Product Empties: December 2015

Another month ending means it’s time for another list of empties and my thoughts on them. With being away from most of my things for the last part of December the amount of empties I used up slowed but the list is still quite incredibly long.

Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist


I mentioned a couple of months ago about this spray and how I wasn’t convinced of its actual powers to help with sleeping.

After it ran out I noticed no difference with settling down, unwinding or nodding off to the land of dreams and feel that all this did was help to make the pillows smell of lavendar (which isn’t my favourite scent).

I certainly wouldn’t repurchase this as it didn’t seem to do anything for me and isn’t my favourite scent. Instead I would opt for a much more simple and cheaper room and fabric spray to freshen up the linen.

Sample Perfumes


After going through my perfumes last month and seeing what I wanted to keep and use up I decided that really I needed to use up the samples or bid them goodbye.

Therefore at the start of the month I went through using these at every chance and observing to see if the scent had faded to such a subtle point that it needed reapplying. Soon enough I had used the Prada, Viktor and Rolf, Lacoste and Gucci samples up and was able to get rid of the small tub that was holding them.

I never really use samples with the idea of purchasing the perfume afterwards and these ones were just ones that I had ended up with from other perfume purchases and were cluttering the place up (especially the ones that I have in full size already).

Georgio Armani Diamonds Rose


After writing about this perfume back in the middle of November and how I wanted to use it up because of my dislike of the bottle I was super surprised to use it up so quickly.

I realised that the scent doesn’t linger quite as long as I wanted it to and actually reapplying it several times throughout the day was required. Therefore my original prediction of it lasting a couple more months was widely off and instead it lasted only a week or two into December.

This isn’t a perfume I would repurchase even if the bottle was redesigned as the lasting power just isn’t there to match the price of the product.

Secret Fantasy Purse Spray


With the Diamonds Rose coming to an end sooner than expected it gave me time to finish off this other short-lasting scent that needed constsnt reapplying and wasn’t that strong to begin with.

A purse spray of this size obviously doesn’t take that long to use up when the product inside is weak.

I’m pleased to see this product go but have little to add beyond what I discussed in my original blog.

Frozen Rose Lipstick


This lipstick is a really small sample size that I got from Avon back when I used to be a sales rep for them.

The shade itself didn’t overwhelm me as it was just a frosted pink and it didn’t pack much of a punch. It also quickly become difficult to use as it lost its pointed shape and became a rounded mound nearing the plastic casing.

From this sample I wouldn’t purchase the fullsize and wouldn’t be keen to get samples of lipsticks from Avon again.

Benefit They’re Real Eye Makeup Remover


With the price of the full size of this product I expected it to work wonders with waterproof makeup and eye makeup. I find waterproof makeup fairly easy to remove, although it does take a few swipes, so I thought this might reduce the time a little.

But what I found with this was that once I had applied it to a cotton pad and swiped it around my eye no matter how hard I tried it always ended up blurring my vision and really stinging my eyes.

As well as that though it didn’t even remove eye makeup any quicker or easier than my other methods and (cheaper products). If I had a chance to try more samples I wouldn’t choose this one again as it just blurred my eyes, stung and didn’t seem to be effective with the claims it makes.

Imperial Leather Shower Sensations



I discussed both these shower scent here when I first purchased them.

They stood the test of use well and felt comfortable and enjoyable to use whilst also remaining smelling pleasant to use and lingering on the skin.

There is nothing super blow away about these fruity shower products compared to any others on the market but they were fresh, fun and not at all sticky on the skin which is always a bonus when trying to feel clean.

Avon Luck for Her


This Avon body lotion based upon the perfume of the same name had a smell that was fairly enjoyable to the nose but not the greatest fragrance ever.

As I put body lotion and similar products on after a bath in the evening the scent of the product doesn’t matter too much.

It took a fair while for the product to sink into the skin but when it did there wasn’t an oily or unpleasing residue left on the skin. There was no improvement of the skin becoming softened or feeling better whilst using the product but it felt soothing at the time.

Si Lolita Body Lotion


This body lotion was an enjoyable scent and I loved it as much as the perfume. But it did have its issues.

As a body lotion it struggled to get into the skin but also it didn’t spread very well when required.

In a way this is a product that you can tell was created to provide a scented lotion rather than be one that is good for the skin and easy to apply.

I wouldn’t purchase this lotion in the future but I wouldn’t have an issue with using it again if the chance, for some reason, should occur.

Body Shop Peach Body Butter


So I might have a slight issue in the winter with just how dry my skin gets as I managed to use up this body butter as well. To justify myself I recall finishing the Avon one on the first day of the month but I still accept it seems a bit ridiculous.

This peach one seemed to soak into the skin a lot more than the one I used previously and as a result I applied a bit more each time.

The scent was very sweet and fresh making it enjoyable to use and smell for a while afterwards. The room I used this in would be filled with the aroma afterwards and it was really pleasing to use. At present this is probably the one I would repurchase in the future.

Planet Spa Hand Cream


As you might know by now I am a bit of a hand cream addict and use them a lot during the colder months.

This one required only a small amount on each application as it was creamy and effective at doing the job required. It applied quickly and without leaving an unpleasing residue on the hands afterwards.

I love the scent of this product as well as it is very much like the foot and elbow cream that I raved about so much a month or two ago. I’m equally sad that this hand cream is over but my mum did get me a very similar, if not the same, rebranded set of these products.

Vaseline Original Tin


As I ran out of elbow cream and have a lot of lip products I decided to use some of my Vaseline for my elbows as well as my lips. This tin was already part used at the start of the month and therefore using the rest of it up in two different ways was easy enough.

It didn’t do anything too fantastic or worth noting about my elbows or my lips and the texture wasn’t particularly enjoyable and accidentally putting too much on my lips left a horrible taste.

Most of the other ones I have though are tinted or scented so I am dubious to use those on my elbows but I might give it a go once or twice and see if they handle it.

Avon Solutions Night Cream


So as well as starting to take care of my body I’m also starting to look after my skin more and protect it for the future.

Therefore I dug out my creams and had several of these in storage so started to use them up. Because it’s a night cream I tend to apply more than the day cream and also sometimes go in for multiple applications on the driest parts of my face.

It takes a while for it to sink into the skin so I apply this at the start of my night time routine otherwise it will end up sinking into the pillow rather than my face.

Nail Varnish Remover


Nail varnish remover is rarely ever a nice smell and this stuff is no exception. I’ve had this stuff for several years but the smell still got to me on every use.

It worked fairly well and effectively and I rarely needed to use more than one cotton round to remove polish (apart from the dreaded glittery polishes).

I got sent this one with a magazine subscription as I would never pay the rrp of this product when there identically safe stinky chemical solutions with ‘added’ nail ‘benefits’ for a lot less money.

Ambience Fabric Conditioner


This simple product is always a nice added bonus to the clothes washing process. It helps make everything smell that little bit nicer (though I have never been that convinced by the other claims made).

We’ve had this product for such a long time and of course it isn’t an essential so we are unlikely to purchase it, or something similar, for some time to come. And even if I could I probably wouldn’t choose this one but perhaps something similar.

The scent was okay but nothing too overwhelming or that managed to last through the clothes drying process. It was supposed to smell floral and it had that tone but it was also noticably chemical infused.

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