Taking Those Small Steps

No matter what our aims and plans are in life we all generally have to take small steps to get there. Whether it be getting a dream job, a house to spend our lives in or finding the perfect person to have a relationship with.

I decided this year that having a big plan or aim made no sense and instead my New Year ‘Resolutions’ involve things like watching a film once a month and reading at least a page of a book a day. The things I want to do aren’t directly going to help me get any of the ‘big ticket desires’ in life but they will hopefully help me get mentally better and into a good routine to stop me from relapsing into a pit of despair.

One thing I am aiming to do regularly, apart from blogging and updating social media, is writing a list of ten things to do that day. Whether it be a small thing of getting dressed, washing, brushing my teeth, having lunch or a bigger task of doing a food shop, applying for ten jobs, cleaning the flat or making an important phone call. Having a list of things I can manage on that day gives me structure and also a sense of achievement when I manage them.

The changes I intend to make in my life this year really are just ones to help me on my way to a happier and more managable life. I’m at a point where setting myself some great big resolution would not be helpful as the added pressure and, no doubt, failure would do nothing for me.

Whatever I achieve this year will be a success and there’s nothing wrong with setting yourself the most basic and personal of goals. Focus on improving your mental health, wellbeing and understanding what works for you because without those it is extra difficult to manage anything else.

I also intend to not compare myself to anybody else and the progress they are making. Whether I see them get a job I dream about, getting mortgage on a property or getting married because ultimately life isn’t a race as long as it goes, at whatever pace, in the right direction and brings happiness that’s all I care about right now.

4 thoughts on “Taking Those Small Steps

  1. Another blogger (Esther Walker) recommended an App called Tick – I got it and it’s super. It gives you stars when you finish the list.


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