Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Seventeen

Ow man. This advent calendar is killing me. I keep watching various vlogs on Youtube or checking out other peoples blogs and they get things that they like or are excited about every single day.

Then there is me that believes mine is moving on from a rough patch and going to keep going onwards and upwards. After getting my first intense sheer lipgloss I wasn’t looking forward to when the next one came around because I doubted the formula would be different or that it could impress me.


It is basically just a tube of super sticky glitter. There is no other way to describe it. Uncomfortable on the lips, with the nice fake fruit scent and just several shades of glitter. And even swatched by the darker pink that I got the other day I can’t see any difference.

There is colour to the gloss in the tube but that goes away on both the lighter and darker shade as soon as applied to the lips or to the skin. Perhaps they would be more noticable on different tones of lip but I’m not convinced and because of the formula I’m not convinced on asking somebody to try it so I can find out.

I just want to scream at them to go back to the drawing board with this and at least make the formula comfortable to wear if somebody wants to cover their lips in glitter rather than having a mouth that feels like it is glued together with your hair ending up in a sheer glittery mess.

At least tomorrow can only get better in this advent calendar world. In the meantime I will browse the internet in jealousy of all you people that got amazing, gorgeous and wanted items.

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