Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

The thing I really like about this advent calendar so far has to be that it isn’t completely aimed at the winter and festive time of year. It gives things that are good for all seasons or seasons that we aren’t in yet.

I’m a big believer of wearing what you want when you want and as much as I might pop the nail varnish in todays offering on my nails before spring or summer I wasn’t really feeling it a couple of weeks before Christmas.


The nail varnish is such a lovely mint green shade and looks really vibrant and fun inside the bottle. I have colours similar to this but they are certainly getting on the older side with worse formulas so I might have to do a comparision and replace those with this one when the time comes around.

I can imagine and appreciate how difficult it must have been for the creators of the calendar to choose polish colours to go inside as everybody has such personal taste and preference and if they were all winter shades we would easily have become overwhelmed by them.

This colour doesn’t look super great on my nails in general but if I’m just looking for a fun summer shade then that doesn’t really matter. I am doubtful as to whether it can live up to my Barry M paint that appears a similar shade in the bottle but as that will be two years old this summer only time will tell.

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