Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

We seem to be back to the pink theme with this advent calendar. It’s never on a Wednesday and as all the pink things I’ve received so far haven’t super wowed me I really struggled to get excited at opening up another pink thing.


With it being nail varnish though I could get a little more excited as I know I love the formula of the polishes. Also it being a small bottle is a bonus too as I have a similar shade in a full-sized Barry M bottle so this will be great to use as an on the go or travel bottle.


But that is the thing. It’s another polish that is targeted at the warmer months rather than for the autumn or winter. I only put this colour on my thumb to see how bright it would actually apply. The answer: bright.

I love that I’m getting things that aren’t just for winter and Christmas but having two nail varnishes, so far, that technically have a six month recommended lifespan and can’t really be made to work for at least six months is a bit of a bummer. Obviously polish doesn’t actually go bad in the same way as some other products but it still seems like really bad planning on their part.

Still.. it doesn’t really matter because you can never have too many nail products! But what I am learning from this is these are all great quality, are similar in shade to Barry M but so much cheaper. So if you’re one of those people that only wears a shade a couple of times before leaving it to be forgotten in a drawer then these could be perfect for you!

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