Wet N Wild Trios

The UK has some great quality drugstore brands that come in at a realistic drugstore price tag too. But with how easy it is to find out about stuff in other countries it is easy to wonder what they have on offer.

I have never had the chance to go to the USA or North America so I hear of so many brands on twitter, instagram, blogs and youtube and become so incredibly interested in them.

Somebody in the UK was recently passing on some wet n wild trios they had with a bunch of other stuff and I could not resist getting them into my collection.


The four in question are all so very different and can easily be used to create a whole eye look without digging around for other shadows or palettes. Looking at them for the first time in person I was in love with two of them but a little unsure if I could pull the other two off.


This first trio, I’m getting sunburned, is one that I absolutely love the look of. It is full of colours that I feel comfortable with wearing in various amounts and I know how to blend them together to get the most out of them.

These three swatch well although I am not too sure about the brown shade as it is a little more powdery and without building it up it is a little on the patchy side.

Originally I was a little nervous about using the pink as the browbone shade as the product recommends but it is nice and light with only a little bit of sparkle so from the swatch I felt a lot more okay about using it in that way.


This was one of the palettes that at first look I felt a little nervous about. The colours really took my back to when I was 13/14 in the mid 2000s and tried to mess around with a blue and pink eyeshadow look. Of course at that age I had no understanding of blending or anything so it looked an absolute mess.

I am willing to give this palette a try in the order and way that they suggest but I think I am just likely to pull the odd shade from them for looks that will flatter me a little more. However I might be surprised after giving it a try.


I absolutely love the look of this quad. The gold/bronze shade really calls out to me and I cannot wait to put it on my eyes to really create a pop.

How that gold shade will work with the blues is something I am unsure of and the intensity and shimmer in the light blue that is suggested for the browbone makes me a little confused too as I just feel this would give a really overpowering eye look unless a really gentle hand is used when applying them.


Finally this trio looks really pretty, especially when swatched out, but I have little experience with working with green eyeshadows so I do not really have any opinions on how greens will look on me.

The bright green shade looks very noticable and I expect that I will be overly cautious with it in the beginning until I figure out if I can go a bit bolder or use a bit more of a heavy hand with blending being included too.

Overall the swatches of all the trios really impressed me. They are super pigmented and generally all have a good quality of formula too. There was the odd one that felt to have a little too much shimmer in or was a touch too dry and powdery but overall I am impressed.

I would not go as far to say as they are any better than some of the UK drugstore brands but it is always nice to have a bit of additional variety and the ability to compare.

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