Clearing Out Social Media

When people say that youngsters make a number of mistakes on social media, many of us are reluctant to admit it is true. As a 21 year old on twitter since I was 15 and various other social media sites since before and just after then there are times when I look back and cringe.

But going through our social media and changing things or removing the idea that something happened is a long and tiring process. There are the internal battles of wanting to remember who we are and our youth whilst also wanting to get rid of all those awkward posts with bad grammar and outright wrong views and opinions.

A lot of sites make it quite difficult to track back and sort everything out. Twitter only lets you scroll so far back and in reality the things we can see most recently are probably the things we are most okay with. And whilst others might struggle to see that bad content we know it is there lurking somewhere in the darkness.

To go about changing instagram is not so challenging but it is incredibly time consuming. Going through each photo and deciding do I still want it, should I edit the caption and then should it be given new hashtags. Every few days I go to instagram and go about removing captions on things and after that I’ll decide whether to give them new, more logical and attractive, hashtags.

Facebook has actually recently made it easier to hide or completely erase parts of the past thanks to the On This Day feature. I mainly go check out my memories to see what there is for me to cringe at and then quickly remove it from the public eye. Some of the things I hide are things I want to remember but the grammar on them really makes me want to throttle myself (although it also shows me that I left the language of 15 year old me in the past).

But for me it is more difficult than simply cleaning all that up. I have old blogsites that are sitting abandoned but still show up fairly soon if you give me a google search. I have content that is badly written and doesn’t reflect me well as a person but bringing it all into one place is a nightmare and complicated job.

It does seem important for us all to ensure our online tracks are covered, collected, managable and avoid us shooting ourselves in the foot one day in the future. Not only does it protect us but it is also something that can be done in a relaxing manner as it allows to declutter the things that we cherish and often come to rely on.

Not only do I focus on clearing up my own mess but I also sit down and carefully consider who I follow, are friends with and subscribe to. This is something I have focussed on a lot more in recent months. People that fill my facebook with negativity are gone, those that I had as friends to make life easier but were bullies or people I would rather forget are gone and those that I met once and accepted requests of are gone too. I stopped following those on twitter that are long gone from the twittersphere, those that I followed because they had interesting views (even if I disagreed with those views) but wound me up no end are gone and those that only ever tweet negativity towards me are removed too (of course they can still tweet at me but it shows I cannot deal with them).

Social media is great because it allows us to stay connected, reconnect or meet new people but sometimes those people, their attitudes or views can be really damaging to us. We should allow our sphere to be filled with those we feel comfortable with, communicating with great people and not just being ‘connected’ to people because you feel that you have to be. What you see on your feed is up to you and if your feed is ruining your day or mood perhaps it is time for a good spring clean.

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