Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Seven

Sooner or later I was going to have a question or two about something in this advent calendar. I wasn’t convinced by the orange lipstick yesterday but the quality was there and because of that it can be forgiven as it’s completely based on personal choice.


I’m not too sure about this mono eyeshadow in Delicious though. It is completely matte and could be really good as part of a set of eyeshadows to make a really good smoky eye but it swatches a little bit patchy despite the buttery texture of the product.


I had to blend the swatch out quite a lot to make it lool better and it’s clearly a product to apply a little to the brush and build it up slowly. It is pigmented really well though and it has that in its favour as I’m well aware some products just need a good brush to ensure they go on well and smoothly.

Luckily I have more cool undertones so this will work well for me but I think somebody with really warm undertones are going to have to really work this shade into a look to get the most out of it without draining them and their eyes out.

I’m not disappointed in this product at all as the colour is a really usable one and has potential but I can’t get that excited about it because of the swatch. I’ll give you an update on how it applies and blends over the coming weeks.

One thought on “Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Seven

  1. Could you possibly use it as a contour product? I know my fave makeup guru KaushalM does that with this shade! Check her out on YouTube x


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