It’s Christmas Time


Every year I’ve been told and reminded how a good Christmas is about who we spend it with and not what we get given.

There are a few exceptions, such as plane tickets for the man to see his aging mother for the first time in ten years, but many of them are about the person, their emotions and well-being rather than just some materialistic item

And for me this year was even more about spending it with those I love, like and bring me joy. Despite my desire to have new and exciting things I’ve grown up with limits to money and always appreciate the effort and thought behind a gift more than what the value may or may not be.

Christmas is a chance to strengthen bonds and find new common interests with those around us. But for me, this year especially, I’ve realised that those people are a lot more in tune with me and my needs than perhaps even I am.

Those in my life provided me with various items for selfcare and personal happiness. They are things that don’t require mental or physically strength, leaving the house or putting on a fake smile. Being able to soak in a bath with a bath fizzer or bath foam, hop out and lather myself in delightful smelling lotions and potions, brush my hair with a new brush and put some comfy fluffy socks on and nibble some sweet treats whilst painting my nails is a relaxing, secure and safe idea of easy selfcare.

I had a lovely day yesterday and was far too busy doing things to sit down and write a blog post. I can’t imagine how people found the time to sit down and film a youtube video of what they got for Christmas on the day itself.. but whatever you got, or whoever you spent your day with and wherever that may have been I hope you had a lovely day and those around you had smiles of joy and contentment.

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