another one. It really puts it into perspective how much of this 50ml jar was being used on a daily basis. There are no more of these hanging around in my collection so my face is getting used to something new.

It really is a soothing gel on the skin that does sink in fairly quickly, does not leave too much of a sticky feel and really does help to soften the skin. However it does not seem to do anything to overall balance out the dry issues or the oily patches on the face but it does help the already okay areas.

Cost: Unknown
Repurchase?: No as I feel I could do much better with my night skincare routine
Where to purchase: No longer available according to the Avon website

Avon Solutions Complete Balance Day Oil-Free Mattifier with spf15


Unlike the night gel the day cream lasts forever as you hardly need to use any of it to cover your face and leave it feeling moisturised. This product has hidden in my collection for quite a while and doubt the spf is still doing anything in here so when it comes to nicer weather an spf will be needed alongside the other ones of these I have.

It claims to help be a mattifier for an oily face but it has never really managed that on my face or on patches that are noticably oily before applying my makeup. When the backups of these are finished with I will be so pleased as they have never really lived up to any of the claims and have not helped create balance for the face at all.

Cost: Unknown
Repurchase?: No way. I have already discovered much better day creams
Where to purchase: No longer available according to the Avon website

Superdrug Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask


This mud mask is infused with peach kernel oil to make it smell delicious and also add some benefits to the skin itself. It claims that using this mask is for a “youthful-looking radiant-complexion” that cleanses and is suitable for all skin types (although it says on the back do not apply to sensitive skin?).

You are supposed to apply this mask to your fave for 10 to 15 minutes but if you do that not a single part of it has even remotely started to set so keeping it on for a bit longer than that would be my recommendation.

It is a great product if you care about animals as they say they are against animal testing and it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it is buav approved and paraben free.

The 15ml of this product has natural clay, raspberry fruit extract, aloe vera juice, blueberry fruit extract, grape extract and cranberry fruit extract as well as the peach kernel oil making it a super fruity scent and in theory good for the face and skin too.


So obviously like almost any face mask whether it be peel on, mud or a sheet mask you are going to look a bit silly and scary whilst wearing it. However ultimately if it works at making your face feel good and more comfortable then all is forgiven for it making you look like a fool in your own home for a while.

It certainly made my face feel smoother and it helped to drag a bit of deep dort out of my skin but overall I would not say it was deep cleansing just a relaxing and pampering facial product.

Cost: 99p
Repurchase?: My mum got me this for Christmas with a variety of others. I might buy it again in the future
Where to purchase: It is a superdrug own brand product but does not seem to be online with their other masks

Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick in Rose Cherie


Without digging into the depth of the tube this lipstick is well and truly done with. It lasted such a long time and remained creamy and comfortable to the lips until the very last application.

It was a great shade to use as a more professional red but also just as a more fun and relaxed red too really brighten up the face. The colour was never too sheer and leaned more towards being a semi-matte nude which really helped to make it more of an everyday shade.


It did have a long lasting time on the lips but not really any longer than most standard lipsticks that perhaps make the name a little misleading. However most ones that last this length of time are a little less comfortable or become more noticably dry over time.

Repurchase?: I do like the shade and the formula but I prefer a traditional lipstick so probably not
Where to buy: No longer available from Avon but when I reviewed this to start with on my blog I did have an alternative link included

Benefit Cosmetics Sample Products

When my mum and her partner got me the Do The Hoola box for my birthday back in the summer they also got given a variety of samples for me to try. Now this could be quite risky as it included foundations and coloured creams that my mum had to guess at for my shade (but she got it right because she is amazing, obviously!).


In February I have used two of these samples up. They came in those little foil packets and were practically empty. However hard I tried with the first pack there was no way it could go all over my face so both of them ended up being used in one application.

It is really hard to come to any conclusion from these samples as to whether I like the Porefessional or not. Recently there was an offer on o2 priorities to get a mini size of it but all three of my local stores stocking benefit did not have any available.

Cost: £22.50 for 22ml
Repurchase?: I do not have enough of an opinion to say either way. Therefore at present no.
Where to purchase: Most Boots, House of Frasier’s or Debenhams. Alternatively directly from Benefit Cosmetics

The next Benefit sample I have used up is the Bigger Than BB Big Easy Liquid To Powder with spf35 in 01 Fair.


The best thing about this product for me was the packaging and the name, although I am pleased I have not had to say it out loud, as it really did not sit well on my skin.

This is the lightest shade that they have however I found that it was so overly yellow on immediate application it made me look ill and then after about an hour it had oxidised to the most horrific orange.

It really just did not work very well on my skin and the product felt very liquidy and lightweight during application and just did not settle comfortably onto my skin and I kept expecting to get it everywhere if I touched my face and then something else.

Cost: £28.50 for 35ml
Repurchase?: No way!
Where to purchase: Most Boots, House of Frasier’s or Debenhams. Alternatively but directly from Benefit Cosmetics

And finally this month I finished the Benefit sample of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow spf25 brightening foundation.


Finally I have a Benefit Cosmetics sample that I enjoyed using and found worked well for my skin. This 3ml sample lasted several application and every single time I used it there was a feeling of flawless makeup and it really did help to brighten my face instead of leaving me looking a little dull.

It applied really well with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and allowed blush, bronzer and highlight to be applied on top without becoming patchy or looking too heavy on the face.

Cost: £26.50 for 30ml
Repurchase?: If I have the money to splurge I certainly will buy this
Where to purchase: Most Boots, House of Frasier’s or Debenhams. Alternatively but directly from Benefit Cosmetics

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