Stumbling Around The Kitchen

Moving into a new property is always exciting but it also means getting used to new things, different layouts and finding storage solutions.

And whilst I’m not a rookie in the kitchen and can do a variety of dishes and styles with a sense of confidence entering a new one to cook is still a little daunting.

Finding homes for everything and then remembering where to put it is quite a challenge in itself. When you move somewhere after already building up what you own it can be quite surprising how much kitchen stuff has been collected over the years.

Before moving in I sorted through a mammoth of items and realised we had so many duplicates. After living seperately for a number of years when we moved into our first flat we just bundled it all together and never really made attempts to go through everything. As the move approached so did getting rid of various electricals, like a frier we never used, and we ditched a while box of glasses too.

And somehow everything still only just kits into our new kitchen. We have a lot of storage space but a lot more stuff. Isn’t that always the way? Nothing ever seems quite big enough when it comes to actually putting things away.

But as we settled in we got to enjoy the brand new gas hob and never used before oven. There are lights around the floor, under and over cabinets as well as spotlights in the ceilings. And whilst lights don’t sound like something most people would get overjoyed by after us having lights that we couldn’t reach in our old flat they are welcome relief.


It is a lot narrower than our old kitchen though as before we had an open plan area and instead now we have four walls. For me having a smaller kitchen that is self-contained is ideal for me as it makes it actually feel a lot more like a home. When cooking the kitchen warms up in the traditional way and it feels like you are really able to get stuck in and cook without getting in the way of somebody in the lounge.

Cooking just feels a lot more delightful to me with everything being new and fresh. Being able to pop the extractor light on and keep a really close eye on everything as it cooks and then take a photograph of it as it goes through the process.

And as for me cooking is something I really enjoy and find to be relaxing it’s so nice to be able to enjoy it all over again and to rediscover recipes that I had pushed to the back of my mind because of a lack of light on the dark kitchen surfaces.


From not cutting corners when it comes to cutting vegetables and happily taking an extra few minutes to cook everything to perfection the kitchen really ticks all my boxes.


The whole setting and environment of the kitchen makes the food look a lot more vibrant and inviting that somehow makes the food more attractive and fullfilling. For me there is nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into food and it just looking bland and uninviting on the plate because of poor lighting or an unpleasing environment.

When I first created my blog it was all for food, cooking, restaurants and reviews and it’s nice to be able to have the option of including those topics back into my blog from a lifestyle, fun and social point of view again. But I’m also so happy to be able to cook nice and well done food for my partner again instead of being reluctant to figure out the evening meal.

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