Product Empties: January 2016

I am absolutely blown away that we have already seen a whole month pass of 2016. With moving and settling in I can completely understand how I ended up getting lost in the month. But with things being packed away and moved around it seems that I have used a few less products, beauty and household, to normal.

Avon Secret Fantasy Star Perfume


After going through my perfume collection at the end of last year I explained how I was determined to use some older products up and cut down my collection.

I think when I wrote my review and thoughts on this product I had not completely appreciated how short the lasting time was for the scent. I found myself able to spray this every couple of hours without the aroma becoming overwhelming.

This was one product that I didn’t feel bad about discarding into the bin as whilst the bottle is quite sweet and charming it would much more suit a young teenagers dressing table or beauty shelf.

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter


It feels so long since I finished this product and that is because it was. It ended up empty on the 1st of the month and it left me underwhelmed compared to various other body shop butters.

The scent of the product was a lot weaker and I feel that they really struggled to get anything blueberry into the product. Regardless the texture was possibly one of the best I have used from The Body Shop. I seemed to require a lot less of the product to make the skin feel soft and moisturised but because of the lack of scent it felt very underwhelming.

This is one that I probably would avoid purchasing again in the future just because I am a bit of a sucker for scents in my body butters. However the improved texture really did win me over as it helped it last a little longer and that made it feel slightly better value for money.

Joules Happy and Hydrating Body Butter


I absolutely love the colour and look of this tin. There is something about it that attracts me and makes me happy to have it on display instead of shoved inside a drawer.

As I started using the product I didn’t expect it to last very long with it only being a 50ml tin. However I was quickly surprised and it was not until two days before the end of January that it came to an end. The texture was a bit like a putty and as it got put onto the skin and rubbed in it spread well and soaked into the skin comfortably.

It did have quite a strong aroma to the product and seemed to mainly be a floral one but it didn’t last long on the skin or the air and that made it a comfortable level of aroma without becoming too overpowering.

I would genuinely recommend this product to people if they can handle something having a strong scent as it does work well and lasts long too making it good value for money.

Avon Solutions Oil-Free Night Gel


This stuff has featured in my monthly empties before and I am still working through the several jars of it I had in reserve.

I do feel that this product helps to stop certain bits of my face from being too dry and does seem to really balance out various issues I have had with my face before. However I struggle with the texture as it feels very gloopy and sticky overall which I could deal with but because it takes a while to sink into the skin I have to wait to settle into bed.

The main thing that continues to annoy me about the product though is simply how bulky the packaging is. The jar itself is so thick and the amount of product it holds inside is actually a lot less than you might think by looking at it from the outside.

Strawberry Pink Balmi


For so long I had looked at Balmi products and wanted one. A ridiculous thing but as they are supposed to be dupes for EOS, something difficult to get hold of in the UK without paying way over the odds, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Besides the name is pronounced ‘barmy’ and that sums me up quite well.

But at the start it was a bit like a pyramid and did not seem very keen on putting product onto the lips or finger. Application was a real nightmare throughout as it felt horrible to apply it directly to the lips and overly time consuming. As we got further down and you had to use your finger it became messy and with pins coming up into the product they got in the way of accessing all the balm.

Then there was the rim around the top of the product that broke after a small amount of pressure was applied whilst trying to get to those more difficult areas. It really put me off the product as it just seems to have so many faults in the design process. But also it just started to look so ugly and unappealing as it came nearer to the end.

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