Throwback Thursday: Old Music

When you have no broadband and your data is running low so you avoid spotify like the plague you’re left with a few options for access to music.

There is turning on the radio and trying to find a station that has music on you actually like, suits your mood and perhaps you can sing along to.

Or maybe it is time to dig out the old CDs, tapes and records. Alright, we have records and CDs, I am sure there are some people that still have those plastic little boxes that require rewinding.

But I admit I have got so lazy when it comes to music and changing CDs etc around just is not something I want to be doing. Instead I just want to adds songs to a playlist, hit go and sit back and enjoy.


So without the broadband I decided to bring out my ipod, charge it up and press play. I had no idea what would be waiting for me as until recently I have not used it for so long and with my laptop barely working I have avoided itunes for quite some time too.

Some of the things I found made me super happy and I was delighted to bring them back into my life but other things just made me cringe so much. A few of the songs came from albums for review early in 2015 whilst others were songs from my parents music collection that I just never removed.

With things like The April Maze’s Don’t Let The Bastards Bring You Down being a great song to motivate me to forget about all the bad things and ignore all the annoying people and things they say.

However, I also have far too much Westlife stuff on there and in reality that should have gone about ten years ago. I mean there is S Club Seven and Steps on there too and seriously who wants to try to work and feel they are stuck in 90s club night?

It is really interesting to look back and see what we thought was great at the time. What music have you heard recently that you used to love but just cringe at the thought of now?

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