Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen

Christmas time is fast approaching and everybody is pulling out that extra bit of sparkle and cheer. And that applies to this advent calendar as well.

Normally most people might be a little bummed to get a product they already own but today I am not. For today is the eyeshadow in a Mountain of Gold and the one I already own is a bit of a crumbled and broken mess.


But on putting my finger against the product to swatch it I realised that this too feels like it could easily crack or fall apart. I’m not sure if the ratio of shadow to glitter makes it harder to bind the two together but this is a shadow I will avoid taking on my travels.


The product itself is amazing and really packs a warm copper bronze punch and can really help to finish off any eye look. It does have some fallout onto the face, as you might expect from a crumbly product, and I’d suggest doing eye makeup before face.

It bugs me that it is still the same messy formula as when I bought my original much nearer to the start of the year and I fear for some people getting it for the first time. It is stunning though and any mess can generally be forgiven. Just remember to approach with caution.

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