Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Nine

The offering from the advent calendar today may only be suitable for a Wednesday because it’s pink. Because we only wear pink on Wednesday and if you don’t get that reference one of the greatest films of my childhood has wrongly passed you by.

But that’s right! Today I got a bright pink lipstick to make your teeth look a bit worse and also for it to then get all over your teeth. Wonderful.


This shade is actually really gorgeous and beautiful but as I am a nervous and shy person the idea of wearing this outside or when anybody can see me is quite daunting. I feel enough people look at me on a daily basis, for all the wrong reasons, without attracting more attention to myself.


And that swatch on my hand is exactly the colour that this lipstick appears on the lip. So often colours appear different because of the natural lip colour altering the pigmentation but this formula is super opaque (and long lasting) meaning it comes across bright hot pink on the lips too.

It is a wonderful shade and feels so comfortable on the lips, once you’ve made sure it isn’t going to get on your teeth, but it takes one confident person to pull it off and also somebody that is able to balance a face of makeup and an outfit perfectly.

I’m not disappointed but instead motivated to come out of my makeup shell.

If you have this calendar how are you finding the products? If you have a different beauty calendar which one is it and would you recommend it in the future?

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