Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen

The name of todays advent calendar offering from Makeup Revolution makes me think one of two things either a night with lots of music or something that is usable with many many looks. That name is Base!

And on first glances any makeup haver might think this shade is the perfect base colour or one that can be used to highlight the brow bone and inner part of the eye.


But then you realise the thing that all people dread when applying something as a base shade; it has sparkle. And we don’t just mean a sprayed overlay of glitter we mean finely milled shimmer throughout the entire block.

Suddenly it goes from being a base shade to maybe a topper or something for a bit more of an exciting night or event.


Whilst the product isn’t as buttery and soft as some of its other powdery pals it still swatches really well. The colour transfer is smooth and there doesn’t seem to be any initial fallout and as always one swipe in the pan goes a very long way.

I’m in love with this shade and cannot wait to incorporate it into makeup looks but like a few other things it isn’t exactly what I was expecting from the name of this mono eyeshadow. Still sparkly and pretty goodness is never something to complain about.

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