Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Fourteen

Lights! In the Makeup Revolution advent calendar world you can have any kind of highlighter as long as the name ends in lights.

But this one is possibly my most favourite one yet with the name Hidden Lights. The name itself suggests softness and a much more gentle and natural highlight than the purple toned one we have already received.


It actually looks fairly similar to yesterdays offering of the mono eyeshadow in Base! But perhaps with a touch more sparkle and the return of the buttery and comfortable texture.


For somebody like me that is a little scared of the full face makeup look and drawing attention to my face and chubby features this is a nice subtle highlight that I can imagine wearing and using to ease myself into the fierce highlighting world.

I was starting to lose a little bit of hope with this advent calendar but today I am feeling refreshed and excited for what the next half has to offer.

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