Life is coming together

It’s a new year and for many people that means a new start. From losing a few lbs to reading more or going on my family days out. For me it was never meant to be something grand and ambitious.

But this year has got off on the right foot for me. I’ve moved to a new flat, that I love, and can now enjoy a modern kitchen with a newly fitted bathroom and decent sized garden. And since the move happened and things slowly started to fall into place my mental health has improved.


It obviously hasn’t magically made everything better but I feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed because of enjoying my surroundings.

I’ve started to make steps to get back into work as well by completely changing my CV and applying for a variety of jobs that I can imagine doing without struggling to manage too much.
But much like when we were planning to move flats I have to refrain from getting my hopes up too much and accept that things aren’t always likely to go to plan and might take a while to come together how I imagine it to.

Whilst I wait for everything to come together though I have a brilliant gas hob to be able to cook on and take food and cooking pictures on as well. So if nothing else it will be a lot easier for me to blog and instagram a variety of things because of the lighting and background colours.


I’ll be back to blogging with food, lifestyle and beauty posts in the next few days but as I lack internet my posts will be limited and I have several things left to unpack and find homes for.

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