Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Two

A red lip screams Christmas and the festive period but they are so hard to maintain if the lip product isn’t of fantastic quality.

Especially when it’s a lipgloss and you quickly try to apply it there is always a risk of it going everywhere on your face.


And looking at this lipgloss in the tube it looks super red and certainly comes under the category of intense. It brings me a little fear but if you want a bright red shiny gloss then this looks perfect as it can always be put on as a topper to a lipstick to start with and then just go without later in the day or evening.


But then you swatch this bright red looking shade and what do you end up with? A hot pink lipgloss that has that sticky quality you would expect.

It looks good and has many purposes but it isn’t very red. I built this colour up to make it up to be a more opaque shade but it originally comes across very sheer and as just a soft topper.

I like the product that I have ended up with from the advent calendar today but it really isn’t what I was expecting it to be from looking at the outside of the tube.

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