Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Eight

If something has to be titled as ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’ I can’t help but think that the company knows they really need to convince you and your brain to think that.

And here with this Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in my advent calendar I feel the exact same thing. If it was amazingly I could perhaps be convinced that they were referring to how sheer the product is and perhaps that would change everything or they could at least be a little forgiven but that clearly isn’t the case.


It certainly is sheet and provides just the slightest hint of pink when applied to the lips or done as a swatch on the hand. It does however contain glitter which is perhaps something that annoys me slightly more than it would other people. If I want something to be sheer it doesn’t mean I want it to sparkle too.

It could perhaps be used as a topper to the orange lipstick I got the other day but I’m not too sure. I’m also not keen on the formula. It has the mild fruity smell that the lipsticks do which is a plus but it is pretty sticky and doesn’t feel very smooth or comfortable on the lips and leaves them feeling a little dry after several hours of application.

It’s a shame because it could be a super good product and be used with lots of make up or just to add a bit of something to the face but with the texture and glitter I’m not convinced.

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