Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twelve

I was so super excited and giddy on opening up todays window. I was gifted with an intense lipgloss (don’t ask me what shade as this is another product that hasn’t got a name attached to the label) and it looks like the most gorgeous thing in the tube.


This is the kind of colour I have searched for and not yet found at an affordable price so when it fell to me from the advent calendar gods I was so happy.

But, yes that’s right there is such a sad but here, it has glitter inside and is super shimmery. And the product itself is difficult to work with as the wand/applicator doesn’t seem to pick up a lot of product so you are dipping back into it constantly and it feels sticky but dry at the same time. Not like a liquid lipstick kind of dry but rather a heavy sticky and challenging dry.


Also when applied to the lip there is literally no additional colour pay off on my lips and instead just a ton of sparkle. I can imagine using this lipgloss as a topped but (again) it says it is an intense lipgloss and I wasn’t imagining that to be solely intense with sparkle but rather intense with colour and pigment payoff.

I like the way it can be used as a topper to add some sparkle, I might have to get used to the formula and application of the product but it really isn’t what I expected and am super disappointed by this product because I’d built up my hopes and expectations of it so much.

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