New Local Shops

I’ve only moved a ten minute walk from the old flat but it’s like moving to a completely different area. Of course that’s the thing with London and you can casually walk around a corner and transported somewhere new.

But we never really had a reason to walk down this far or to go along our now nearest high street so we’re looking at everything with fresh eyes and an open mind.

From the pub called The Claret, that amusingly only does wine in single glass plastic bottles and calls itself a real ale establishment, to the witty named Prawnbrokers as the local fishmongers the area has a lot to offer.

Despite having only a small string of shops the high street is surprisingly full of useful, wanted and respectful stores. Of course it has the mini supermarket that can be found just about anywhere you look in London but it also has independent butchers and grocers that sit alongside a selection of charity shops and independent newsagents and stationers.


On our first browse through we found practically everything we could need and apart from wanting to get a specific item or perhaps the latest clothes (or for me more than a small selection of make-up in the nearest drugstore). It’s a brilliant place to walk along and with so many charity stores who knows what we can find on a weekly basis.

And for me the greatest thing means we don’t have to go to town itself to have a browse and can instead stay super local and not be barged around by super busy and rude people.

It’s so nice to have everything I need so close to hand. We even have one of the Boroughs best cafes practically on the doorstop. Alright it isn’t a high street full of antique shops and people selling their own crafts but it has a purpose and for it to be surviving as well as it is in this day and age says enough about it.

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