Finally Our Broadband Has Landed

We moved back at the start of January and it took us over a month for the broadband to be activated so when it finally was it felt like the greatest day.

As somebody that depends a lot on social media for interaction with friends and people with similar interests or opinions I felt a bit out of the loop without the ability to access it whenever I wanted.

It also meant that I had to restrict my blogging, posting on instagram and not watching youtube at all. So whilst it made me feel a little lost it also helped me to focus a bit on what I want to do with my online future.

I’m not saying I can ever imagine becoming a fulltime successful blogger (as much as I would like to dream) or even entering the youtube world (I am such a sensitive chicken) but I do want to ensure my content across various online sites are a lot better and worthwhile.


And I think part of the thing to make me realise that I need to improve my content and think things through a lot more was getting so many likes on a single instagram photo.

I already have a book where I write down ideas and suggestions for my social media but now I am realising maybe I need to make it more into a diary or get a specific diary for scheduling and keep the notepad for ideas.

But I just wanted to explain why I’ve posted a little less since the start of the year and that you’ll hopefully get to see much better content in the future.

Love you all and hope you are keeping safe and happy.

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