Loreal Color Riche 30 Years Collection

Using this collection of lipsticks has been so enjoyable over the last couple of months. I got this when I won a vlogmas competition from Josie at Fashion Mumblr (blog and youtube) and am absolutely in love.


The box basically contains some of Loreal’s most popular shades over the years and includes some of the ones produced alongside well-known figures as well as their regular matte and shine lines.


I ended up rearranging the box to bring the normal lipsticks into number order and group the special collection ones together slightly better too.

The top row of the box is possibly my favourite overall. A lot of these shades are ones that I can wear on a daily basis without feeling that my lips are super bold and noticable. Before I started growing my lipstick collection I basically just had a variety of pinks that look a lot like this row.


I absolutely love this row of colours and find the swatches to be so appealing. They are shades that I naturally pull away from because I am scared of a bold lip but these all look so good that it would be a waste to not put these wonderful shades on display.

Helen’s delicate rose is so soft and gentle that it is really surprisingly to see in a lipstick. It might be useful to create ombre lips to counteract some of the brighter or darker shades but that is the main one I can never image wearing alone.


The final row looks a little underwhelming when swatched, although I am absolutely in a dreamworld at Blake’s pure red, but I know that this collection will be a lot more wearable than I think at first glance.

A lot of these shades will be really good for me to use with a daily makeup look or if I have bolder eyes than usual. These are also more cool tones and therefore will suit my complexion more than some of the others in the box.

I absolutely adore this entire collection of lipsticks and am so pleased to have them all in my life. The box generally doesn’t have too many shades that look very similar to another in the set and it is clear they made the selections very carefully to showcase their products and variety as well as possible.

They all feel smooth to apply and are very comfortable to wear (including the matte and therefore less creamy and soft formula). Unlike some lipsticks they last on the lips for a long time and once settled after application they don’t tend to transfer too much onto a drinking cup.

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