Back to Nature

It is so true that sometimes we do not know what we have until it is gone. Whether it be a certain item, a location or a person it can apply to practically anything.

For me that is nature. I grew up in the countryside in Yorkshire and spent a lot of time in fields and woods and being able to admire the wildlife in the garden. Nature was something that I was always surrounded by but when I moved down south that all disappeared.

After a few years I moved to a studio flat that felt peaceful and was surrounded by greenery. That reminded me how much I love fresh air and the ability to look out and not realise I am in an increasingly concrete jungle.

Since being reminded what I was missing it left me massively torn. Part of me wanted to return home just to be surrounded by nature and fresh air that I could breath in without hurting my lungs.

But after moving to our new flat and finally having a garden again I feel a lot more at peace. I have mentioned before how I can sit down and just look out into the garden for hours.


To start with I only came across the odd blackbird and then the robins popped out the tree and the sparrows and starlings joined in too. One night an owl was hooting away from the tree next door. The neighbourhood cats pass through on their way home or to check out more of their patch. All these things made me so happy and whilst they are basic creatures to see around they have really warmed my soul.

And then I seen something moving around out the corner of my eye; a squirrel! Okay it is a grey squirrel but that is beside the point. I used to see them on a nearly daily basis when I was growing up and coming across one in recent years was a super rare treat but there is one in my very own garden.


It is such a simple thing but sometimes the simple things are the most enjoyable parts of life and I can sit and enjoy the garden for free. I mean it is not quite like looking outside and seeing a heron on a neighbours roof or having goldfinches and such hanging around but it is so good and soothing for my soul.

Looking out to things like this as I do my hair and makeup in a morning or read a book or apply for another handful of jobs is so amazing and from not having something like this for quite a while I appreciate it so much more.

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