Running by Ronnie O’Sullivan

This books might not seem to fit in eith my usual posts but hang on with me as it makes me think about lifestyle and mental health quite a lot.

There is something about snooker that fascinates me. I cannot play snooker or pool for the life of me as my hand just struggles to make the shape for the rest.

But it was not the snooker that Ronnie plays that won me over to this book and the running was not the thing to encourage me either. After all because of my heart problem running is out of the question and if I was to attempt to run anywhere near the same as him I think I would collapse and die (even just the thought of it tires me out a bit).

I was aware that Ronnie had struggled with overcoming a whole variety of demons and battles in life and I wanted to understand a bit more about it but also picked it up hoping it could help me figure out a passion and focus on that as my own therapy.


It was weird because as I went about reading it everything did feel a lot more clear but it also gave me a few tips on how to manage the inner demons. There is a chapter in the book that is all about running tips and throughout it is clear Ronnie believes he lacks the answers to inner happiness and content but the things he says and the way they are written do actually provide important insight.

He shares secrets from chats he has had with people in the industry, in the public spotlight and also his good friends. There is a bit about how we all have a medding demon (in the form of an ape) that puts everything we do down and a more rational human side.

But it also reminds me that we can have the greatest plans and the strongest determination but sometimes we feel the need to just stop and hide away. There are times in my life I have felt that I just need to stop doing something and run away and I do but then regret it and want to return as I just cannot get on in life without it (whatever eat may be at that moment).

Also the book reminded me it is important to find something that we enjoy ourselves and that it should be something good for us aswell. For Ronnie that was running and yes it might be part of his coping method and sometimes be used as a way to run away from things but it was a lot more positive than things he used to turn to.

As I was sitting there reading the book, having some music playing quietly and glancing up to look outside into the garden, I realised that those are some of the few things I have and can enjoy without outside meddling. People, companies and places have sometimes crushed me down and ruined the enjoyment of certain things and places for me but I have to remember that I can always escape to a good book with music and just sit down and relax to forget about all the worries in my world.

Ultimately this book reminded me to let the demons speak but to then talk them down with more rational side. It also encouraged me to do the things that I enjoy from reading, art to cooking and to do those without allowing the stresses of life to ruin those for me. From now on I intend to spend time applying for jobs, dealing with rejections, calculating money and chores and then push them aside to actually enjoy things in life without feeling guilty because feeling guilty about a hobby is never good for anybody.

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